TALK OF ALABAMA LIFESTYLE SEGMENT – Spring 2017 Fashion & Beauty Trends

Yesterday, I hosted a Lifestyle Segment on Talk of Alabama; sharing fashion and beauty must-haves to help everyone look their best for the new season.

This segment featured not only beauty products but also touched upon the latest fashion trends from Ann Taylor Spring 2017 Collection.

The products I presented on ABC 33/40 included Over EZParaguard, G. M. Collin Instant Radiance Anti-Aging Eye Patches, DECLEOR Aurabsolu Refreshing Mist, Bioré Skincare Acne Collection, Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer, Ban Roll-On Deodorant, Spa @ Home by Masque Bar Sleeping Mask, Rimmel London Magnif’Eyes Eye Contouring Palette, KORRES Body Butter in Basil Lemon, LAVANILA Laboratories The Healthy Fragrance-Free Deodorant, Crest Whitening System, and Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Lotion.

Here’s the breakdown:


DECLEOR Aurabsolu Refreshing Mist

Bioré Skincare Acne Collection

Spa Home Mask

Rimmel London

Crest Whitening System


Over EZ


G. M. Collin Instant Radiance Anti-Aging Eye Patches

Ban Deodarant


Vaseline Spray Lotion

Korres Lotion


Tassel Suede Pumps

Bell-Sleeve Silk Blouse

Ruffle Front Sweater

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Spring Travel Tips for Home and Abroad

Whether people have been cooped up indoors while it snowed all winter or they were able to take the chilly temperatures with just a sweater, spring is a time of renewal. It’s a time of the year when people want to break out of the routine they have been stuck in for months and get away. This spring, millions of people will be traveling domestically, as well as abroad. The difference in surviving and thriving on that trip has a lot to do with the planning and preparing before ever heading out the door.

“Once you plan wisely for a trip you know all the difference that it makes and you will forever want to continue with it,” explains expert traveler Tina Aldatz, chief executive officer of travel wellness company Savvy Travelers. “Planning ahead means that you are more prepared to help keep yourself healthy and comfortable, no matter where you may be traveling to. That’s always a good thing.”

Here are spring travel tips that people can use when traveling domestically and abroad:

  • When traveling internationally, inquire about vaccinations, and contact the local health department about a month before the trip. This way, they can determine if any special health measures should be taken or cautionary advice is needed.
  • Inquire with your insurance company about traveling to get the details you may need on using insurance during a vacation, especially if you will be traveling outside the country.
  • Take standard necessities with you, rather than trying to find them when you arrive. Items such as sunscreen, bug spray, toiletries and cleansing wipes are easy to pack and carry, and will bring comfort during travel and once reaching the destination.
  • Aim to pack light, rather than over pack. When you over pack it will become a burden to carry luggage around. Also, packing light gives you a little wiggle room for purchasing things on the trip to take home.
  • Travel prepared with cleansing wipes. You can go poolside with your designer wipes by your side or stash them in your beach bag. They will easily allow you to refresh a sweaty body with No Sweat wipes, get the chlorine or salty sea off with Take Offz, and remove the sand that got on your phone or on your sunglasses with In the Klear wipes.
  • Looking great is easier when you are prepared, even down to your fingernails. Chipped a nail on day three? Lift Offz to the rescue. They can be carried in your purse or bag and within seconds will remove the polish.
  • Sometimes we need a vacation from our vacation because we packed so much in on our trip. But the worst thing is to have to use all your sick days after your fabulous vacation, so stay healthy this spring break with Klean Upz and Offz by your side.
  • Stay fresh and healthy when traveling by keeping individually wrapped wipes on hand. They can be used for sweat, killing germs, freshening breath, or cleaning off things that seem a tad too dirty to touch. From wiping down airplane tray tables to hotel room remote controls, spending seconds to do that and removing germs can save days worth of being ill.

“We know what it’s like to travel and need ways to help keep us comfortable and healthy,” added Aldatz. “That’s why we created our line of designer wipes. They are easy to carry, individually wrapped, and help make you ready for anything and everything that comes your way.”

Savvy Travelers offers a Beauty Bundle Kit, which offers individually wrapped makeup removing wipes, mouth cleaning wipes, and antiperspirant wipes. Users can sign up for a bundle subscription kit that offers a three-month supply of wipes. All Savvy Traveler wipes are convenient, individually wrapped, biodegradable, compostable, and cruelty free.

Those who sign up for the Savvy Travelers’ subscription service, called “Wipeaholics,” receive a personal stash of their designer beauty wipes each and every month, delivered right to their mailbox. This includes 30 must-have wipes, including five of each of their core products: Klean Upz moisturizing hand and body wipes, Klean Offz sanitizing surface wipes, Take Offz facial wipes, No Sweat antiperspirant wipes, In the Klear lens and screen cleaner wipes, and the Speak Eazy mouth and teeth wipes. Wipes users, or “wipeaholics,” never have to worry about running out of wipes and trying to get to the right store to get more. They will be delivered each month, helping people to simply replenish their stock.

