Keyshia Cole Interview: Launch of Steve Madden Collection in Baltimore Maryland

To my suprise and excitement, Style Life Fashion was asked to interview Keyshia Cole on Saturday, September 21, 2013.  Keyshia was visiting the Baltimore area (Towson Town Center) to promote her new shoe collection with Steve Madden.

Of course, I was very excited to interview Keyshia Cole because I do like her music (we all have our favorite song) and personal style.  But, I could also relate to her in terms of fashion, music, and relationships.


I truly enjoyed interviewing Keyshia Cole because she is very down to earth and passionate about her upcoming projects.  From our conversation, she is trying to expand her brand beyond music and aspires to have a lipgloss collaboration (Hello MAC, you have Rihanna…why not Keyshia.)


Aside from the interview, her new shoe collection is hot.  I wanted to see the shoes for myself because in addition to being a fan of Keyshia Cole, I also like Steve Madden pumps and boots.

From color assorted pumps to lace up pointed stilletos, the Keyshia Cole collection will definitely be the shoe that every girl will want.  Most importantly, the shoes are affordable and I am secretly plotting when I will purchase a pair of shoes (the DIVA in black) from the collection.


Lastly, fans in the Baltimore area did a fantastic job of welcoming Keyshia Cole to the area and truly showed support for the artist.  The event ended with Keyshia connecting with her fans while singing songs, playing games, and promoting her Steve Madden collection.











VMA’s 2013 Fashionable Moments: The Editor’s Likes and Issues…Let’s Talk About It!

The Video Music Awards is one of the most fashionable moments where a music artist can shine.

Celebrities can push the limits while introducing a new trend or bring back a touch of “rock and roll” glamour.

And then there’s the select few that leave us confused and wondering what happened to their look.  Needless to say, no matter how it’s addressed, fashion’s a huge component of the VMA’s and it’s always fun to recap the selections that we saw (on our television screens.)

Photos below are from Elle Magazine.



My Like: The dress is very couture and her body looks great!  The bead work mixed with orstrich feathers looks amazing.  My Issue: This is very similiar to a look  we have seen at another event.


Miley Cyrus

My Like: The beading stitched on the top and leggings looks gorgeous.  My Issue: I am not sure what’s going on with her hairstyle (looks very pre – k) and maybe a pair of stilletos would’ve pulled this look together.


Taylor Swift

My Like: Taylor looks very grown up and elegant. My Issue: This entire look would be great for the Oscars. She could’ve pushed the limits a bit more.


Ellie Goulding
My Like: She did it just right! The spikes on her dress add a touch of rock and roll also her nude pumps are the exact shade of her dress which elongates her torso. My Issue: I don’t have any issues with this look!


Rita Ora

My Like: The tail on this dress is very eye catching with orstrich feathers and a beautiful shade of blue.  The bodice also stands out because it’s completely beaded with a plunging neckline.  My Issue: This hairstyle has been seen on another artist (smile.)


Selena Gomez

My Like: She did it just right! Her hair style and dress fit looks perfect. And I like the trend of wearing a hint of lingerie.  My Issue: I don’t have any issues with this look!


Joan Smalls
My Like: The chanel boots look great with her legs and skirt length.  My Issue: This look is a bit premature for the celebrity.


Lady Gaga
My Like: This is a very cohesive look. She gave us the exact amount of “goth” with a hint of feminity with an oversized bow and heart shape neckline.  My Issue: I don’t have any issues with this look!


Jennifer Hudson
My Like: The houndstooth print (which I think is also leather) coordinates well with her skirt and pumps.  My Issue: I don’t have any issues with this look!

For more VMA’s photos, visit Elle Opinions are welcomed; you can post below (smile.)

Fitness Options and The Right Footwear: Guest Post by Catherine M.

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight this year, a gym membership is the first obvious step towards accomplishing your goal. But as effective as it can be, the gym isn’t for everyone. There are lots of other ways of keeping fit that are worth exploring.



Phaedra Parks working out with hubby Appollo


If you live near or in the countryside, then going for a run or a brisk walk might be the answer. This allows you to take in the scenery and enjoy some peace and quiet while burning off those pesky calories. If you live in a more urban setting, spend more walking time during your commute – either get off a stop early or if you’re feeling brave, walk the whole hog!



Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and Larsa Pippen grab a quick workout at the beach

For those who prefer to exercise indoors, investing in a games console might just be the thing. With a wide variety of games and techniques to help you lose weight and track your progress, you can work out a personal exercise regime customised to suit your own interests. Once you’ve invested in a console, you might be more likely to stick at it too.

This next suggestion may seem a bit surprising, but it’s shockingly effective. Gardening, despite what you might think, is a really good way to shed those unwanted pounds, plus you could end up with some healthy and tasty fruit and vegetables to eat as a result. For example, half an hour of weeding could leave you 182 calories lighter, and the same amount of time spent digging will burn off 202 calories. If you happen to live in the middle of a city or you don’t have a garden, look around for a community gardening plot. Most areas have at least one community garden, and working with other people means there’s an added social bonus that could help you stick to your goals.



Heidi Klum running (and looking great) with Miranda Kerr


Whatever activity you choose to take up, investing in the right footwear is essential. Comfort is equally as important as durability. Luckily, most shoes these days offer both qualities. For example, you can now buy Skechers shape ups at isme which are specially designed to give you extra stability and support no matter what you’re doing to stay active.



