Candace “Six-Figure Spa Chick” Holyfield hosted a “SOLD-OUT” Queen Spa Expo

Candace “The Six Figure Spa Chick”, Holyfield is the founder and the creative mind behind the Queen Spa Expo (specifically created for minority spa professionals) and The Black Spa Magazine. She is best known for her Award-Winning spa parties and her business instructional classes designed to empower millennial business owners. She has written over 30 e-books (for spa professionals) and has been invited to speak on mainstages internationally. A trailblazer in her own right, Holyfield has assisted over 500 spa owners not only to launch their salon but create a six-figure income while doing so.  Her work in the industry has not gone unnoticed.  She has graced the stages and pages of some of the most coveted beauty magazines and expos.  She has been the voice for African American spa owners b/c so many have been ignored or muted.  This prompted the development of The Queen Spa Expo and The Black Spa Magazine.

As a humanitarian and advocate for black women enterprises, Candace Holyfield has become the trusted voice within her generation.  Her raw style of communication, with her flair for marketing, has quickly made her an Instagram favorite. Candace Holyfield hosted the Second Annual “Queen Expo Spa” September 18 -19th at the W Hotel Midtown.  This event included premier minority beauty brands from around the country.  With great speakers, topics, and think tanks, Candace is designed an experience that will take her attendees to another level in business and in their mindset.  This event was completely sold out, with attendees from across the country.  Candace has expanded the Queen Spa Expo over 3 weekends.  Candace will host another iteration of the expo this weekend in Atlanta, Ga, and conclude in Las Vegas, NV the weekend of October 2-3.  The demand for The Queen Spa Expo pushed Candace to increase the offerings and locations for the expo.

The expo included cash giveaways, mastermind sessions, celebrity meet and greets, awards, and awesome networking experience.  Candace did not spare any expense; the expo was fully digital, and it implemented COVID-19 SAFETY policies.  The guests were able to learn, network, and maintain a sense of safety.

Some of the seminars offered during the 2nd Queen Spa Expo were:

  • Government contracts
  • How to get your products in Macy
  • Minority women certification
  • Marketing (online and offline)
  • pixel code
  • Facebook ads
  • 5 ways to market without social media
  • Client consultations
  • How to hire and pay a team
  • How to get celebrity clients
  • Operating a weight loss clinic
  • CBD skincare
  • Branding
  • Body contouring
  • V-steam
  • Lashes
  • Teeth whitening
  • Sugaring
  • Product launch
  • 7 figure mastermind and Business Credit, $40k months, opening salon suite, start your tour
  • 7 figure product line
  • Graphic Workshop
  • Systems to run your business
  • Airbnb

Candace also launched her new training program this weekend at the Queen Expo, entitled “Candyland University”.  She provided her guests with a sneak peek and early enrollment opportunities.  This program will provide real-time, digital training for spa professionals.  It will be open for enrollment to the public within the next 30 days. Stay tuned!

Through her countless efforts to be a driving force of change, Holyfield has been featured in national media platforms such as American Spa, Fox 54, BET, Fox 13, FOXSOUL, HELLO BEAUTIFUL, ROLLING OUT & The Essence Music Festival. 




Get Ready for Socially-Distant Events and Wear A Cute Midi Dress #GirlsNight

As a mature woman (smile) I have fully embraced this season with a few beauty and style essentials.  These are items that get me started when selecting an outfit.

Personal Stylist Tip:  Knowing your beauty and style essentials is critical to achieving a put-together look!

Kim’s Beauty & Style Essentials:  Feel Free To Steal Them!

  • Favorite piece of shapewear.
  • A classic denim jacket.
  • The right push-up bra.
  • Self-tanning oil or bronzer to cover any unforeseen spots.
  • Favorite lipstick (the shade you have seen in my IG photos)
  • Great tube of mascara or pair of wispy faux, eyelashes.
  • Comfortable pair of high-waisted leggings.

The Just Chill Midi Dress:

One thing is for sure, I love a cute Midi Dress.  It compliments all figures and can be dressed up or down.

In the shared photo, I wore a Shredded Denim Jacket to cover the arms for cooler temperatures.  Get ready for all of your socially-distant events and wear a flattering Midi Dress.