Savvy Travelers offers a no-rinse line of products that help to keep travelers healthy and lend a convenient collection of problem solvers for beauty and wellness needs. They are all TSA friendly, so they can easily go on airplanes. Savvy Travelers designer beauty wipes are curated for the “on-the-go” sophisticated savvy travelista! No water? No problem!  The company offers a line of pre-packaged individual cosmetic wipes that are a savior in flight, in your car and out and about when you still want to feel clean and refreshed. For more information, visit the site at:

About Savvy Travelers (
The Savvy Travelers collection of designer beauty wipes are curated for the sophisticated on-the-go travelista. Savvy Travelers keep ladies fresh and fabulous from head to toe, one swipe at a time, offering products in convenient kits and single-use packets that are disposable, eco-friendly and made in California!  No Water? No Problem! Follow @Savvy_Travelers on social media and like us on Facebook.


Beauty Essentials For Your Gym Bag

From hot yoga to spin class, it’s important to fill your gym bag with the best beauty essentials to keep you looking and feeling fresh, natural and effortless after a workout. With these beauty essentials, you’ll look like you never worked a sweat and ready to conquer the day.
Goldwell Kerasilk Volume Re-Power Dry Shampoo ($29.99)
Get rid of sweaty hair with Goldwell Kerasilk Repower Volume Dry Shampoo. It instantly revitalizes hair, leaving your locks luxuriously, silky and shiny just in time for your after next appointment.
Where to Buy: C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine/Breath Freshener ($7.50)
Add moisture and a touch of shine to your lips after a workout with C.O. Bigelow’s Mentha Lip Shine/Breath Freshener. Its formula is mint-infused to provide a glossy shine with a refreshing cooling sensation. Your lips will stay moist while the peppermint oil gives your breath a dose of long lasting freshness
Where to Buy: Molton Brown Comice Pear & Wild Honey Hand Cream ($15.00)
The cold fitness studios can ruin your hands. Condition your hands with Molton Brown’s Comice Pear & Wild Honey Hand Cream, a moisturizing product with fresh notes of honeyed comice pears, gardenia and sweet biscuit. It’s an indulgent addition to your hand care routine this spring.
Where to Buy: Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Neutralizing Primer ($30)
Take out post-workout redness with Mally Beauty’s Perfect Prep Neutralizing Primer. Its formula works as both a primer and a color-corrector. Not only does it seal in makeup, it is designed to eradicate sun spots, redness and visible veins. You can wear it alone for a flawless fresh face or under make up to lock in your look.
Where to Buy:

Mother’s Day Style and Shopping List from Ann Taylor

It’s time to start thinking about what you’d like to gift your mom – and what she would like to wear – on Mother’s Day (May 14).

Ann Taylor’s Spring 2017 collection features trends such as bow and tassel details, earthy neutrals, gem stones and swinging spring dresses – perfect for any taste or style.  The brand’s International Women’s Day Scarf collection ($128 at is also a great way to honor the women and mothers in your life – with each scarf hand-dyed by women from a village in the Himalayas, all as unique as the women who made them.

I would also like to highlight the new video, This is Ann, which highlights past, present and futures generations of women and the victories they have achieved, to consider sharing as well.

Get Easter Ready with Rimmel London – Pretty in Pastels

This Spring is all about pastels and with Easter right around the corner and the season in full swing, Rimmel London have the perfect shades to get you ready!

From the Kate Moss Nude’s Collection, these beautiful neutral pastels will add just the right amount of spring to your lips! Shown in shades 40 and 41
Price: $5.79

From the new Oh My Gloss Oil Tint Collection, this baby pink gloss will get your lips Easter Ready in no time!

Price: $5.99


What To Wear: Sneakers Beyond The Ordinary Look

This season everyone’s opting for comfortable shoes. Slide sandals, ballerina flats, and sneakers are spring must-have items.

Purchasing a pair of sneakers is the one fashion trend that sticks out. This comfortable shoe can not only be worn with an athletic shirt and leggings. Sneakers are (now) styled in a variety of ways beyond the ordinary attire.

From midi skirts to track pants, wearing a pair of sneakers provides comfort and style.

Photo Credit from

Foot Locker coupons, codes and deals

How To Find Your Dream Home On A Budget

A low budget shouldn’t mean settling for a low-quality property. Your home is your personal space and deserves to meet your requirements. You may have to manage your expectations somewhat – you’re not going to find an eight-bed mansion on a shoestring – but you shouldn’t discount every luxury. Here are just a few ways to help you find your dream home on a budget.

Photo Credit from Architectural Digest

Consider a self-build

Building your own home can often cost a third of the price of buying a home – that’s the cost of land, architects, lawyers, labor and materials all included. Self-build mortgages exist to cover these costs, meaning a deposit could work out much less than buying a regular property. Buying land can be tricky – you may be limited by location and council legislation. However, if you do manage to find suitable land, you have total creative freedom (within reason) of what your property will look like. For building a dream home, this is the way to go.

