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Temperatures are getting colder daily and that means it’s fur season.  Although this year’s fashion has brought several styles with the use of faux fur, there’s nothing like the luxury and warmth of an authentic fur coat.

Purchasing a fur can be intimidating but owning this accessory’s well worth the purchase.  There’s so many selections to choose from such as vests, stoles, hats, gloves, mittens, and capes.

ML Furs is a furrier located in the Denver metro area and has been in business since 1951.  The company’s philosophy is focused on visualizing a fabulous fur and how to style/accessorize a look.  If you’re not able to travel to the Denver store, customers can purchase items online as well.  ML Furs also carries an array of fur types such as chinchilla, mink, lynx, beaver, and shearlings.






The furrier has variety of services such as storage, fur trade ins, repairs, cleaning, and ugg restoration. To purchase a beautiful and stylish fur, visit ML

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Jami Svay Top Five Valentine’s Day Beauty Tips

Whether it’s a hot date planned with your beau or a girls’ night out, this Valentine’s Day make sure to make a statement with these top five beauty tips. Celebrity makeup artist Jami Svay has worked with Meghan Trainor, Brooklyn Decker, Angie Harmon, among others and top fashion brands Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Laura Ashley, Perry Ellis, to name a few.  She provides tips to create the perfect Valentine’s Day beauty look.

Jami Headshot_cropped

1. Kiss and makeup…

Ditch the traditional “red” lip and go for a more kissable look like a
delicious nude color. Try: Philosophy’s lip shine in Coconut Frosting it
gives a hint of shimmer with a mild sweet taste.

2. Run your fingers through my hair or maybe not…

Loose the hair spray for the night. Nothing is more un-sexy than hard mane.
Touchable, soft hair is always a “do”. Try: Garnier’s Texture Spray for body
and bounce without the crunch.

3. Give it a glow…

For a quick J-Lo glow add a few drops of liquid luminizer to your
moisturizer. Try: Stila’s All Over Shimmer liquid.

4. Got a private beach…

Nothing says red-hot like bronzed skin. Use along the perimeter of your face
& jaw bone for a more realistic application. Also pick a brand that doesn’t
have too much shimmer. Try: Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer

5. It started with a wink…

Seduction begins with a good mascara! Give your eyes a bambi-like fringe
using lash fibers. It coats & builds on the ends of your natural lashes,
giving the appearance of falsies. Try: Loreal’s False Fiber Lash Mascara

About Jami:

Jami Svay (pronounced s-why) believes having your
makeup done is more than just lashes and liner. It’s beauty therapy.

She excels at finding and highlighting a client’s best
feature. “If I can make someone’s day by making them
look good, then so be it,” she says.

The makeup artist and creator of Tastee Cosmetics, a national line of organic lip products, has been in the beauty business for more than 10 years, working in salons, as a cosmetics representative and as a model.

She decided to forgo college dreams of being a fashion designer once she realized that makeup artistry combined her love of color and fine art.

Building on a personal philosophy of “Everyone has something beautiful, just enhance it,” Svay’s impressive client roster belies her versatility. She has worked on a range of celebrities, including Brooklyn Decker and Michael Jordan.

Svay has traveled to New York, Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles to do makeup on editorial spreads and runway shows.

She has done work for Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Laura Ashley, Perry Ellis, Essence and Real Simple magazines, among others.

COCOTIQUE Beauty Review: January Subscription Box

COCOTIQUE is the latest subscription box for women of color and diverse ethnicities.  Once you become a member, subscribers receive a monthly box with a variety of (sample) hair, skin, and nail products.  The company also features brands such as Black Opal, Milani, Creme of Nature, OPI, Revlon, and Shea Moisture to name a few.

FullSizeRender (5)

The theme of January’s box was to refresh and renew with a collection of products from every category such as cosmetics, bodycare, and fragrance.  The products included were ACURE Triple Action Repairing Morrocan Argan Oil and Stem Cell Shampoo, ACURE Triple Action Repairing Morrocan Argan Oil and Stem Cell Conditioner, BEFINE Assorted Skincare Products, HARVEY Prince Hello Fragrance, NAKED BAR SOAP Lemongrass Grapefruit Foaming Sugar Scrub, NICKLA K New York Quad Eyeshadow, NUBIAN HERITAGE Honey & Black Seed Hand Cream.

FullSizeRender (6)


I was excited to receive my COCOTIQUE box and pleasantly surprised at the beautiful packaging.  I can’t wait to fully indulge in every product but the one item I can’t live without is the Honey & Black Seed Hand Cream.

FullSizeRender (7)

FullSizeRender (4)

I’m in between manicures and seeking to restore moisture back into my hands and cuticles.  This luxurious moisturizing treatment instantly restored my hands with a nice cooling effect.  The hand cream’s also formulated with Black Seed Oil, Honey, and Apricot Oil.  It’s the perfect size to carry in my handbag (and use) while wearing a pair of gloves.

