Fashionable Wardrobe Options by Contributing Writer Kaki Read from Warby Parker Eyewear

With any wardrobe, it’s important to have versatility and options with your style so you can leave room for what mood you’ll be in when you dress for a certain occasion. Try to take chances, but still stay within the trends and fit the look to your personality. You can still have pieces that fit who you are, while still keeping it with what’s in season. As always, a pair of glasses can really pull a look together and add some flair to your outfit.

Whether you’re going shopping, you have a day Meeting, or you’re planning on attending a bridal shower, you can learn three staple outfits to wear to each of these occasions while looking polished and feminine.

Wearing a lovely floral skirt with a fitting blazer is ideal whether you’re out shopping at nearby boutiques or you have an important presentation to give at your meeting. For the skirt, choose a pastel print that is large and trendy. Pairing it with a blazer will make it look modern and professional. You can match a light blouse underneath that complements the colors. Give the outfit a little edge with some gray booties that are up to your ankles or a little higher. This will make you look like a feminine city girl, and also works well if you attend a bridal shower. Remember to accessorize it with a pair of Webb frames in whiskey tortoise, and even a chunky necklace if you like. 

Flared pants are a great item to wear on the street or in the office. They continue to sell throughout the decades, and are back this year. Choose a dark denim and pair with a cream top and burgundy vintage blazer. Always wear chunky heels with the flared pants so they don’t drag. If you’re going for white flared jeans, try a denim shirt and dress it up with plenty of gold bangles and bracelets, and a few delicate necklaces. Add a pair of Paley sunglasses in revolver black, and this look just became comfortable and timeless.

Another great look for a bridal shower, meeting, or shopping includes a high wasted black skirt (try Rachel Zoe) with gray flats or pumps, a striped tee, and a striped jacket to rest on your shoulders. The look has casual pieces, but is lovely and quite versatile. It works well for warmer weather, and slightly nods to Audrey Hepburn’s classic taste.

Not only can you wear each of these outfits to different places, but each clothing piece is something you can continuously wear throughout the seasons and carry into the coming years.

This article was written by Kaki Read, the Fashion Coordinator for Warby Parker Eyewear.  Click on the link to visit the website: Warby Parker Eyewear