Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Lexy Silverstein Creative Halloween Costumes from Goodwill Industries

Halloween costumes can be scary expensive–but don’t have to be. Fortune reports people spend on average about $70 on their getups, which is terrifying on their own.  The trick is finding the right place to shop. The treat is Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake offering spooktacular savings on all your outfitting needs at all of our retail stores in the region.

We challenged fashion and lifestyle blogger Lexy Silverstein to put together creative and affordable costumes from our inventory. What she discovered will make you the ghost-with-the-most. Among her finds:

  • $10 Brand New Costumes: Midnight Vampire, Pirate, Clown, etc.

  • $2.50 Rosie the Riveter (DIY)

  • $3.99 pet costumes

You may only think of Goodwill as the place to drop off your old clothes and household items. But we repurpose and resell those donations at a fraction of their original costs. The money raised goes back to the people of Baltimore and the Eastern Shore in the form of job training and career servicesex-prisoner programs, and aid for underrepresented people in the community.

Not only can you be fashionably fierce by shopping at Goodwill, but you are also helping us make a difference. So find your costume’s missing link, or discover that statement piece you’ve been searching for. In short, mix and match donated items can make one-of-a-kind ensembles. If a DIY costume sounds daunting to you, have no fear. We get pounds of brand new, never worn, costumes donated each season.

In addition: decorate your home for the holidays with our inexpensive and gently used decor items. At Goodwill you have choices. You can make spine-chilling DIY crafts like a creepy candelabra, or a candy bowl wrapped in cobwebs. Or, you can purchase Halloween-party-ready decor for a small price.

Spend as much as you would on ONE Halloween costume, on decor and costumes for the entire family. Just like a zombie…It’s a no brainer!


ESSENCE, the number one media, technology and commerce company serving Black women, announces the 3rd annual Woke 100 List—its salute to women of color challenging the status quo. Featured in its November “Woke” issue, this year’s list features 100 women who exemplify the true meaning of being change agents and power players and are inspiring communities around the world. ESSENCE’s Woke 100 List showcases visionaries working in areas from social justice, politics, sports, business, activism, entertainment and more, including Simone Biles; Gayle King; Lizzo; Niecy Nash; Bethann Hardison; Beverly Bond; Aunjanue Ellis; Jada Pinkett Smith/Willow Smith/Adrienne Norris; Ava DuVernay; dream hampton; Mayor Lori Lightfoot; Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Jahana Hayes and Rashida Talib; and many more. For the full list of honorees, visit

ESSENCE’s entire “Woke Issue” is dedicated to stories reflecting activism, political reform, human rights, and social justice. Articles include Free at Last, which features interviews with Cyntoia Brown and Alice Marie Johnson; both released from prison after public outcry and now on a mission to reform the criminal justice system. In addition, ESSENCE’s cover story Enchanting features Queen & Slim star Jodie Turner-Smith—who delivers a powerful performance in a timely tale about the community’s fraught interaction with law enforcement.

“ESSENCE’s November issue demonstrates our commitment to showcasing the incredible strides that Black women are making globally,” said MoAna Luu, ESSENCE Chief Content & Creative Officer. “Each year, ESSENCE’s Woke 100 list highlights the movers and shakers who are taking a stand and making a difference where they are. Whether on the national stage, the boardroom, political arena or the classroom, we applaud their continuous efforts to not only inspire others but also to affect change.”

Rihanna by Rihanna: First Visual Autobiography Featuring Intimate Moments of Her Life Published

Rihanna is a large-format, lavishly produced 504-page book with more than 1,000 photos featuring intimate moments from her life and creative journey.

Look inside the book here

This first book by Rihanna is an exclusive, inside look into her world. Rihanna, a stunning visual narrative from the international cultural icon, is to be published by Phaidon. From her childhood in Barbados to her worldwide tours, from quintessential fashion moments to private time with friends and family, the book showcases intimate photographs of her life as a musician, performer, designer, and entrepreneur. “I am so excited to share this collection of incredible images. I’m very grateful to the talented photographers and artists who contributed. We’ve been working on the book for over five years and I’m really happy to be able to finally share it with everybody,” said Rihanna. Phaidon’s CEO, Keith Fox, said of the project, “We are excited and proud to publish this incredible book by this extremely talented and influential woman.

Rihanna is such an important and groundbreaking artist, style icon, and entrepreneur and we are looking forward to sharing her fascinating life with a larger audience.” The large-format trade edition book (12-5/8 x 16-1/2 inches) includes more than 1,000 photographs, many being published here for the first time. Impeccably produced, this sumptuous 504-page book also contains 11 special inserts, including a removable poster, and 7 gatefolds.

The cover features a stunning color photograph and wrap-around cloth binding. Weighing in at 15 pounds, the book comes in a printed black carrying case and is available wherever books are sold. In addition to the large-format trade edition of Rihanna (October 24, 2019), Phaidon and Rihanna have collaborated with The Haas Brothers on three limited editions. “This Sh*t is Heavy,” the Fenty x Phaidon edition (October 10, 2019), includes a copy of the book that features a cover with two black and white photographs, a cloth binding, and a custom-designed tabletop bookstand inspired by Rihanna’s hands.

