Mother’s Day Beauty Gift Essentials: Mom Will Love These

Celebrate mom on May 13th with luxurious and thoughtful fragrance and skincare essentials that won’t break the band. These beauty essentials will give mom the TLC she needs and deserves this Mother’s Day.

LAVANILA Laboratories: Made from natural and organic ingredients, the health-conscious mom will enjoy these unique vanilla-based scents from LAVANILA. The collection features Vanilla Grapefruit, Pure Vanilla, and Vanilla Coconut fragrances. ($48;

KORRES: Brighten mom’s day with an unexpected twist on roses by giving her the KORRES Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial. More than just a mask and more than just a night cream, this overnight facial-in-a-jar delivers quick results. With each use, the appearance of skin discoloration and dark spots continue to improve. ($45;

IMAGE Skincare: Give mom a spa experience at home with the I MASK biomolecular hydrating recovery mask (5-pack). This moisture-rich soothing sheet mask contains an advanced concentration of ultra-hydrating ingredients to rescue dull, dry skin. The skin soaks up the biomolecular complex, which deeply nourishes and provides anti-aging benefits to fight signs of dryness, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and instantly give the skin a plump, firm appearance. ($40;

Sophie & Trey Floral Embroidery Shift Dress: #OOTD or #WIW

Finding the right style of dress is truly a gem.  The process can take hours or days of unlimited searching.  We all keep a running list of stores that suit our individual style needs.

Sophie & Trey is the latest online boutique that offers a diverse range of women’s dresses.  The boutique has cute rompers and maxi dresses.

I received the Floral Embroidery Shift Dress in the mail.  In my opinion, it’s the perfect summer dress because the fabric is light-weight with a fitted top.  This dress is also forgiving because it’s not fitted to the waist or hip area.

Visit Sophie & Trey to view their 2018 Summer Collection and find your perfect dress!

Dress:  Sophie & Trey | Platform Shoes:  Jessica Simpson | Denim Jacket:  Ann Taylor | Sunglasses:  Gucci

Mother’s Day Gifts and Royal Wine Top Sellers

Mother’s Day is May 13. So, it’s time to start thinking about mom again – the woman who claims she never needs or wants anything, but actually loves whenever you show the littlest amount of thought.

For the wine-loving mom, look no further than Royal Wine for a wide variety of vintages for every palate.  Royal Wine’s Gabe Geller, a leading sommelier and the company’s Director of Public Relations, suggests these top sellers for those who love their libations.

  • Bartenura Sparkling Moscato Rosé – Slightly sweet, fun and bubbly yet refined and elegant in a beautifully designed bottle. SRP $21.99

This bubbly rose pairs well with desserts such a fruit salad, home-made raspberry ice cream and strawberry shortcake.


  • Herzog Late Harvest Orange Muscat – Delightfully sweet dessert wine with notes of candied citrus fruit, ripe apricot, and peaches. For amateurs and connoisseurs alike. SRP $22.99

This Muscat pairs well with hard salty cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Aged Asiago, and Gruyere, as well as apple pie, peach cobbler, and foie gras.

  • Jeunesse Chardonnay – Semi-sweet, medium-bodied and perfectly balanced Chardonnay with amazing notes of Meyer lemons, stone fruits as well as fresh almonds. SRP $14.99

Pair this Chardonnay with soft cheeses such as goat cheese, Camembert, and Brie, as well as spicy tuna sushi or hot BBQ wings.

Adds Geller, “With your gift of wine, add a pretty wine glass or two or better yet, prepare a stand-out dinner and serve the gift of wine with it.  Here’s to moms everywhere – L’Chaim!”


Founded in 1848, Royal Wine Corp. has been owned and operated in the United States by the Herzog family, whose winemaking roots go back eight generations to its origin in Czechoslovakia.

Today, Royal Wine’s portfolio of domestic and international wines range from traditional wine producing regions of France, Italy and Spain, as well as Israel, New Zealand and Argentina.

Additionally, Royal Wine Corp.’s spirit and liqueur portfolio offer some of the most sought-after scotches, bourbons, tequilas, and vodkas as well as hard to find specialty items such as flavored brandies and liqueurs.