I love beauty products that work and COCOTIQUE offers product samples that are infused with natural ingredients and gentle cleansers.  To learn more about COCOTIQUE and become a subscriber click here.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse Baltimore: Aphrodisiac Menu

What do you get when you blend a silver tie blindfold, an aphrodisiac menu and the area’s steamiest steakhouse?

Sullivan's Steakhouse-304

Sullivan’s Steakhouse Baltimore invites guests to tempt their senses with the unveiling of the new Aphrodisiac Menu, available Jan. 30 through Feb. 20 (think Valentine’s Day and 50 Shades of Grey!).


It kicks off with a $69 blindfolded tasting event this Friday, Jan. 30, featuring a mouth-watering, libido-inducing menu (see below)


The Still Point at Haven On The Lake Spa Getaway – Media Event Recap and Photos

The Still Point at Haven On The Lake hosted a media event at their new location in Columbia, Maryland. Invited guests enjoyed mini spa treatments, artisan vinegars, and the opportunity to participate in their exclusive Yoga Wall or Bare Essence class.

Haven On The Lake

Haven On The Lake

Overlooking a beautiful lake connected to Whole Foods Market, The Still Point in Columbia’s considered to be a wellness spa.  Members and Non Members can partake in a variety of services to renew, restore, and rejuvenate the mind and body.  For example, the wellness spa offers nutrition services to design a health program for individual needs. Manicurist perform natural nail services using Deborah Lippmann products (infused with healing ingredients and non toxic chemicals) and provide a therapeutic massage.  If you’re searching for assistance with fatigue, weight gain, detoxification, and hormone rebalancing, The Still Point at Haven On The Lake has doctors on staff for Naturopathic Medicine.

Haven On The Lake




In addition, the wellness spa offers traditional services such as a hydrating sugar polish, warm salt glow, contouring wrap, healing wrap, detoxifying wrap, and sunless tanning.  I had a wonderful experience visiting the new location and indulged in a theraputic hand massage with Toma Skin Therapies products and exfoliation with epsom/sea salt.  The aromatherapy from Toma Essential Oils also provided a relaxing scent when entering the wellness spa.

IMG_1380 (1)


Style + Life + Fashion

Haven on The Lake has become my new favorite wellness spa in the Columbia area.  I am planning another visit (in the near future) to endulge in a renew manicure and acupuncture service.  To learn more about Haven On The Lake click here and follow them on twitter for updates.



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Transitional Pieces for the Chic Man’s Wardrobe: From Business to Bar

Who doesn’t like to go for Friday night drinks after work? For the businessman, it can be a bit of a hassle bringing a change of clothes to hit the bar with once 5pm rolls around so that your appearance is appropriate for the night-time. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just go straight from work to your favorite haunt without lugging any clothes around?

If you can’t do this already, your wardrobe is probably in need of some transitional clothing pieces that are work and bar suitable. So, if you haven’t got these in your wardrobe, start making a shopping list!

A Crisp, White Shirt

Every chic man should have a crisp white shirt in his wardrobe.  Shirts like this from Politix  are suitable for virtually anything, from black tie to a casual lunch. Pair with a simple set of slacks for work and no one will bat an eyelash. Throw on a sports jacket when it’s time to hit the bar and you’ll be perfectly dressed for wherever the night takes you.


Leather Shoes

Any guy who loves the nightlife knows that shoes are crucial to meeting the dress code of a bar or club. Do you usually wear trainers or sneakers to work? You will definitely want to re-think that wardrobe choice! Sneakers will most likely get turned away at the bar, but a nice pair of leather shoes goes with everything from jeans to suit pants and will definitely meet the standards of any dress code, no matter how fancy.

Fitted, Dark Blue Jeans

A pair of well-fitting, dark blue jeans are one of the most versatile items you could ever have in your wardrobe. You can dress up with a long-sleeved shirt and dark shoes for a night out, dress down with sneakers and a casual sweater for a great chic day wear look, or you can even pair it with a sports jacket and tie for smart casual events. The options are virtually endless! Wear your dark blue jeans out of the office and into the bar and nobody will think anything of it.


Collared Polo Shirts

Is it a bit hot for long sleeves? Your next best option for work and play is to wear a nice collared polo shirt. There’s nothing wrong with an ironed polo paired with knee-length shorts (if it’s particularly hot) or a nice dark blue pair of jeans. Plus, they come in so many colours you’re sure to find one that you like. Polo shirts are a great alternative to long-sleeved shirts if the weather is particularly steamy.

So next time you’re heading out for drinks after work, don’t pack two sets of clothes. Just use some versatile items in your wardrobe that are suitable for both occasions. You will be thankful you did when you’re looking chic while not lugging around any unnecessary items of clothing.

What are some items of clothing you find work well for wearing to the office and then to the bar afterwards? Share in the comments below.

