From the Office to Happy Hour: Transitioning to a Professional Wardrobe Tips

Building a professional wardrobe that’s affordable and timeless can be a difficult task but purchasing the right pieces can also be an investment.

Very often, your career will dictate a variety of social affairs such as attending an office meeting, company picnic, or even a happy hour.


To help us transition from the desk to a night out with our colleagues, I’ve provided a few dress options below for inspiration. The options shown take into consideration an individual’s personal style, figure type, and office setting.

Most importantly, one suggestion that I always recommend (to those seeking to build a professional wardrobe) is to shop a variety of brands that will help pull together the right professional wardrobe.

Transitioning to a Professional Wardrobe Tips


1. Pencil Skirt, Clutch Bag, and Stud Earrings

Professional Dress Tips

2. Peplum Top, Stilleto Pumps, Pearl Necklace

Professional Dress Tips #2



3. Large Cuff Bracelet, Leather Dress, and Red Black Lipstick

Professional Dress Tip #3



4. Nude Nail Polish, Hoop Earrings, Tux Blazer

Professional Dress Tips #4

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Ciara’s Paper Magazine Cover

Ciara looks glamorous on the cover of Paper Magazine.  She’s wearing leopard heels, red lipstick, and sexy hot pants.  Personally, I am loving her dark, hair!

Ciara’s style has elevated over the years and we are looking forward to her next fashion move.  Photo taken from Huffington Post Style and


Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 10.44.34 AM copy

VMA’s 2013 Fashionable Moments: The Editor’s Likes and Issues…Let’s Talk About It!

The Video Music Awards is one of the most fashionable moments where a music artist can shine.

Celebrities can push the limits while introducing a new trend or bring back a touch of “rock and roll” glamour.

And then there’s the select few that leave us confused and wondering what happened to their look.  Needless to say, no matter how it’s addressed, fashion’s a huge component of the VMA’s and it’s always fun to recap the selections that we saw (on our television screens.)

Photos below are from Elle Magazine.



My Like: The dress is very couture and her body looks great!  The bead work mixed with orstrich feathers looks amazing.  My Issue: This is very similiar to a look  we have seen at another event.


Miley Cyrus

My Like: The beading stitched on the top and leggings looks gorgeous.  My Issue: I am not sure what’s going on with her hairstyle (looks very pre – k) and maybe a pair of stilletos would’ve pulled this look together.


Taylor Swift

My Like: Taylor looks very grown up and elegant. My Issue: This entire look would be great for the Oscars. She could’ve pushed the limits a bit more.


Ellie Goulding
My Like: She did it just right! The spikes on her dress add a touch of rock and roll also her nude pumps are the exact shade of her dress which elongates her torso. My Issue: I don’t have any issues with this look!


Rita Ora

My Like: The tail on this dress is very eye catching with orstrich feathers and a beautiful shade of blue.  The bodice also stands out because it’s completely beaded with a plunging neckline.  My Issue: This hairstyle has been seen on another artist (smile.)


Selena Gomez

My Like: She did it just right! Her hair style and dress fit looks perfect. And I like the trend of wearing a hint of lingerie.  My Issue: I don’t have any issues with this look!


Joan Smalls
My Like: The chanel boots look great with her legs and skirt length.  My Issue: This look is a bit premature for the celebrity.


Lady Gaga
My Like: This is a very cohesive look. She gave us the exact amount of “goth” with a hint of feminity with an oversized bow and heart shape neckline.  My Issue: I don’t have any issues with this look!


Jennifer Hudson
My Like: The houndstooth print (which I think is also leather) coordinates well with her skirt and pumps.  My Issue: I don’t have any issues with this look!

For more VMA’s photos, visit Elle Opinions are welcomed; you can post below (smile.)

Wearing my TWO 7 SEL Tshirt and Supporting the Speed Hustle Brand

Two months ago I received a tshirt from my cousin in law’s (Chico) entertainment brand Speed Hustle.  The shirts from his brand are edgey and speak directly to the hearts of all that are on their “daily hustle.”

