Olivia Palermo Instyle UK Magazine Cover

If you were ever a fan of the MTV show titled, “The City” you know about the uptown style of Olivia Palermo.  She was a fierce PR Girl with a style that couldn’t be mimicked by any girl on the street.  Since that time, Olivia has moved up the “fashion ropes” while becoming a rising fashion icon.  She can be seen wearing exclusive runway designs; giving out etiquette tips; and lifestyle blogging.  Olivia is making her own way and letting everyone know that she’s a true fashionista.  Take a look at her “posh” Instyle UK magazine cover.











Olivia Palermo Hearts NY on Fashioner Video Clip


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Colored Leather Dresses: Edge and Glam

When we think of leather there’s a limited amount of options, especially as it relates to color.  There’s the traditional black leather boots, jackets, coats, and skirts.  But this Fall, we have a variety of options available because designers and retailers are showcasing…COLORED LEATHER DRESSES.

Colored leather dresses are popular because they are versatile enough for work and can also be worn to a rock concert.  The dresses are generally accessorized with heels and contrasted with an over sized clutch.  In my opinion, it’s the perfect marriage between edge and glam!









Retailers that carry Colored Leather Dresses:



Neiman Marcus



Charlotte Russe



Sophistication with Clutches and Top Handle Purses

Purse, Purses, Purses! That’s what fashion girls are talking about this upcoming season.  And from my observation, Clutches and Top Handle bags are one of the hottest accessories.  They’re being labeled “The Polished Bag” and “The Invitation Clutch.”  Handbags for Fall 2012 have a lady like demeanor with a touch of sophistication.

These stylish bags are being worn by celebrities, socialites, and women in the office.  But what’s so great about this accessory is that each handbag can go from day to night.

Lastly, there’s enough room for your cellphone, lipstick, keys, and maybe even your tablet!  The hot colors for Clutches and Top Handle Bags are purple, green, cobalt blue, tan, and orange.














Micheal Kors










On The Fashion Scene with Quinn Conyers, We’re Talking Purses!


Quinn Conyers is the owner and designer of the handbag collection The Purse Paparazzi.  She gives us a quick suggestion for wearing this seasons handbags, ” Color blocking and oversized clutches are a “must” have for Fall 2012! Pick a solid color dress and let your Purse do the talking!”

Will do Quinn, Will do! To learn more about the Purse Paparazzi, click on the link for one of a kind bags.


Fall 2012 Hairstyles

Every girl wants to try a new hairstyle; experimenting with color, cut, and even extensions.  But there’s always a fear of the style will looking right with your face!  And although I am an advocate of the saying “wear what works for you” there’s nothing wrong with having a total new look.

Especially with the seasons changing and we are taking out those boots and fur vest, why not try one of the latest Fall 2012 Hairstyles and Trends?





The Following Hairstyles Can Be Worn With Any Hair Type or Texture…Have Fun!








2.  Braided Updos





3.  Glossy Pontail





4.  Sophisticated Bun (low)





5.  Textures Waves





6.  Colored Tips




Tools of the Trade (for accomplishing these styles:)

1. Flat Iron

2. Hair Pins

3. Colored Hair Extensions

4. Morrocan Oil

5. Large Barrel Curling Iron



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If you like this article, click on the following link: Fall 2012 Fashion and Beauty Trends


Alicia Keys is On Fire

Alicia Keys is back and she’s letting us know how she feels!  The title of her new album, “Girl on Fire” was the inspiration for her SEXY new photo.  Normally, Alicia has a very laid back style but today she’s letting us know that she’s a mom, married, and all the way “grown up!”

As we all know, sheer panels are the latest trend when selecting a little black dress. It’s the perfect combination of sophistication with a touch of vamp. Any fashionista can find a similiar design at a local retailer.

Take a look at Alicia Keys, not only wearing the latest trend, but looking stunning with slick back hair and a glamorous red lip.  Can we say, WOW!


  Alicia Keys new album Title




Previous Album Covers:












REEDS Jewelers at Valley Mall in Hagerstown is very excited to announce the addition of its latest fine jewelry collection, PANDORA, which offers romantic and feminine pieces that inspire women to embrace their individuality and express their personal style.
“PANDORA continues to grow in popularity within our community and globally,” said Allison Myers, Store Manager of REEDS Jewelers at Valley Mall. “We are thrilled to now offer dedicated PANDORA fans and new customers the selection from the high quality, hand-finished collection in one convenient place and the opportunity to view the latest styles and selections the line has to offer.”

“We’d like to invite all the back-to-school shoppers to come by our special launch event for PANDORA on Saturday, August 18 from 11 AM to 7 PM at REEDS Jewelers in Valley Mall. We’ll be serving catered refreshments and light hors d’ oeuvres and attendees will receive a travel jewelry box gift for every $100 purchase,” added Myers.
Best known for its patented bracelet design and customizable charm bracelets in sterling silver and 14K gold, PANDORA, helps capture the unforgettable moments of life, such as a young woman’s first day of senior high school, or first year of college, and beyond.
Just in time for fall accessorizing or an early holiday purchase, the affordable luxury assortment offers a wide range of prices, allowing women the freedom to build their collection over time. Jewelry from the PANDORA Moments collection range from $25 to $845, providing jewelry options for every woman and every single occasion. The breathtaking collection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings with handset precious gemstones makes the perfect gift for every occasion and can be combined, matched, layered and stacked to create a uniquely personal expression.  Get connected and find out the latest information about REEDS on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/reedsfb) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/ReedsJewelers ).