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Lifestyle Segment on Fox 45 Morning News: Health Benefits of Drinking Tea in Winter Months

I was invited to host a lifestyle segment on Fox 45 Baltimore WBFF sharing the benefits of drinking tea in the winter months. Brewing a cup of tea can serve as an aid with weight loss, stress relief, and help give a boost of energy. Also, black tea is the equivalent of drinking coffee due to a stimulating substance call theophyllin.

Although there’s a social aspect to drinking tea, we have to remember the original health benefits.  Personally, I like to drink tea as a preventative measure against colds and to boost my immune system.  If I’m not feeling well or have an upset stomach, I brew a cup of tea and drink it in the afternoon (or before bedtime) to flush away the toxins.  Below are additional health benefits:

1. Reduce the risk of heart attack

2. Fights free radicals

3. Helps diabetics better process sugar

4. Improve bone density

5. Helps with relaxation and concentration

I was super excited to share the following products and showcase my favorite tea cups. Don’t forget to purchase Carrington Organics Tea, Sparkling Ice Bottled Tea, Downtown Abbey Tea, or visit Caffe bene new tea house (nationwide) for a relaxing experience.

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Diamond Lighthouse – Jewelry Buyer and Seller

Have you ever considered selling your diamond earrings or that antique bracelet you inherited years ago? If so, Diamond Lighthouse is the perfect solution!

How It Works:

Diamond Lighthouse works with reputable jewelry vendors and dealers to find the best offer for your diamond.  And once the diamond has been shipped to the company, clients can monitor the process from a portal; allowing you to see where the diamond’s located at all times.

Company History:

Diamond Lighthouse was created by the brilliant minds behind Diamond Dynamics, a company founded in 1993 by Chaim Lax. Chaim’s passion for diamonds began with his role as a diamond cutter, where he learned the fine art of cutting stones to perfection. That deep knowledge of diamonds followed him in his pursuit of the corporate world thirty years later. He established a company that deals with the entire diamond process from the rough diamond, to cutting and polishing, and all the way through to the sale.

Choose Diamond Lighthouse for your diamond selling needs because of their expertise, experience, security, and guaranteed value of the diamond.  
Diamond Lighthouse

Learn More:

Trusted member of Better Business Bureau

Flat Commission (10% on diamonds over 1 carat)

Offering the lowest price margin

Anonymous control over sale of diamond

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Christina Milian Wearing Ruthie Davis Shoes

Christina Milian has had one constant during her whirlwind press tour for her new hit E! TV Show ‘Turned Up’ – her Ruthie Davis shoes! Rocking a variety of sky high styles from the collection over the past week, Christina has incorporated these sexy and fun heels into her awesome rocker-fashionsita ensembles.

She has not only been spotted in these shoes, but has shared shots of her rocking them on her Instagram, as well!


unnamed (2)

unnamed (5)

unnamed (6)

unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)

High Fashion and Beauty Tips on a Budget

High fashion – what does it mean? Is it the vintage dress you purchased or the couture you snapped up during Paris Fashion Week? Is it the makeup counter or the latest in organic, chemical free, coeliac-friendly eyeliner? Or is it the DIY dress you crafted out of patches, old material and threads of fluff?

The truth is that it can be all this and more. While the catwalk are brimming with avant-garde styles and designers, the high street can offer replicas at cut prices.

With that in mind, what can you do to make the cheapest styles look like the height of fashion?

The right start to your day

You wake up looking bloated, tired, haggard and a bit like 20-tonne granite sandbags have been placed under your eyes. It’s not a start to your day that screams style, is it?

But that grim feeling doesn’t have to last long if you’ve got the right level of cleanliness at your disposal. So climb out from under your blankets and follow these tips to feel classy come morning.

To start with, throw those expensive beauty products in the bin. They’re brimming with chemicals that could strip the skin or scalp of its many nutrients.

Instead, invest in sodium free shampoo and a chemically neutral body wash. The lack of additives rubbing into your skin will make it look better with every new day you wake up. Top this effect off with a pint of water every morning. It’ll take the edge off your morning coffee and give your skin an extra boost.

Color is king

You’ve probably seen fashion victims wearing colors more garish than a neon Dulux wall chart with sick on it. Pity those poor souls who can’t coordinate colours – just make sure that pity isn’t reciprocated.

Matching the right colors is the key to making even the cheapest outfits look like they were cut by Ralph Lauren himself. Loud primary colors must be offset by a cheeky pattern or quiet colour to tone the outfit down.

Think of mixing the right colors as like walking a dog – sometimes you have to let your dog roam free, but other times that hound has to be held on its leash.


Trying to define genius in design is like trying to hold an abstract concept in your hands. But at least one factor is easy to put your finger on – personality.

Provided, personality shouldn’t be a difficult thing to find. The craft is the tricky part.

So pick up a few high street items of clothing and see what alterations you can make to give it your unique touch.