The company owns and operates the Kedem Winery in upstate New York, as well as Herzog Wine Cellars in Oxnard, California, a state-of-the-art-facility featuring guided wine tours, a fully staffed modern tasting room, gift shop and catering facilities. Additionally, the winery houses the award-winning restaurant Tierra Sur, serving the finest, Mediterranean-inspired, contemporary Californian Cuisine.

Your Skincare Bible: Look Incredible Year Round

Who doesn’t want to look incredible year round? One of the biggest factors in how great we look is our skin. If our skin is not being treated properly, you may look dehydrated, dull, tired – the list goes on. By taking care of your skin properly each and every day, you can look incredible year round. This is your skincare bible; so let’s take a look at what you need to do to look incredible year round:

Featured Photo from

Know Your Skin Type

You need to know your exact skin type if you’re going to take proper care of your skin and use the right products. You can find definitions of the various skin types online to help you figure out what yours is, so take a look if you need some help and advice. You may have oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, normal skin, or sensitive skin. However, you also need to take into account how mature your skin is. Make sure you look at products suited to somebody of your age; as we get older we usually need more intensive products.

Come Up With A Skincare Routine That You Love

Make sure you love the products in your skincare routine and that you love performing your skincare routine so that you don’t let it slip. You need to be performing it day and night, every day. Your skincare routine should be something similar to the following:

  • Cleanse. Double cleanse if wearing makeup, as the second cleanse is the one that really does the work.
  • Tone, as this tightens the skin, brightens it, and further gets rid of impurities.
  • Apply a serum to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin. If you’re going to invest in any skincare product, it should be this one. It can make the biggest difference.
  • Apply an eye cream.
  • Moisturize either with a day or night cream.
  • If you want to, you can apply oil or something similar afterward to really lock in that moisture and give you a glow. Just remember, you only need a tiny bit.

Your products don’t have to be expensive. Some women swear by using things like coconut oil and olive oil as their moisturizers! The more consistent you are with your routine, the better you’re going to look. If you introduce a new product into your routine, make sure you pay attention to changes in your skin so you get a good idea of whether it really works or not. It’s a good idea if you wait a couple of minutes in between applying your products, too. This gives them a chance to work and ensures you’re not just mixing them all around your face.

Visit A Professional Salon Or Clinic

If you would like some professional advice on your skin, do your research on a salon or clinic that can help you. They usually have special equipment that they can use on your skin and tell you more about it at a glance. You can then go home and know exactly what you need to do to improve your skin. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a nice facial either if you have the cash, as one of these every once in a while can make a big difference!

Pay Attention To Changes In Your Skin From Season To Season

Each season your skin can change. Skin can get dryer in the winter and oilier in the summer; for instance, this means you may need to change your products to suit. Pay close attention and don’t just assume that the products that you have always used will always work for you, as they may not.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your skin, as well as any other aspect of your health. Not only does it form ugly wrinkles around the mouth, it will dehydrate your skin, make your teeth turn yellow, make your breath smell, and shorten your lifespan. Quitting now will be one of the best things you ever do for your long-term health and appearance.

Eat A Colorful, Balanced Diet

The healthier your diet, the better for your skin looks. Try to make your diet as colorful and balanced as possible. You definitely don’t just need to eat salads; you can have a little of what you fancy sometimes. However, make sure you’re focusing on eating the kind of foods that are going to be good for you most of the time. Eat plenty of vegetables, and include lots of healthy fats like avocado for your skin.

Invest In A Great Pillow And Pillowcase

A good pillow can help you to keep your face in a good position so that you’re not lying in a way that causes even more wrinkles. Silk pillowcases stop your face from dragging as you toss and turn in your sleep, and in turn, can reduce wrinkles and improve moisture in the skin as you sleep. These are more than worth the investment, as we spend a large portion of our lives sleeping!

Protect Your Skin With SPF No Matter What

Make sure that you protect your skin with SPF, whether rain or shine. The sun doesn’t have to be shining for the skin to become damaged by the sun’s rays, or the environment. You can still use your favorite moisture if it doesn’t contain an SPF – simply spray one over the top. Easy!

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise will help you to do a number of things; live longer, feel happier, support your bones and muscles, and of course, contribute to younger looking, glowing skin. You simply cannot dispute the benefits of exercise; so the sooner you get into the habit, the better. Try working out 3 times a week, to begin with. Even a walk can count as a workout if you keep your heart rate up!