The phrase “being on your daily hustle” can refer to anyone who’s motivated and inspired by what they do professionally. From a sales associate working in a local retail store or CEO of a technology company, we are all on our Speed Hustle.

I decided to style my TWO 7 SEL (which is a representation of Selma, Alabama) tshirt with a pair of thrifted denim shorts, fishnet tights, and black lace – up booties.  The make up for this photo was a smokey eye and black cherry lipstick.  This was a fun look for me and look forward to more tshirt designs from his brand.


Jemily Designs: The Idrissa Collection

The Idrissa Collection is inspired by the romance of the castles from Spain to Senegal.

The legend behind Tourmalines is that the stone passed a rainbow on its way up from the center of the Earth. So they are called “gemstone of the rainbow”

The word tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese word turamali which means “stone attracting ash”.

Brazilian Tourmalines are also called Verdelite.This name comprises the Latin ‘viridis’ (green) and the Greek suffix ‘lith’ (stone). The vibrant green actually comes from trace amounts of other materials. These stones are”Chromium-Tourmaline” a rare emerald-coloured tourmaline which has traces of Vanadium and Chromium. Though once only found in Brazil where the mines are now depleted, these deep green stones called Brazilian Tourmalines now come from other parts of the world, notably Africa.

Idrissa Green Tourmaline by JEMILY jpeg

Tourmalines amaze scientists with their “pyro-electricity” properties. Pyro is Greek for “fire”. When heated Tourmalines become electrically charged. When cooled Tourmalines have a positive charge at one end of the stone and a negative charge at the other.

The deep rich transparent seafoam color that illuminates these rare stones, the mined in Brazil Green Tourmalines from designer Catherine Marion’s private collection featured in her JEMILY DESIGNS . Resembling emeralds, one of the most precious of stones, these precious Brazilian Tourmalines are highly coveted indeed.

JEMILY Green Tourmaline Idrissa earrings and necklace

JEMILY CUFFS Diamond and 18 kt Gold photo by David Lewis Taylor

Shopping Tips: The Right Gifts for a Newborn Baby

The recent birth of the third in line to the throne has ignited excitement in people all over the world, with Will and Kate having a healthy baby boy to begin their family together. With the new baby being given the moniker George Alexander Louis, baby fever has already reached new heights, with social networks being swamped with the news.

Of course, the Royals aren’t the only people to have had a baby on the 22nd July and whether you’re a lucky parent or you’re close to someone who is, it’s an ideal time to treat the newborn to a couple of gifts to celebrate their arrival.

It’s easy to get carried away with shopping for a new baby; the cutesy items almost jumping off the rails and landing in your trolley, so an element of sense will be required unless you have plenty of money to splash. What does a newborn baby need? Most expectant parents will already be well stocked on many of the essentials and unless you’ve been proactive and asked about what they actually need you will be spoilt for choice once you get to the shops.

Baby blankets are a great gift for newborn. While the current heatwave means chances of needing one are pretty slim, we all know how quickly the weather can turn. George’s range of baby blankets will appeal to most tastes and with luxuriously soft cotton fabrics, baby will feel cosy, warm and most of all, content.

Bibs and Muslin Squares are a lifesaver with new babies, with muslins continuing to be useful way into toddlerhood in some cases. Bibs are a popular addition to any baby gift parcel but chances are, they will all come in use.

Nappy Cakes are a fun take on a typical baby gift that can be given during baby showers or following the baby’s birth. Nappies will always be needed and form the basics of the cake creating the shape while adding other goodies, such as toiletries, booties, bibs or comforters, before wrapping it up in one big, elaborate display.

Clothes will always be welcome but remember that newborns won’t require too many outfits before they grow out of them. If you do choose to buy an outfit or two, buy them in different sizes so that the new baby can grow into them, rather than it sitting in their wardrobe with its label still attached.

Starter Parks are a great way to buy a matching set for the little one, including bodysuit, top, sleepsuit, hat, bib and mittens – perfect if you’re a little overwhelmed and you’re not sure what to buy for them.