5 Tips on Choosing Winter Outfit Jewelry for Beginners

With winter’s chill comes heavy layers—which can make your favorite pieces of jewelry seem a little impractical.

After all, you think, bundling up means barely any skin exposed. There’s no point in putting on rings when your fingers will be covered with gloves. And the edges of your necklaces cause fabric snags with your precious cashmere sweaters.

Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks to finding the perfect winter outfit jewelry, no matter your style. Here’s how to display your bijouterie in the coldest months of the year.

1. Let It All Hang Out

Just because your ears are covered doesn’t mean your earrings need to be! Try a pair of dangling earrings under your winter hat to effortlessly jazz up a look, as long as you don’t forget to match it with your scarf as well.

Whether you like modern and bold earrings or options with more subtle and romantic details, a little bit of wind can make them look dashing. One caveat to keep in mind: in the worst of windy weather, save your earlobes with studs instead!

2. Add Some Silvery Shine

If you’ve considered buying jewelry online this winter, you’ve probably noticed the uptick in beautiful silvery pieces. Maybe it’s something about the hint of snow or the chilly weather, but silver is always in during the winter months!

You can choose substantial silver pieces to play up the drama of an outfit, or opt for delicate chains like the ones from Dreamland Jewelry. Add a sparkling pendant for a bit of shimmer, and you’re good to go!

3. Stop the Show

Did you know that Sri Lankan brides traditionally wear armbands to ward off bad luck? In the depths of winter, you should do the same—with a show-stopping cuff bracelet to add some flair to your look!

In general, winter is a good time to go big, as larger pieces are less likely to blow around in the wind like delicate pieces will. In addition, thinner bracelets may be drowned by chunky sweaters and oversized jackets.

Don’t forget to pick a cuff bracelet that allows you to adjust the size.

4. Add a Little Length

Longer necklaces look great in addition to your winter collection of turtlenecks, mock necks, and sweaters. When considering the length of necklaces, 18 inches or longer will do the trick. You can layer up for subtle, shimmering accents to a look or opt for heavier pieces to play well with heavier winter shirts and pants.

Make sure to pick smooth, flat necklaces to avoid fabric snags and save your favorite cardigans!

5. Play Peekaboo

It may be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find stunning ways to display your ring collection! Even if you have a minimal winter outfit budget, consider springing for a pair of stylish fingerless gloves or flip-top mitten gloves to show off your rings.

The latter can keep your fingers warm outside while letting you pull back the fabric for a hint of style once you’re indoors.

Finding the Right Winter Outfit Jewelry

No matter your style, finding the right winter outfit jewelry is all about playing with your winter wardrobe and the pieces you love. There are always clever ways to display your favorite necklaces, rings, and bracelets—and clever ways to incorporate new pieces into your outfits.

We love talking about style and fashion, no matter the season. If you enjoyed these insights, check out our other blogs!

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Calling all Gen Z entrepreneurs! Are you a young Black woman entrepreneur between the ages of 18 and 25 with a new or emerging business? ESSENCE and McDonald’s Black and Positively Golden movement are joining forces to inform, educate and empower the next generation of trailblazing Black women leaders through the Making Moves Now Virtual Bootcamp.

Tune in to on Saturday, September 19 at 11AM EST to hear valuable advice, lessons learned, and secrets to entrepreneurial success from a handful of young women who are thriving as business owners and want to help you do the same! Actress and host Khadeen Ellis and ESSENCE “Unbossed” Podcast host Marquita Harris will lead an afternoon of fun yet insightful programming featuring conversations with Blackgirl Sunscreen CEO Shontay Lundy, Actress and Social Media Guru Jasmine Luv and McDonald’s Executive Owner & Operator Marissa Fisher—with a special guest appearance from actress, singer & entrepreneur Ryan Destiny.

Plus, stick around as we close out the day with three rising young entrepreneurs who will share their business ideas with our panel and receive direct feedback on their presentations.

Following the Bootcamp, be sure to mark your calendars for the ESSENCE and McDonald’s Black and Positively Golden Making Moves Now Virtual Pitch Competition, presented in partnership with New Voices. The official pitch competition will take place on October 10, 2020, during the first-ever Girls United Virtual Summit. Join us to support a host of young Black women as they pitch their businesses for a chance to win thousands of dollars in funding and make even bigger moves in their community.

