Milan Fashion Week/Spring 2013

MILAN FASHION WEEK: Style and Design



Because we aren’t at the shows, check out a  few design recaps!






Giorigo Armani: THE HEAD PIECE










Nina Ricci Presents “LA RUE” with “GIF Art”

Nina Ricci launches “LA RUE” with “GIF Art”


To mark the launch of the “La Rue” handbag, Nina Ricci is pleased to announce its collaboration with English artist Jo Ratcliffe and the creation of its first “GIF Art” campaign.

For the Autumn-Winter 2012-13 collection, artistic director Peter Copping created the “La Rue” handbag, a freestyle interpretation of the bowling bag, recast in a sophisticated way. Its slightly rounded volume and gathered details accentuate its unique shape and lend it a chic, relaxed elegance.



Created with a multi-faceted clientele in mind, the “La Rue” bag reflects a certain urban lifestyle blended with the feminine refinement that is the house’s hallmark.

The campaign highlights this by showing the bag in four symbolic Parisian settings that by turns illustrate its character. Set within the Promenade Plantée – Paris’s answer to the High Line – it appears soft and romantic, while on the Rue de Verneuil on the Left Bank, it is bewitching and bold.

Chic and charismatic on the Avenue Montaigne, it becomes mysterious and elusive at Pigalle.

English artist Jo Ratcliffe lends her signature contemporary, arty touch to these images by reworking them as a serious of modern, poetic illustrations. While remaining faithful to the universe of the Maison Nina Ricci, she infuses them with a communication savvy that is native to the digital world and helps to being this truly original project to life.

GIF Art is to the internet what Street Art is to the STREET. A true artistic crossroads between photography and illustration, these four animated GIFs embody the perpetual movement of the street, of life, of fashion and the pioneering talent of the house.











Fall/Spring 2013 Headscarfs

I am in LOVE with headscarfs! This is my go – to hair accessory when I just can’t get it together with my strands.  Especially as a mom, I need something that’s quick, sleek, and cute!



Beauty at Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2013

Thank goodness one of MY favorite blogs ( was able to capture the essence of how to wear this accessory.  And what’s really fantastic about the trend, is that you can find a headscarf anywhere, with prices ranging from $1.00 to over $50.00.


Simply Gorgeous!

For me, knowing how to properly tie a headscarf is pretty simple.  This is a trick I learned at an early age to help maintain my hair.  But there are also moments when I like to wear my scarf in a more stylish manner such as underneath a hat, in the form of a headband, or with over-sized sunglasses and hoop earrings.



Classic and Regal!

Either way, the headscarf is a great trend for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013!  Read more at



Kimmie’s Quick Weekend Style with the Headscarf




HOW TO: Take a look at the tutorial titled,  “Wear a Headscarf (3 Ways)”



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Healthy Hair Affair 2012

For those that love all things concerning hair and politics, we have a treat for you!  The Congressional Black Caucus and Annual Legislative Conference is scheduled for dates September 23 – 26, 2012 in Washington D.C.  There will be a variety of galas, receptions, and even a panel discussion held by the Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce.


But along with so many political, social and economic focused events, Lyssa Hargrove and Shawne Morgan are also hosting The Healthy Hair Affair (meetup) event on September 22, 2012.   During The Healthy Hair Affair participants will address the politics behind hair, what is “good hair” versus “bad hair”, how can we make healthy hair decisions, and encourage women of color to “embrace” their hair.

Most importantly, the event is geared towards ALL hair types (whether you are relaxed or natural.)  There will also be door prizes, vendors, a photo booth, and CELEBRITY GUEST!





Lyssa Hargrove is a former Hill staffer who has navigated the CBC ALC event on several occasions and has planned educational workshops for her boss, Congressman Charles Rangel of New York City. She is familiar with the planning and coordination of the entire CBC ALC weekend. In addition to being a wife, mother, daughter of a NYC hairstylist, & professional, Lyssa is a regular blogger for multiple blogs, and also a lover of all things hair.



Shawne Morgan is a wife, mother, attorney & owner of It’s Yours! Hair Company selling premium human hair worldwide for over 11 years. She has styled natural hair for over 15 years and has conducted styling and business workshops across the country. Shawne was also a contestant on the CBS show, Amazing Race – Season 16. She’s passionate about empowering and assisting women in discovering those things that truly make them happy.





Historic Atlas Theater

In the H Street Corridor

Washington D.C.



Drugstore Beauty Products: The Editor’s Obsession

As a mom, I’m constantly running to the drugstore to pick up something.  Of course while I’m  shopping I will come across the standard drugstore items such as cleaning solutions and soap, but I can’t resist the urge to check out what’s new on the beauty products aisle.

The reason I love drugstore, beauty products is because they are generally inexpensive which means there’s no loss in trying something new.  But most importantly, the products are good quality and in line with the latest trends as it relates to the beauty industry.  Most products range from makeup, hair care, skin, nails, eyebrows, lashes, and even perfume!   And what’s really great is that local drugstores will run a sale on select items for the week to make room for something new (and to make a profit.)

Lastly, if you stop by the beauty aisle during the holiday season most stores have a new shipment of makeup kits (for the cheap price of $10.00) or small stocking stuffers such as cosmetics bags or manicure kits for $5.00.   For me, shopping in the local drugstore is truly the ultimate guilty pleasure!













































Currently at this moment, I am trying AMBI skin care products and Maybelline Color Show Lacquer.  I will write a beauty review to share how each product works out! {wink}





Click on the Link:  Beauty Tips Back to The Basics

Fashion’s Night Out 2012 hosted by Baltimore Fashion Alliance

The Baltimore Fashion Alliance is an organization that brings together individuals working in the fashion industry.  This year, along with several volunteers and vendors, they served as the primary (local) host for Fashion’s Night Out 2012.  During the event, guests were given the opportunity to shop with vendors, view the latest designs, and network with fashion professionals.

One of the highlights of this year’s event, was the “Be Ahead of the Tr3ND” Fashion Show” hosted by BFA and Mosaic Night Club and Lounge.  This year’s fashion show included garments from local Baltimore Boutiques such as The Cupcake Boutique, Babe, South Moon Under along with access to the After Party at Mosaic Lounge.  Overall, this was a great event for the Baltimore Fashion community and we look forward to next year’s participation!







The Baltimore Fashion Alliance Display



Fashion and Style Vendors






The Fashion Show






Fashion’s Night Out Guests






Ahead of the Tr3nd Fashion Show Clip


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