Are you ready to look incredible year round? Start using these skin care tips and you’ll notice a big difference. Leave any of your own tips below!

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Style + Life + Fashion Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018 and Activities: Woven Handbag, Mirror Sunglasses, Scented Soy Candle, Plush Robe, and Tassel Earrings

Mother’s Day is approaching soon!  We are only a few weeks away from showing our loved ones how special they are to us.  For me, Mother’s Day is about celebrating moms everywhere.

A few special touches include sending cards or flowers to my family and friends because we are truly a small cult.  Ultimately, we understand each other’s trials from teething to high school navigation.

And there’s a variety of mom types.  We have traditional moms, stepmoms, foster moms, and so forth.

Lastly, don’t forget to acknowledge those that have lost their mother.  Try to find a small token to celebrate them as an individual on this day.  A thoughtful option is to schedule a coffee date or spa treatment.

Mother’s Day is truly about celebrating the sisterhood of all women!

The Best Mother’s Day Activities:

  1.  Visit the local spa for a massage.
  2.  Get a manicure and pedicure.
  3.  Attend brunch with family.
  4.  Participate in Paint Nite.
  5.  Plant a garden.
  6.  Go to the movies.
  7. Take a mini-vacation.
  8. Attend afternoon tea.
  9. Do crafts together.
  10. Have a picnic.

Designer Kyle Ng brings streetwear to television with fashion series, ‘Social Fabric’ returning this May on Fuse

Designer Kyle Ng and Social Fabric will return to Fuse Tuesday, May 1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Enter Kyle’s world, where clothing, culture, and style weave a fascinating story that reveals we are all cut from the same cloth.

For six half-hour episodes, host Kyle will take viewers on a vibrant and colorful journey across the globe, from NYC to Japan, from downtown LA and Nairobi as we meet an eclectic array of designers and collectors who show us the history and the culture behind the clothing we chose to put on our backs. This season Kyle will explore everything from camo to Hip-hop jewelry-preneurs to lifestyle clothing and beyond.

Kicking off the show’s return will be the rebellious flair of “Leather Jackets.” Kyle hits the road with bikers in Brooklyn and punk rockers in Japan, then arrive in Los Angeles where they make the most artistic leather jackets in the world. The following week on May 8, Kyle explores “Crazy Pants” culture – slipping into the zaniest pants in the world. He’ll team up with top designer Jay Kos in New York City, then travel to Japan to see far–out work pants designs. He’ll finish up in Bushwick to put the WTF into DIY pants culture.

The conversation continues on with the digital series “Closet Tours,” offering a peek inside the closets of different designers including Jeff Hamilton, Daniel Nelson and Miguel Larios. And “Cool Stuff” has Kyle trying on different types of clothing, explaining the history behind his threads.

Social Fabric is the winner of a 2018 NAMIC “Lifestyle” Award.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Engagement Rings

If you are wondering what the true meaning of an engagement ring is and how to choose the right piece for the occasion, based on your traditions, heritage, and budget, you might want to research the topic. Engagement rings are one of the most popular items bought, and some of them purchased by celebrities can cost millions. In case you’re wondering what the most popular designs and customization options are, check out the list below.

They Date Back to Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, engagement rings were worn on the left hand, on the fourth (ring) finger. The reason for the choice of a finger is that Egyptians believed that there is a vein in the ring finger that leads straight to the heart. The circle was a symbol of eternity, so it symbolized a promise to stay together forever. Later on, in the Roman times, men used the ring to claim their legal right to the woman and their property.

The Most Popular Engagement Ring Portfolio

Today, the most popular engagement ring selection is the one made by Tiffany & Co. The Tiffany setting was introduced by Charles Tiffany in 1886 and is still the most famous one. It includes a six-prong mount and a single diamond. It is elegant and sophisticated and allows the choice of different size and purity diamonds to be inserted. No matter what the main precious metal is, the diamond has to be single. Around 80 percent of American women get a diamond engagement ring from their partners.

Round-Cut Style Is the Most Popular

While jewelry designers have experimented with different shapes in the past, the round-cut is still the most popular one. When it comes to celebrities able to afford unique styles, oval and square diamonds are also prevalent. Check out the latest Celebrity Engagement Trends to find out what makes famous people’s heartbeat when searching for the right ring for their partners.