For more information on the Making Moves Now Virtual Bootcamp and to register, click HERE.

Affordable, Fine-Fashion, Hypoallergenic Jewelry: Misayo House Exquisite Jewelry Collection

Luxury jewelry tends to carry two myths: one, that it’s expensive and two, that’s it’s a frivolous purchase.  For those looking to shatter these concepts and look good at the same, Misayo House has the exquisite jewelry collection for you.
Made out of the highest quality hypoallergenic materials and stones, Misayo House jewelry is additionally double-plated in either genuine rhodium or 14-18 karat gold (white, yellow, and rose gold). The result is a high-end look that lasts.
Formed on the premise that fine-fashion jewelry can still be attainable, founder Idunnu Tomori carefully creates and curates pieces that rival their high-end counterparts without the hefty price tags.
What’s more beautiful than these jewelry pieces is the good they do for children in need. A portion of each purchase supports the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorder Center in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. This cause is near and dear to Tomori’s heart as her younger daughter required a bone marrow transplant in 2017.
Misayo House also continues to support other charitable organizations by participating in nationwide fundraisers, “Shop For A Cause” events.
Why the Jewelry You Wear Right Now Matters
If you thought jewelry was an accessory only to be worn outside of the house, think again. Add some accents to your Zoom and video calls to stand out via your webcam that only shows your shoulders and up.
Choose from Classic Hoops in silver or gold to play up your look or for a hint of shimmer, Classic Stud Earrings compliment any outfit.
Processed with VSCO with v5 preset
Don’t forget to make a necklace your centerpiece! The LovedBlessed, and Thankful necklaces are best sellers. For an elegant look, check out the Pave Crescent necklace in gold and silver.
Processed with VSCO with l4 preset
Misayo House also carries a stunning collection of bracelets and rings.
Processed with VSCO with j5 preset
About Misayo House: Idunnu Tomori started her Atlanta-based business in 2015 to share her love of classic, timeless, and chic jewelry. Misayo, which means “Beautiful Generation” in Japanese, is the middle name of her older daughter, Tara. She stepped away from her decade-long career as a mental health therapist to care for her younger daughter Toni, who was born with Sickle Cell Anemia. In 2017 Toni had a Bone Marrow Transplant which is the only cure for Sickle Cell complications and her donor was none other than her big sister. Tomori began raising money to help provide support to other families at the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorder Center in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, where Toni was being treated. Misayo House affirms her passion to give back as a portion of proceeds is donated to the Aflac Center and other nonprofit organizations.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend: Your Ultimate Diamond Buying Guide

What does the word diamond mean?

Derived from the Greek word Adamas, the word diamond means invincible, and for good reasons too. Research shows the world’s youngest diamonds are about 1 billion years old, with the oldest ones dating back as far as 3.3 billion years!

Are you getting ready to buy a diamond for the first time? If you make the right choice, you’re setting yourself up for countless years of joy. However, if you buy the wrong diamond, you’ll be stuck with a lifetime of regret.

Don’t worry, though, after reading our diamond buying guide you’ll be able to shop with confidence! In this article, we’ll review what to look for in terms of quality and preference. We’ll also review the top buying mistakes, so you can avoid making them!

Read on to learn exactly what to look for when buying a diamond.

What to Look for When Buying a Diamond

First, our diamond buying guide wouldn’t be complete without going over the 4 c’s; color grade, carat weight, clarity grade, and cut grade. You can use the 4 c’s to assess the quality of a diamond you’re about to buy.


The cut of your diamond can be shallow, ideal, or deep. The different angles of the cut will determine your diamond’s ability to sparkle.

Carat Weight

The carat weight doesn’t have anything to do with the size of the diamond. Instead, carat lets you know how heavy the diamond is. While carat is an important buying factor, your main focus should be on the cut, clarity, and color.

Clarity and Color

It’s hard to find flawless diamonds, however, you can find diamonds that have a crisp, clean look. The cleaner a diamond looks, the better it’s clarity is. Next, the color of your diamond should look either colorless or weight.