About REEDS Jewelers:

William and Roberta Zimmer founded REEDS Jewelers in 1946 downtown Wilmington, NC. Understanding that the trust and loyalty of their customers was their most valuable asset, the Zimmer family has carefully grown REEDS Jewelers into one of the largest jewelry store chains in the country.www.reeds.com. Serving the Hagerstown community, REEDS Jewelers is located in Valley Mall. Call (301) 582-0570 for questions or further information on Pandora and the Special Event.


PANDORA has been making its mark in the international fine jewelry industry for 30 years, and is world-renowned for its high-quality, hand finished design. The collections inspire women to embrace their individuality with romantic and feminine pieces that capture the unforgettable moments of life. The strength of the PANDORA charm bracelet is the detailed design, the high quality and the unique threaded bracelet system (U.S. Pat. No. 7,007,507.) The affordable luxury collections include customizable charm bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and watches made from sterling silver and 14K and 18K gold with handset gemstones. Perfect for any occasion, PANDORA jewelry is sold in 65 countries on six continents in more than 10,000 locations. To view the PANDORA collection, build a bracelet online or locate a jeweler, please visit PANDORA.net.

Mark Schwartz: High Heeled Art Collection Interview

Style Life Fashion had the opportunity to speak with Artist turned Fashion Designer, Mark Schwartz.   During his interview, Mark discussed how his career started in the fashion industry, his greatest accomplishment as a designer, and the future for the High Heeled Art Collection.   Because Mark is originally an artist by trade, he also describes how art and fashion closely relates.

1.  How did your career begin and what inspired you to start a fashion collection?

I started out as an assistant designer to Roger Vivier.  Vivier introduced me to Andy Warhol. Warhol took a liking to my shoe designs and paintings and he pushed me to do what I am doing today.


2.  When you think of art as it relates to fashion, what does this mean to you?

Art to Fashion , they are the same thing. Art is in every aspect of our being , in buildings, in the way we speak, in every aspect of design . It means to me that you can be inspired by a movement or a glance and go back and make a great statement in a painting.


3.  What are some of your greatest accomplishments as a designer?

Some of my greatest accomplishments as a designer is working and designing for Oprah, Katie Couric, Sharon Stone and so many others .


4.  In terms of fashion, what are some of your favorite boutiques and websites?

As far as stores go, I grew up in New York City. I love Barney’s and Bergdorf’s.


5.  In your opinion, what do you believe makes a quality article of clothing?

A quality article of clothing is something that  looks like the time was put into it. The workmanship is so important .


6.  What do you like best about designing clothes?

I love the cut of clothing and how it transforms onto a womans body from sketch to finished product.


7.  How would you define the style that your line exemplifies?

My style is fun with a twist.


8.  What’s in the future for the High Heeled Art Collection?

High Heeled Art collection will  continue with original paintings , more clothing, bags, plates and other accessories.











About the Designer:

Mark Schwartz, an internationally-collected watercolor artist who creates dramatic and colorful paintings of high-heeled shoes, is now launching a fashion collection of women’s top and handbags featuring images of his art. His High-Heeled Art collection will make it’s debut at the Pool Trade Show in Las Vegas which takes place on August 20-22, 2012.

Schwartz began his career working as the assistant to top shoe designer Roger Vivier, and he subsequently designed shoes for Christian LaCroix, Gucci, Bergdorf Goodman and other high-end brands.  Many celebrity clients, including Oprah Winfrey and poker star Beth Shak have commissioned custom designs from him.

In the early years, Vivier asked his friend Andy Warhol to mentor MarkSchwartz and help him develop his style. They worked together for almost three years. Schwartz cites Warhol as a major influence on his art, and the person who encourage him to paint shoes as the theme of his body of work.

Mark Schwartz has a flowing, whimsical style that captures the feminine movement and grace of a stunning pair of stilettos, in a colorful sweep of abstract geometric shapes. His designs have elevated this everyday accessory into an iconic art form. Collectors all over the world own his original paintings, proudly hanging them in homes and offices.

Now these works of art are available on women’s long and short-sleeved T’s, handbags and totes for fashionistas  and art lovers everywhere to own and enjoy. The High Heeled Art line includes about a dozen designs each of the fashion tops and bags. Mark Schwartz will be appearing personally at the Pool Trade Show to present this exciting collection.

Future releases are planned, including merchandise for the home and dinnerware, as High Heeled Art expands it’s brand and provides beautiful, artistic images designed for fashionable living.



[youtube clip_id=””]

Lady Gaga and Vogue Magazine

The fashion bible (Vogue magazinehas released it’s new,  September 2012 issue.  Vogue has been known for having a NOTORIOUS September issue because it showcases the latest fall/winter trends, great advertisements, and beauty tips.   This is also the 120th anniversary issue of the magazine and does not stand short of fashion information.

Lady Gaga is on the cover and within the magazine she talks about her personal life, fashion influences, and what she does for fun.  Don’t forget to pick up your own copy of the magazine!


Kim’s Beauty Ebook

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Kimberly West

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Beauty Tips: Back to the Basics

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