The Most Likely Times to Shop for Engagement Rings

People generally start shopping for engagement rings in December. The average man spends around three months looking for the perfect design and model. Proposals are most likely to happen during the festive period, however, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving are also popular dates.

The Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Paris Hilton, the famous heiress of the hotel chain received an engagement ring worth $4.7 million by her ex-partner, Paris. The 24-carat emerald cut diamond had a canary yellow color. Liz Taylor’s engagement ring from Richard Burton cost $8.8 million. You’ll be surprised to know that Princess Diana’s engagement ring was only 137,200. This ring is being worn by Kate Middleton, her daughter-in-law.

Whether you are shopping for an engagement ring or just would like to know more about the history and the different styles available, the above guide will help you navigate your way around the jewelry shops of the high street and choose the model and cut that will impress your future partner and match your budget at the same time.

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Kanvas Skin Care Hosted Exclusive Pop-Up Day Spa for Celebrities and Influencers: Jamie Foxx, Amber Rose, Vanessa Simmons, and Kristinia DeBarge During 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Kanvas Skin Care hosted an exclusive pop-up spa at The Pond Estate in Palm Springs on April 13-15, during the annual “Shift to Coachella Weekend.” In partnership with Rafael Luciano of My Time Entertainment, and a consortium of beauty, fashion, and tech companies including Shoe Dazzle, FanLogic, All Public Art, Bubblo and Roadstarr Motorsports, Kanvas Skin Care provided celebrity facials, premium massages and spa gift baskets for celebrity house guests and influencers including Jamie Foxx, Vanessa Simmons, Angela Simmons, Amber Rose and Kristinia DeBarge.

The gift baskets included limited-edition Kanvas Skin Care products created exclusively for Coachella. In addition to the pop-up spa, celebrity esthetician, Thai Morrison and her pro-team also provided celebrity in-suite services and poolside massages. One of the highlights of the weekend was the giant, flower-adorned Kanvas K, and customized Kanvas snap-chat filters, which many celebrities and VIP guests used as a photo backdrop.

“It was a pleasure to serve celebrities and other guests alike during Coachella,” said Thai Morrision, celebrity esthetician and founder of Kanvas Skin Care. “Being in the extreme desert climate, exposure to sun and the long nights of concert-fun can stress the skin, causing dehydration, eye puffiness, and hyperpigmentation. Our goal was to help attendees look and feel their best with our high-quality skin care products and premium spa services.”

Developed by Thai Morrison, a licensed esthetician and founder of Koffee Day Spa, Kanvas Skin Care provides high-quality products for all skin types at affordable prices. They also offer medical grade options through Kanvas md to treat specific skin conditions. From oily to dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, to age spots and hyperpigmentation, Kanvas and Kanvas md have products to treat all skin conditions, particularly those common in African-Americans and other people of color.

Visit to learn more.

Celebrate April Showers with In-Shower Beauty Must-Haves

Let’s honor April Showers with these best-selling in-shower skincare products from Curél and Bioré. Both budget-friendly drugstore brands offer shower-friendly solutions to help treat some of your most frustrating skin care concerns, from dry, irritated skin to an acne-prone complexion.
A couple of our favorite April Showers-inspired products include:
Apply this to wet skin before you even step out of the shower…
Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer is here to successfully hydrate your skin— when it’s thirsty. The wet skin moisturizer allows you to skip the extra out-of-shower hydration step, while effectively healing dry, irritated and dehydrated skin. Activation of the moisturizer takes place when applied to wet skin, immediately penetrating deep into the skin’s surface and does not require rinsing off following application. ($7.99; $10.99)
Enjoy this fun, thick, rich foam and then gently rinse it off with shower water for clearer skin in just 2 days…
Bioré Baking Soda Acne Cleansing Foam is here to kiss acne goodbye for good and is the perfect addition to your shower routine. The cleansing foam is made for combination skin, gently removing daily surface dirt and oil to achieve a deep clean without over-cleansing or stripping skin of its moisture. The thick, rich foam formula is like washing your face with a cloud—Baking Soda cleansing agents deep clean pores while Salicylic Acid treats and prevents breakouts, ensuring your face looks as clean and clear as it feels. ($6.49)

5 Ways to Learn Fast and Retain More: Independent Learning

The sooner you realize that learning never ends, the more willing you’ll be to expand, elevate in your profession, thrive in your life and even generate more income. Learning and studying can be difficult once we are long past our college years.  For all the old dogs who might be reluctant to learning new tricks, we tapped the expertise of Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a New York-based Neuropsychologist and Teaching Faculty at Columbia University to share 5 ways to learn fast and retain more so we can quickly grasp new concepts, technologies, business strategies and up-level our willingness to learn. 