Diamond Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Buying a diamond is an emotional decision, and it’s easy to make a mistake if you’ve never bought one before. Here are some of the top mistakes you should watch out for:

  • Choosing price over quality
  • Only looking at colorless diamonds
  • Dismissing melee diamonds

While it’s good to have a diamond buying budget, you shouldn’t let price dictate your decision. If you planned on saving 3 months’ salary, go ahead and save 4 months so you’ll have a little wiggle room. You can also shop for wholesale diamond jewelry to help you get the best deal, while still getting a stunning piece of jewelry.

Next, don’t obsess over getting a completely colorless diamond. Instead, consider buying a diamond that has a hint of color. As long as the color is subtle it won’t compromise the quality of the piece, plus it’ll cost a lot less.

Finally, don’t discount the impact of buying a melee diamond. While melee diamonds are smaller than traditional diamonds, they can still be stunning when you set them in the right band.

Different Diamond Shapes

The cut of your diamond is different than the shape of your diamond. You can split diamond shapes up into 2 main groups; fancy shape diamonds and round diamonds. However, within those 2 groups, there’s a lot of unique shapes you can choose from.

Here are a few of the different shapes you’ll have to choose from:

  • Princess
  • Cushion
  • Asscher
  • Oval
  • Emerald
  • Heart
  • Pear
  • Marquise
  • Radiant

You’ll find that round diamonds cost more than fancy shape diamonds. You have to pay more for round diamonds because jewelers lose a lot of the rough stone during the shaping process. Round diamonds also cost more because they have a higher level of brilliance and sparkle.

However, fancy shaped diamonds are also a magnificent choice. Fancy shaped diamonds, like the princess cut or heart shape, can feel more personal, and they’re trending in the fashion world.

What to Look for When Buying a Diamond Ring

If you’re buying a diamond ring, you must see the diamond loose. When the diamond’s out of the ring band it’ll be easier for you to assess it’s quality. You should also double-check the ring size of the person you’ll be giving the diamond to.

What to Look for When Buying Diamond Earrings

If you already have a diamond ring, you can look for diamond earrings that echo the details of your engagement ring. For a more modern look, consider getting sleek diamond stud earrings with bezels in all metals.

Don’t Lose Your Earrings

Finally, 20% of jewelry owners state they’ve experienced the loss of fine jewelry when traveling. Luckily, you prevent putting yourself through the agony of losing your earrings by buying sturdy earring backs.

Read the Grading Report

Understanding the grading report is a big part of what to know when buying a diamond. The grading report will give you details about the diamond that goes beyond the 4 c’s.

Here are a few pieces of vital information the report will provide:

  • Shape
  • Carat weight
  • Proportions
  • Polish
  • Symmetry
  • Finish
  • Light performance

If you’re getting a small melee diamond, you’ll likely be receiving a diamond dossier report, which is more compact. However, no matter what type of report you receive, it’s important it comes from the Gemological Institute of America.

Gemological Institute of America

Oftentimes the diamond grading report will come from a jeweler who was trained by the Gemological Institute of America or GIA. Working as a nonprofit organization, GIA’s is an impartial 3rd party interested in evaluating the quality of gems and diamonds.

The objective assessment is a must-have when you’re purchasing any type of diamond. If the jeweler isn’t able to provide you with a grading report, you should take your business elsewhere.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Congratulations! Now you know exactly what to look for when buying a diamond.

What’s 1 new thing our diamond buying guide was able to teach you? Were you surprised to discover that the cut of the diamond is a completely different thing than the shape? Or how about how important it is to see the diamond loose so you can truly assess it’s value?

By knowing what to look for, and what mistakes to avoid, you can be confident in whatever choice you make. For more tips like the ones in this article, check out the rest of this site.

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4 Products You Need To Add To Your Fall Skincare Routine

Clef Skin 

Because life is crazy enough, your skincare routine should be easy, quick, and effective. Life’s too short to waste time on multiple skincare products every morning and evening.  Check these creams, which are proven by many to be effective and safe to use even in intimate areas.  Their revolutionary copper peptide mask combines the functions of nine different masks into ONE for a stress-free solution. This mask moisturizes, brightens, repairs, smoothes, tightens, nourishes, and heals your skin in one simple step.  Some great benefits you’ll see from these masks; fades acne scars, dark spots, and hyper-pigmentation, visibly evens skin tone and improves texture, and enhances skin for a luminous bare-faced glow. Use 2 boxes every month to achieve flawless skin! 