Consider renovating

Another option to consider is renovating. There may not be a property out there that meets all your specs as it stands, but when you start to consider the small tweaks that can be made, you may be able to turn a dull property into a dream property with time. Colors can often be the most off-putting elements to buyers and yet are the cheapest to fix. It costs very little to repaint pink walls or repaint flaking cabinets. Structural alteration will be the most expensive, such as extensions or removals of walls. So long as a property doesn’t need these alterations, you may be able to fix other faults on a budget.

Don’t let location limit you

Being in a location you love is important. But when you consider you can buy a large house in country for the same price as a flat in most city centers, you need to start weighing up your needs. You may not want to live in an extremely remote location, but you may be able to find a happy medium on the outskirts.

Local moves have their financial advantages. You won’t have to pay for removals, and could rent a van and do it yourself. However, weigh up the added cost of movers and thousands off your mortgage and it may not seem like that much of a sacrifice. Start broadening your search and see what your find.

Don’t rush

When trying to find your perfect property, patience is key. Waiting may allow you more time to save up for something you truly want, as well as giving you more time to scope the market. Try to resist the urge to jump upon the first good property you find, sometimes it can be worth taking the risk and waiting for that ‘great’ property to arise. If you feel you’re being too finicky, discuss what you’re looking for to an agent and see how realistic they think your criteria are. Consider giving such agencies your number and ringing you when they think they’ve found a property you may like.

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African Fashions Meet the Stylish Traveler

Shangani Fashion’s debut presentation during New York Fashion Week conveys contemporary cuts that are accented with vintage accessories. Shangani Fashion Designs are a juxtaposition of culture and style. Shangani is an African tribe who dwelled near the Shangani River in Zimbabwe, Africa. The tribe was named after its founder; and the name “Shoshangani” means traveler. Shangani Fashion is a brand inspired by the experience of travel and the exposure of different cultures.
Creations by Shangani’s Designers merge their travel experiences with colorful ethnic prints, and contemporary shapes to create a high fashion, ready-to-wear look. Traditional African fabrics with a modern mix, is the passion behind Shangani Fashions.

The design duo collaborating on the aesthetics are Fashion Designers Elesia Peterman and Mary Moore. Moore is a graduate of the University of Zimbabwe and a world traveler.  “My inspirations are fusions of my cultural, travel experiences and my Zimbabwean heritage and styles. Shoppers will find divers influences from the Caribbean, European and Middle-Eastern expressions in my fashions. I enjoy mixing various African influences with a contemporary cut and shape for a modernized look. And the result is a ready-to-wear brand that is suitable for all occasions” explains Mary Moore.

My creative inspiration comes from a fusion of time, epoch periods and cultures, while remaining Afrocentric“. States Elesia Peterman. “I want our line to show that African print transcends. The looks can be worn strictly as traditional wear, but the looks can also be incorporated in business and everyday casual use. What makes our line unique is that it isn’t just an African meets Western cohesion. Our goal is to reach and inspire a much bigger market. Our line is an international fusion. Also, being a millennial, I feel I can relate with the style trends my peers are excited about.. I want to use clothing design as my voice and demonstration of creativity.

Shangani offers looks for both men and women, and intends to expand the menswear line for upcoming seasons. The garments are wearable for business casual or as formal wear. Depending on the type of garment design, the brand uses one-hundred percent cotton, applied with Dutch Wax print, Denim and other uniquely blended materials of the finest quality. Completing the Afro-inspired look, the Shangani brand also features handcrafted travel handbags and clutch bags. Accessories such as earrings, bracelets and shoes, add a hint of sophistication to an individual’s look.

Fashion Week El Paseo Livestream – Palm Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Greater Palm Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) will share designer fashions from the runway with Facebook Live videos during select events during Fashion Week El Paseo. The public is invited to join the excitement of the fashion show dubbed the “Best of the West” by watching the live videos on the CVB’s Facebook page (

Live streams are scheduled for the following events:

Sunday, March 19
6 p.m. PST– Le Chien Masquerade Party (Runway Show)

Monday, March 20
8:30 p.m. PST – From El Paseo to Everywhere – A Fashionable Flight! (Runway Show)

Tuesday, March 21
8:30 p.m. PST – Michael Costello and the Stars of Project Runway (Runway Show)

Wednesday, March 22
10:30 a.m. PST – Trunk Show with the Stars of Project Runway (Trunk Show)

For information contact:
Krystal Kusmieruk, Social Media Manager / 760.969.1337

Photo credit: Tiffany Clark

About El Paseo Fashion Week
Held on El Paseo in Palm Desert, California — the epicenter of luxury retail in Greater Palm Springs —El Paseo Fashion Week, a consumer- and industry-driven event is widely acknowledged as the premier West Coast fashion event of the season. The eight-day fashion and lifestyle extravaganza will begin on March 18. The succeeding days are scheduled with an array of spectacular runway and trunk shows featuring the latest collections of top and emerging designers, and meet-and-greet receptions.

About Greater Palm Springs
The Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is the official tourism agency for the entire Coachella Valley, providing sales, marketing and promotional efforts targeted to potential leisure and convention group markets. The CVB serves more than 2,000 business partners throughout Riverside County’s nine-city region of Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Indio and Coachella. For more information on Greater Palm Springs, visit