Independent learning is the hot new brain trend. Thanks to digital media, we see a new renaissance when it comes to learning. On the professional side, nearly two-thirds of U.S. workers have taken a course or sought additional training to advance their careers, according to a March 2016 study by Pew Research Center.  On the personal development side, a simple Google search can lead anyone to a plethora of courses on everything from mastering personal finances, parenting, our relationships, nutrition, cooking, designing clothes, home organization, and design.

“The key to longevity is the learning and application of new things. When we stop learning, we stop growing and that is a slow death to our brains and bodies. Luckily today there are online seminars and other ways to learn that speak to our interests. It’s also incredibly convenient to learn,” explains Dr. Hafeez.

What are the best ways to learn new things quickly? Dr. Sanam Hafeez offers the following 5 ways to learn fast and retain more.

  1. Learn in quick sprints.There’s a sweet spot for learning in the 30-50 minute timeframe. Dedicate that amount of time to learning and then take a 10 to 15-minute break to end a learning segment before starting a new task. “You’re more likely to retain more when you focus on a shorter amount of time at once,” explains Dr. Hafeez who helps people with ADHD to enhance their ability to focus and learn. “Using tools like notecards with quick points helps the brain absorb concepts even more,” she adds. Which leads to…
  1. Take written notes and use color! Ditch the laptop and go old school with a pen and paper. Outline important points with a different color pen or highlighter and if you can draw a concept out in the margin, go for it. Writing fuels comprehension and enhances listening skills. Studies out of UCLA and Princeton found students who took notes on laptops didn’t perform as well as students who wrote by hand. “When we handwrite notes we listen then process the information before writing. When we type on a laptop, we transcribe what we hear without any self-interpretation which is where the actual learning comes into play,” offers Dr. Hafeez.
  1. Give your brain time to rest and recharge with sleep.People brag that they work so much and sleep so little. Arianna Huffington’s book, “The Sleep Revolution,” and choice to add nap rooms at her Huffington Post offices turned the light onto sleep as a performance enhancer. “People who get a full 8 hours of deep uninterrupted sleep retain what they learn and have bandwidth to grasp more information quicker. We often feel tired after a course or following instructions. This is because focusing requires energy. Naturally, when we rest we get to reboot the brain,” says Dr. Hafeez.
  1. Read out loud, record, replay.Research has shown that reading out loud engages both senses of sight and sound which heightens retention.“Recording yourself reading and elaborating with your own idea of how the concept resonates then replaying the recording a day or two later, is a great technique that fires up the part of the brain that processes concepts like a computer filing information for later use,” explains Dr. Hafeez.
  1. Break things down and relate it to what you already know.We all heard of the math teacher who used the example of rock concert ticket sales to get kids to grasp algebra. According to Dr. Hafeez, “when we take a concept and link it to something we already know about or have a genuine interest in, we retain that concept. Anytime we can internalize a concept it has resonance. It sticks.”

About the Doctor:

Dr. Sanam Hafeez PsyD is an NYC based licensed clinical psychologist, teaching faculty member at the prestigious Columbia University Teacher’s College and the founder and Clinical Director of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services, P.C. a neuropsychological, developmental and educational center in Manhattan and Queens. 

Dr. Hafeez masterfully applies her years of experience connecting psychological implications to address some of today’s common issues such as body image, social media addiction, relationships, workplace stress, parenting and psychopathology (bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, etc…). In addition, Dr. Hafeez works with individuals who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), learning disabilities, attention and memory problems, and abuse. Dr. Hafeez often shares her credible expertise to various news outlets in New York City and frequently appears on CNN and Dr.Oz.

Connect with her via twitter @comprehendMind or