The Luxury Supreme edition (November 20, 2019) is signed and numbered by Rihanna and The Haas Brothers. The book for this edition is bound in a custom-made black fabric with an inset, matte black, laser-cut steel grille, completed with the “Drippy + The Brain” stand, a gold-toned, cast-resin tabletop bookstand covered with a bespoke black vermiculated fabric. The book and stand together weigh 126 pounds.

These editions are exclusively available at The three artists also collaborated on an Ultra Luxury Supreme edition, entitled “Stoner,” a custom-sculpted marble pedestal to showcase the Luxury Supreme book. Each pedestal, in the edition of ten, is exclusively designed to cradle the book and is hand carved in Nazaré, Portugal from a unique piece of solid Pele de Tigre marble, with a soft eggshell finish.

Creamy Matte Lipsticks Made from Coffee Oil: Lucky Chick Cosmetics

As the weather gets colder, lips get dry and chapped. For those who prefer matte lip color over gloss and chapstick, there’s Lucky Chick Cosmetics. The brand’s creamy matte lipstick line offers bold, jewel-toned colors without the added drama of chemicals. Soothe and hydrate with clean ingredients and active botanicals when your lips need extra care. Lucky Chick gives you added protection with its essential oil formula that includes coffee oil.

Why drink your coffee when you can wear it on your lips? Coffee oil is a little known beauty secret in the world of essential oils. It’s made from extracting residual oil from coffee beans. Lucky Chick’s creamy matte formula uses coffee oil as a key ingredient. Your favorite morning pick-me-up as an essential oil has multiple benefits for skin including your lips.

Lucky Chick’s ultimate one swipe application does more than leaving a beautiful color behind. Here’s how coffee oil can improve your lips:

  • Prevents dehydration

  • Softens skin

  • Smoothes skin

In addition to using natural oils instead of chemicals, Lucky Chick’s products are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, peg free, D-5 free, gluten-free and made in the USA.


The first annual New Birth International Film Festival (NBIFF) is launching the first-of-its-kind, Imaginariums, merging Hollywood & Faith-Based film, television and music sectors for a weekend of entertainment, education and networking, October 18th – 19th, at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

Industry veterans Pastor Jamal Bryant and Actress Lisa Wu have come together to offer an action-packed weekend of screenings, master classes, panels, and performances. The goal of NBIFF is to provide current and aspiring entertainment professionals with the network and tools needed to take their careers to the next level. The NBIFF is bringing its audience and attendees knowledge from some of the best in their respective industries, such as Actress, Director & Producer – Terri J. Vaughn, CEO of J Pervis Talent Agency – Joy Pervis, Television Producer & Founder of The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Princess Banton, Singer/Songwriter – Isaac Carree, Grammy Nominated Gospel Artist – James Fortune and more. Celebrities will converge to bring attendees top-tier content, knowledge, and expertise.

“The New Birth Film Festival is the start of changing how we do church, we have got to get outside of the four walls and impact culture, there seems to be a disconnect…with Atlanta becoming black Hollywood the church has got to find its place in that space,” states Pastor Jamal Bryant. The weekend will commence with an opening night Hollywood indie film screening and an exclusive legends panel & Q&A with Robert Townsend, Bill Duke and Louis Gossett Jr., along with an array of other screened films, panels and performances in between; concluding with concert performance by James Fortune, Isaac Carree, Travis Malloyand many others.

About NBIFF:

The New Birth International Film Festival is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to bringing national and worldwide awareness of the arts worldwide. Our intent is to provide opportunities and a platform for emerging artists, to reinforce voices that otherwise might not be heard. In fact, the mission of the Film Festival and that of newly appointed Pastor Jamal Bryant is two-fold: to continue to promote Atlanta as the new film mecca for people of all races; and to showcase films and provide networking opportunities that will develop the next generation of filmmakers, musicians, and actors. For more information on NBIFF visit:

Game Day Style: Turning The Security Line Into A Runway

No one likes waiting in long lines and sporting events are notorious for them, especially when thousands of fans are moving at a snail’s pace to enter a stadium before a game.

There’s a good reason for that  — heightened security, which includes stadium officials checking the insides of purses and backpacks. While that’s a comfort for fans, the human logjam can also create quite an inconvenience. For Deni Sciano, an avid sports fan stuck in line for hours when a playoff game started, it created an opportunity to speed up the security process— as well as a stylish new way for women to show support for their favorite teams.

Sciano’s clear handbags, called the Game Day Clear Collection (, are her solution. These sporty purses of passion and fashion meet stadium security requirements for NFL, NCAA, and high school stadiums, allow for a much quicker security look and are available in all major and college team colors.

Key features of the Game Day Clear Collection handbags are:

* Machine-stitched seams — not heat-sealed — for strength and durability.

* A sturdy, 45-inch cross-body chain and D-RIngs on either side for dangles and keys.

* The bags are garnished with rhinestones and featuring Sciano’s signature style that blends polka dots with team colors.

* A matching, slim interior-privacy pouch for sunglasses and credit cards, along with the convenience of a clear event-ticket pocket for quick scanning at the event.