Crystal Hill

Since ancient times, crystals have been prized for their beauty, to symbolize power, and for their healing capabilities. It’s about time we incorporate them into our everyday, modern habits! Discover synergistically blended formulations of crystals, botanicals, and other organic ingredients that are nourishing and soothing for your skin. All crystals sold by Crystal Hills have been cleansed and charged with a tuning fork (4096) by a certified Reiki practitioner. Crystals are sourced from mines with sound ethical and environmental practices.

Mikel Kristi


Swipe your way to healthier, more radiant skin with Mikel Kristi’s Rejuvenating Swipes. The perfectly dosed, pre-moistened pads glide seamlessly over the skin to wipe away residual dirt, debris, and surface impurities. These are not like the heavy astringent pads you may remember from your youth, but an innovative combination of ten organic essential oils that simultaneously clarify, promote healing and exfoliate dead and dulling cells. Used as a part of your regular skincare routine, these Swipes prime your face for enhanced absorption of additional skincare products. Boost cellular renewal, brighten lackluster skin, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, and refine skin texture all with one swipe!

Honestly pHresh 


Great deodorant for sensitive skin! Honestly pHresh is raising awareness about the toxic truth of most deodorant products containing antiperspirant properties. Up until recently, it was thought that the only way to avoid the unpleasant smell associated with sweating was to block sweat from leaving the body altogether. As it turns out, sweat is actually odorless. What causes that embarrassing odor is actually the bacteria on our skin combining with and breaking down our sweat. Allowing our bodies to reap all the benefits of sweating while also keeping us dry and smelling great is what the pHresh philosophy is all about. Another great thing about this deodorant, there is no baking soda which often causes sensitivity.

Tips To Hydrate Yourself Before Trying Makeup On

On Average, 60% of the human body comprises water and it is very important to stay hydrated to maintain water levels in the body, cleansing the body, lubricating joints, and helping the organs to work properly. Skin being the largest organ of the body requires the most hydration.

Dehydrated skin ends up with wrinkles and a dull appearance by making it dry and flaky which is preferred by none. Staying hydrated makes skin elastic gives it a fresh look and combats wrinkled skin by giving it a smooth look.

Featured Photo from

External hydration of the skin is as important as the intake of water in the body. If you are used to putting on makeup on a regular basis, water intake is the only solution. Extra effort has to be done on the skin because ingredients in makeup dry out the skin and makeup on dry skin looks flawed. Here are some of the tips to make the skin hydrated before makeup:


Choose a gentle and hydrating cleanser for your skin before starting makeup so that it cleans without taking away the moisture, leaving your skin soft and fresh.

Use moisturizer

Moisturization is vital even if you don’t have dry skin. All skin types need to apply moisturizer before makeup because it smoothens the skin by reducing the wrinkle’s appearance and brings a natural look to avoid the foundation from looking cakey. Use water-based moisturizers than oil-based because of its hydrating properties.

Water-Based products

You must opt for the skincare products with hydrating formulas to prepare your skin for makeup. But the selection of makeup should be very carefully done. Know your skin type, invest your time in knowing what ingredients suit your type, and select the most desirable makeup.

Components in makeup dry out the skin so they are not long-lasting as they become flaky so opt for the products with hydrating properties so you can slay your makeup along with a moisturized healthy look. Look for makeup on Nikkia Joy Cosmetics that offers products for all skin types.


If using a moisturizer is not working enough for you, try facial serums that have Hyaluronic Acid that provides extra moisturization to the skin before applying makeup. These serums smoothen fine lines and lock the moisture in the face.

Eye cream

Eyes are sensitive and this is the area where most of the wrinkles and fine lines appear so special treatment must be done by applying eye creams that even out skin tone and helps to moisturize.

Face masks

A wide variety of facial masks are available in the form of sheets that have a rich quantity of moisturizing ingredients and using them before makeup leaves the skin soft and healthy-looking for a flawless application of foundation.

Use brushes

Some people prefer fingers to put on their makeup but they don’t know that fingers tend to steal the moisture from the face so when makeup is applied, it makes skin look dull and unhealthy so invest in good quality makeup brushes for a flawless foundation so you don’t regret it afterward.