Shopping for babies is great fun, with so much to choose from at George at ASDA. Before you head for the checkout with your micro-purchases, pop by the flower aisle and pick up a bunch as well as a lovely box of chocolates – the new mum will certainly appreciate the thought, seeing as though she’s been through so much too!

Mommy-ista Dressing and Beauty Tips: Look Fabulous while Being a Mom

As a mom you’re busy going to school meetings, shopping for groceries, and picking up socks.  Honestly, there’s barely enough time in the day to get it all done, let alone time to fix yourself up. But mommy-istas, today is a new day!  We need to embrace motherhood with a sense of vengeance and look fabulous while on this journey.

There’s a few rules that every mom should remember as “the going gets tough.”  Rule number one: In order for everyone to be happy (and sane) in your home, your sense of happiness is very important.  Number two:  It’s completely okay to pick up a new tube of lipstick while shopping for pampers.  And number three:  Find a gym that has mommy daycare so everyone can have a “time out.”

Now that the rules have been established, let’s talk about looking fabulous.  With so many celebrity moms like Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Simpson, they have opened the doors for better apparel and beauty products.


Your probably saying to yourself, “good for them” but becoming a mom’s truly a unique sisterhood. When you enter this girls club, there’s always the uncontrollable issue of time. Which means we need (better) products that get us out of the door quickly, make us look good, and are cost efficient.

Based upon my own experiences, I have decided to share a few “mommy” secrets in regards to dress and my daily beauty regimen. 

Mommy-ista Dressing Must Haves

1. A cute pair of flats: They can be purchased from Target or Channel but you need a pair of flats in your wardrobe…it’s difficult to chase kids in stilettos (honestly.)  Also, flats are perfect for when you wear heels and need to take a break.  You can carry flats in your purse and use them when needed.


2. Jeans are purchased in three categories: You have date night jeans that are sexy, stylish, and slightly trendy. You have parent/teacher conference jeans that look appropriate with a blazer…not too tight or sexy. You have shopping jeans that are comfortable…not “mom jeans” and can be worn with any pair of shoes.

3. Stylish pair of pumps/heels:  Eventually you will have a “Girls Night Out” or need to wear them to the office.  Every mom should have a pair in her wardrobe.  When starting out, purchase them in basic colors and progress towards “fun” heels.

4. A blazer can do wonders:  Wearing a blazer instantly makes you look stylish but can also hide a few figure imperfections.  They can also go with anything (depending on the color and fabric texture) so this is a must have in your “mommy” wardrobe.


5. Proper undergarments:  Once you become a mom (no matter what size) you will have a case of the “jiggles.”  And that’s okay because as a grown woman, you want to have curves but undergarments assist with the shape/fit of your attire.  Stop by your favorite lingerie store and purchase a cami top, hosiery, and body shaper.

Mommy-ista Beauty Tips

1. Buy Concealer and Foundation: This particular beauty product is your best friend! You have long nights, and early mornings (very different from college.)  Therefore at some point, you will want to look awake and refreshed.  Concealer and Foundation can be purchased at Saks or at a local drugstore.  For more questions about concealer, download my e-book Beauty Tips Back to The Basics.

2. Neutral Lipstick and Red Lipstick:  Wearing a neutral lipstick will make your face appear upbeat and match any color blouse (or dress) in your wardrobe.  Wearing a red lipstick will brighten the eyes and refresh your face as well.

3. Groom those Eyebrows:  Your eyebrows are truly a window to the face!  They can be groomed at any local salon for $10.00 or a kit can be purchased from a local drugstore.


4.  Fragrance, Fragrance, Fragrance:  Wearing a fragrance can boost any mood but most importantly, you will smell pleasant at all times (while running errands.)


5. Buy Quick Dry Nail Polish or Nail Stickers:  At some point, you will need to “appear” as if you’ve had a manicure.  Owning nail polish provides the luxury of making your hands look polished but also good for in-home touch ups.  Nail stickers are inexpensive and trendy.