Christian Louboutin Holiday Tree and Window Display

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! Luxo has shared a photo of Christian Louboutin window display and it’s very glamorous!





One word: WoW





London Studio XAG used Christian Louboutin’s Pigalle’ shoe for the display





Click on the link to read more about the article: Luxuo Luxury Blog

Envishoes Fashion Forward Designer Shoes and Accessories

Who is the ENVIshoes customer? ENVIshoes likes to think of them as a lover of art, fashion and music. They are the blog readers, the trendsetters and risk-takers. They certainly don’t follow the trends, they set them!

The ENVIshoes shopper inspires the company to search for brands and ultimately offer distinctive finishing touches to any outfit. Envishoes strives daily to uphold their mantra ‘Bad Chicks. Bad Dudes. Bad Shoes.’

Here is a link to the website:
















Envishoes Look Book

The Coming of The Combat Boot: A Winter Must Have

Fashion’s forever changing and repeating itself. And it’s no surprise that combat boots would be this year’s fashion statement! Combat Boots are setting the mark for designers and starting to inspire us (all over again.)  Besides, we have all rocked the camouflage look at some stage in our lives.

And honestly, nothing beats transformation and that’s what this trend brings.  Below you will find a quick tip on how YOU can ROCK Combat boots.

Quick Tip for Rocking COMBAT BOOTS

With combat boots, you can be a “girlie girl” on a casual day or a have a low key “feminine style” on a street day.  Either way you can never go wrong (especially for stylish comfort) when wearing combat boots.


Celebrities Rihanna and Megan Good are looking “fab” in Combat Boots


Amber Rose wearing black tights, biker jacket, and Combat Boots



Colors and Variety 


Click on the above link and visit Steve to purchase a pair of boots

Repairing the “Red” on Your Bottoms

I purchased my first pair of Christian Louboutin shoes (also known as red bottoms or Loubous) from Saks Fifth Avenue last winter.  My interest in the Parisian designer had little to due with the trend but merely because of my love for quality and great design.

In addition, I was always taught there’s three things a woman must own for a sophisticated look: a quality handbag, good hosiery, and a pair of well made shoes!


For me, this was an excuse to grab a pair of those sexy, red bottoms while also showcasing my legs (wink.)  But, over time and several different social functions, I noticed the red paint on the bottom of my shoes needed repair.  As a fashion girl, of course I knew there was a solution to the problem!


After all, I am the daughter of a DIY Queen (my mother) and with a pretty steady hand could repair that lovely red sole.

My  first step was to search for the EXACT red paint on the bottom of my shoes and luckily I found a company name Save Your Sole.  To sum it up, this is a company located in the UK that’s dedicated to helping us preserve the bottom of our shoes.  And after purchasing the paint, following directions, and letting it dry….this was the end result.


One step that I almost forgot to mention is that before painting the bottom of my soles, I also put my shoes in the local shop for heel repair.   So there you have it!  Good luck on repairing the “red” on your bottoms.



When NOT to Wear High Heels ~ Guest Writer Nisha

Despite what the podiatrists or chiropractors may say about our feet (and posture) for many of us, high heels are a fashion necessity, imperative to fashion divas’ mental and emotional health. Few accessories can create the same muscle tone, leg length, and general shapeliness that a pair of beautiful heels can achieve. Yet, regardless of all of the visual benefits of heels, some outfits simply do not pair well with our favorite fashion footwear.  Let me explain why….

Heading to the Gym? Leave the Heels at Home

Perhaps no type of shoe is more activity-specific than an athletic shoe, and with good reason! In order to properly support your body and cushion your feet, knees, hips, and spinal column during impact, your athletic shoe needs to fit the particular strain of the activity. Even if you do not invest in a separate pair of shoes for each sport or activity in which you participate, it is obvious that heels are not the best choice for athletics. Even school-age children know that you need gym shoes to participate in gym, so lace up some sneakers when donning active wear and leave your heels in the closet.

Consider Length



Undoubtedly, heels are meant to elevate an outfit, so consider the length of any skirts or pants that you choose to pair with them. Several years back celebrities were spotted sporting shorts with stilettos, but unless you are walking the runway, this look is very difficult to pull off. Perhaps a short, tight-fitting skirt with heels will boost your confidence for a night of clubbing, but always keep the atmosphere of an event in mind when selecting shoes. Shorts and skirts above the knee are casual wear, choose a casual flat or sandal.

Likewise, any trousers or jeans that you plan to pair with a heel should just touch the top of your foot and the bottom of your heel. Choose a high heel that adds length to your leg and compliments the outfit without drawing undue attention to your feet or to mistakenly exposed ankles. As for capris, these short pants are by nature more casual. Stick with a flat or sneaker and avoid a heel altogether.

Pay Attention to Height



Unless you are Lady Gaga, higher heels does not always mean a better look. When pairing footwear with an outfit, you should always consider your height and build. For example, if you are on the petite side, you may lean towards higher heels to make up a bit of the height difference, but a 3 or 4-inch heel could actually make you appear shorter and stockier. Higher heels force your calf muscles to work harder, contracting the muscles and bringing attention to the widest part of your calf instead of drawing eyes to the overall length of your leg. For the best overall look, try on heels with an outfit, or at least with pants or skirts with the same cut and fit as you will wear with a pair of heels.

Heels, like all accessories, are meant to accentuate your positives and boost your confidence, not draw all attention to the heels themselves.

This article was written by contributing guest writer:


 Nisha represents a site called She enjoys writing about fashion and large ladies shoes.