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Lifestyle Alert: 8 Back to School Strategies and oNecklace Bead Bracelet

Life has been pretty busy but this is one of my absolute favorite seasons.  Fall is filled with pumpkins, football games, and trick or treating.

One aspect that has changed due to COVID-19 is the kids attending school.  Every family has made individual choices based on their household.  The similarity amongst everyone is the ability to adjust due to the circumstances.

I have implemented a few strategies to keep everyone’s sanity and wanted to share them below.

Back to School/Virtual Learning Strategies:

1.  Set-up a digital learning space with individual crates for each child.  Crates should be labeled.


2.  Create a school binder with all of the teacher information and print schedules.


3.  Know the log-in information for each child.


4.  Create a daily schedule and put it on a whiteboard.


5. Put snacks in a basket for individual grabbing.


6. Create a lunch schedule according to in-school lunches.


7.  Have a Chromebook/computer tutorial with each child to foster independence.


8.  Set alarms in a child’s cellphone for them to join Google Meets.


If there’s no homework, kids can do afternoon art projects or go outside!


Also, don’t forget that companies like Target, Publix, and Amazon are offering delivery services for various products!


oNecklace Circle Initial Bead Bracelet:

I adore a beautiful bracelet.  It’s a simple touch of sparkle that can pull an entire outfit together!

oNecklace shipped an Initial Bead Bracelet that was perfect for my current jewelry collection.  The company allowed me to personalize this particular piece and of course, I added the letter K.

This bracelet is high-quality and coordinated well with my cardigan, camisole, and high waisted jeans.

oNecklace Initial Bead Bracelet

Just like the style bloggers would say, “The bracelet is stackable.”  That means combining several bracelets of varying styles for one accessorized look.

oNecklace Bead Bracelet

Visit oNecklace to purchase a one-of-a-kind, personalized bracelet.  It’s the perfect gift idea as we celebrate the holiday season!






Detoxification of Your Skin for Radiant Skin

You might have seen lots of blogs and articles on the importance of detoxification of body and skin. By detoxification of the skin, we mean cleaning our skin in such a way that it starts glowing and looking radiant. Detoxification removes dirt and toxins from our body which has a direct effect on our skin.

Featured Photo from Net-A-Porter

Unfortunately, lots of our personal choices result in damaging our skin such as smoking, not drinking enough water, not following a healthy diet plan, and lots of other things. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and when we don’t follow a healthy schedule, it is reflected on our skin. Therefore, you must pay attention to the detoxification of the skin. We are going to share some important things about detoxification of skin that you did not know before.

  1. Skin detoxification is a real thing:

Many people think that detoxification of skin means cleaning the surface of the skin with the help of scrubs, cleansers, and different other products. However, by detoxification we mean, cleaning kidneys and livers. Cleaning of skin only comes with how much you care for it. However, when you take different steps to detox the liver and kidney, you see the results on your face.

  1. Skin detox products help look skin radiant:

There are lots of skin detox products that work to help the skin get rid of toxins which are becoming the reason for blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes, etc. These products used for detoxification of the skin also balance the pH of the skin. If you are searching for a product to remove many types of imperfections from the skin, try La Clinica detox for skin that you can buy from

  1. Vitamin A supplement is best for detoxification:

All those products that claim to detox your skin usually contain the active ingredient of vitamin A. Vitamin A actually cleanses your skin and thus revitalizes it. The result of serums and creams rich in vitamin A is similar to the detoxification skins obtained when people drink green juice etc. to make their kidney and liver boost their performance and remove toxins from the body

  1. Detoxification does rebalancing of skin:

Rebalancing means repairing the skin so that it becomes completely free from imperfections in the form of fine lines, blemishes, dark circles, etc. The skin also becomes radiant when the repairing mechanism starts.

Rebalancing means purifying the skin from impurities so that the pores don’t clog and result in acne. It also means nourishing the skin by giving it all those products which are capable of repairing and rejuvenating the skin

The takeaway:

If you are looking for some health products that can detox your skin and make it look brighter than before, you should try to those products which can enhance the overall appearance of the skin and also enrich it with all the needed nutrients such as vitamin A. However, you also pay attention to your diet and daily routine.

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