When NOT to Wear High Heels ~ Guest Writer Nisha

Despite what the podiatrists or chiropractors may say about our feet (and posture) for many of us, high heels are a fashion necessity, imperative to fashion divas’ mental and emotional health. Few accessories can create the same muscle tone, leg length, and general shapeliness that a pair of beautiful heels can achieve. Yet, regardless of all of the visual benefits of heels, some outfits simply do not pair well with our favorite fashion footwear.  Let me explain why….

Heading to the Gym? Leave the Heels at Home

Perhaps no type of shoe is more activity-specific than an athletic shoe, and with good reason! In order to properly support your body and cushion your feet, knees, hips, and spinal column during impact, your athletic shoe needs to fit the particular strain of the activity. Even if you do not invest in a separate pair of shoes for each sport or activity in which you participate, it is obvious that heels are not the best choice for athletics. Even school-age children know that you need gym shoes to participate in gym, so lace up some sneakers when donning active wear and leave your heels in the closet.

Consider Length



Undoubtedly, heels are meant to elevate an outfit, so consider the length of any skirts or pants that you choose to pair with them. Several years back celebrities were spotted sporting shorts with stilettos, but unless you are walking the runway, this look is very difficult to pull off. Perhaps a short, tight-fitting skirt with heels will boost your confidence for a night of clubbing, but always keep the atmosphere of an event in mind when selecting shoes. Shorts and skirts above the knee are casual wear, choose a casual flat or sandal.

Likewise, any trousers or jeans that you plan to pair with a heel should just touch the top of your foot and the bottom of your heel. Choose a high heel that adds length to your leg and compliments the outfit without drawing undue attention to your feet or to mistakenly exposed ankles. As for capris, these short pants are by nature more casual. Stick with a flat or sneaker and avoid a heel altogether.

Pay Attention to Height



Unless you are Lady Gaga, higher heels does not always mean a better look. When pairing footwear with an outfit, you should always consider your height and build. For example, if you are on the petite side, you may lean towards higher heels to make up a bit of the height difference, but a 3 or 4-inch heel could actually make you appear shorter and stockier. Higher heels force your calf muscles to work harder, contracting the muscles and bringing attention to the widest part of your calf instead of drawing eyes to the overall length of your leg. For the best overall look, try on heels with an outfit, or at least with pants or skirts with the same cut and fit as you will wear with a pair of heels.

Heels, like all accessories, are meant to accentuate your positives and boost your confidence, not draw all attention to the heels themselves.

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