*Quality metal hardware on every bag, which is built to last by being crafted with the thickest polyurethane.

How to Improve Your Skin Texture and #GLOWUP

The quest for soft, smooth skin is a never-ending one. There are plenty of products and services on the market today that all promise soft, smooth skin, but not all of them deliver. If you’ve been struggling with rough skin, here are a few things you can do to improve your skin texture:

Featured Photo:  BRYDIE

Get a Chemical Peel

If your skin feels rough and impossibly flaky, with what seems like a hundred little bumps lurking just beneath the surface, a chemical peel is like getting a complete refresh or restart. It may sound intimidating, but it is actually quite a straightforward procedure. A chemical solution is applied to your skin that causes it to exfoliate and eventually peel off, revealing fresh new skin underneath. To avoid burning or irritation, it’s important to get this procedure done by a reputable provider, such as Coastal Skin Solutions, in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.


If your skin isn’t just rough and flaky, but also scarred and blemished from battling with acne, a micro-needling treatment can help address these deeper skin problems. This is a non-invasive procedure that uses dozens of tiny needles to prick your skin, which helps it generate new collagen and skin tissue. The result is smoother, firmer and more toned skin. It can very effectively minimize the appearance of deep scars and acne marks.

The thought of dozens of little needles pricking your skin may be an unpleasant one, but most patients who have undergone the procedure report feeling little to no discomfort or pain. The best thing about this treatment is that it also involves no downtime, so you won’t have to miss work or other personal activities after getting the procedure. You may need to have several sessions to achieve optimum results, so be sure to consult with an experienced professional to find out how many sessions your skin needs.

Exfoliate Regularly

If you aren’t quite ready yet to get these beauty treatments done, you can tweak your skincare routine and habits to address your skin texture issues and improve them. Skin naturally renews itself about once every 28 days, but this process inevitably slows down as we get older. Dead skin cells that remain on the surface of your skin can make it look dull and ashy, and make it feel rough and flaky. This can also lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Get rid of these dead skin cells by regularly exfoliating your skin.

You can use either physical or chemical exfoliants or a combination of both. Physical exfoliants include scrubs, peeling gels, microfiber washcloths, konjac sponges or cleansing tools and devices such as silicone pads or cleansing brushes. These can get the job done quickly and easily, but using them too often or with a heavy hand can also sensitized or irritate your skin.

Chemical exfoliants like glycolic acid, lactic acid, and beta hydroxy acid work by getting deep into your pores to dislodge dead skin cells and gunk, clearing them out. They are very effective and can significantly improve your skin texture when used consistently over a period of time. There are plenty of different types of chemical exfoliants, so choose one that is best suited for your skin type.

Rough, textured skin can be frustrating to deal with, but fortunately, there are plenty of different options available to you to help you address it. Choose one that best suits your lifestyle and budget, and with patience and consistency, you will soon notice a big improvement in your skin.

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The Magic City #DEBBHAM Experience: Le Diner en Blanc Birmingham 2019

** updated **

Wonder. Wow. Whimsy.  All three words are used to describe last week’s Le Diner en Blanc Birmingham.  This was the inaugural year for the event to be hosted in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Magic City (another name for Birmingham) has emerged from its traditional roots and becoming an innovative, sophisticated mecca.

Therefore, it’s only fitting that such an event had its turn with tastemakers and professionals residing in the Birmingham area.

Hosts for the exclusive all-white picnic were Jasmine and Lynda Allen, owners of Destination Birmingham which is a local event management firm.

DEB Ambassador & Group Leader 2019:

Le Diner en Blanc Timeline:


6:30 p.m. – Guests were asked to meet at various locations in the downtown area.  From there they walked to the final event spot.  To everyone’s surprise, the beautiful all-white picnic took place at 20th Street North near the Regions-Harber Plaza and Cathedral Church of The Advent.

7:30 p.m. – After the place settings were established and beverages picked up, the official napkin wave began which signified that dinner had started.

Various activities took place in between dinner that included lighting the sparklers and posing in front of a beautiful floral backdrop.

9:00 p.m. – The upbeat music and artistic paintings showcased for Le Diner en Blanc Birmingham members and guests ensured that everyone had a wonderful time!


11:30 p.m. – Oh yes, and the after-party took place at The Tutwiler Bar and Grille.

jusqu’à l’année prochaine translate until next year!

Photos are from Instagram

Get Moving This Fall With All New Activewear From D’IYANU

Activewear in the 1980s brought us neon leotards, the 1990s bestowed us with nylon puffy pants, and the 2000s are marked by the popularity of yoga pants. But for Nigerian-born entrepreneur Addie Elabor and her fashion line D’IYANU, activewear is more than just a set of passing trends – it is a form of expression throughout everyday life.

In their boldest move yet, D’IYANU’s first-ever Activewear Collection is set to launch on November 8th with pieces ranging from $29.99-69.99.

For the African-inspired collection, Elabor and her team have explored innovative designs using jersey knits and nylon to create electric and eye-catching pieces.

From jersey shirts to hoodie sets and matching bra/legging sets to windbreaker jackets, the versatile collection will seamlessly add color and comfort to everyday looks.