Rihanna and Shakira: Photo of The Day

Style + Life + Fashion’s Photo of The Day goes to Rihanna and Shakira. This picture comes from the “bad gal” herself (on Instagram) where she shares clips from their new video.


DIY Beauty Tips from Elizabeth’s Secret Beauty Bar

Elizabeth’s Secret Beauty Bar, specializes in facials, waxing, and nails. Elizabeth Garcia brings her own secret beauty tips and tricks to the table and ensures the ultimate client experience. Based at The Soho Beach House in Miami, the Beauty Bar offers a variety of lavish treatments from deep-cleansing facials to back cleanse treatments. Complete wax services are also offered, including professional make-up artists who are available to perfect your face for special occasions.

Please see a few of Elizabeth’s best kept skin care secrets below:

  1. The best way to keep feet soft is by keeping a stepping stone foot scrub in the shower. Make sure to scrub both the heel and the ball of the foot to remove dryness.
  2. Always use a base coat on your nails to prevent a yellow stain from forming after the removal of polish.
  3. Frequent use of make-up may cause skin to age prematurely. It is important to wash your face twice a day with a face wash suitable for your skin type. Always use circular motion while washing your face upward motion. The three areas to target while washing your face (face, neck and chest area)

For additional information and tips, please visit www.secretbeautybar.com.


Tomima Edmark, founder of HerRoom.com Interview

What was your source of inspiration for helping women to find the right bra? So many sources. Seeing beautiful women with unsupported bustlines – knew I could make them look thinner and better. Reading many of our emails with women complaining how their bra fit and I knew with a little education they could solve their problem(s) and look better. My general nature to want to help people – when I know something I instantly want to share and help others

Can you name three (of the best) retailers in terms of purchasing new bras? And why? That’s a loaded question. You need to explain to me why I would do this? I think HerRoom is the best.

How was your experience when working with Oprah? Oprah had a very well-oiled operation when I was involved and on her show. Actually, did not meet her till just before the show was being taped. However, she was very gracious afterwards, and with bodyguards flanking her, she stayed and took questions from guests and audience members. Having been on several talk shows, this is extremely rare to have that kind of access.

Give us a few additional tips in terms of selecting the appropriate bra to wear (according to your breast type.). Women need to look very closely at the center panel of their bras and the placement of the straps and where they are attached. For example, if you have a high tummy, your center panel should have an arched center panel to help your bra rest on your sternum. If you have wide-set breasts, you need to look for a bra with a wider center panel because it will fit better. If you have really closely placed breasts, there should be almost no center panel. Strap placement. If your straps continually slip, look at how the straps are sewn on to the bra. Close to the underarm, and they will have a tendency to fall off. Sewn right above the apex of the cup (called a center pull strap) and you probably won’t have this problem. Sewn in the back where they are kicked in or sewn closer to the center and again, your straps will probably stay in place.

Tell us more about HerRoom.com. HerRoom is designed so that you have more information that if you went to a store to buy bras. First, there is a lot of patented features. We have the “see it under” set of images for every bra we sell. This way, you will know if any of our bras will work under a challenging neckline. Next, we have fitters comments within our details area. No site has the detail we have. We measure the thickness of the padding, the width of the straps, the height of the sides etc. We are the only site that does this. I personally work closely with the manufacturers to learn how their items are fitting. When I hear something unique, I put a Tomima Tip on the item. Again, not other site is giving you fit advice or calling out a unique feature or fit right on the product page. Our reviews are also unique. They are genuine and come from real women. We send all negative reviews to the manufacturer for comment. So, when you go through our product reviews you will see actual responses from them. No one else gives you this insight from the company that actually makes the product. I could go on and on here….

To read more: https://stylelifefashion.com/best-bra-breast-type/


Valentine’s Day Style Tips from Celebrity Stylist Gen Bell

Valentine’s Day is the day to show off your sexy side, remind your loved one what you are working with underneath your sweats and possibly baby food, or to catch the eye of a new admirer.

For some, personal style comes easy but not everyone is born a natural fashionista and may need a little help. Miami based celebrity stylist Gen Bell offers her best dressed tips for Valentine’s Day!

Known for dressing celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, and upcoming artists Jordan Fernandez and Tori Lynn Jones, Gen Bell advices to be confident in whatever you wear. Confidence is your sexiest asset. Pair confidence with these tips and you will sure impress your loved one or snag a new boyfriend.

Valentine’s Day Stylist Tips:

1) Make sure all your pieces fit your body type well. Muffin tops or saggy butts are not attractive.

2) Everyone wears red on Valentine’s Day. Avoid this cliché color. Instead a little black dress paired with red accents will go a long way.

3) If you must wear red…save it for lingerie.

4) Dress appropriately for the date activity. If going on a casual date such as bowling, put on your best fitting jeans with a sexy top. If you are going on a romantic date, heels are a must. Whether high heeled boots or stilettos. Heels elongate your legs and makes your silhouette sexy!

5) Pair your outfit with a fun trend such as an iridescent clutch, belt, or shoes! Or rock a full floral skirt with a form fitting top.

6) Lastly, don’t revealtoomuch because the best way to lure interest is to leave a little to the imagination.

Curvy Shape

For the curvy girl, wear something that compliments your curves. A wrap dress is sexy yet classy at the same time.

Short Shape

For the short girl, wear something that elongates your frame. A fitted sheath dress above the knee will do the trick.

Tummy Shape

For the girl with a little pouch, wear something that doesn’t emphasize your midsection. A vibrant shift dress will have you looking elegant and beautiful.

Boyish Shape

For the girl with slightly less curves, wear something that can add a little bit of curve. A beautiful flowing belted style dress will do just that.

Large Bust

For the girl that is full on top, wear something that will keep the detail to the top at a minimum. A nipped in waist dress with a flowing flare will look great!

Small Bust

For the girl that is smaller on top, wear something that can add definition to the bust line. A flattering A-line dress will help give you the look you want!


About Gen Bell:

Wardrobe stylist and creative director, Gen Bell is the true embodiment of a career girl in every aspect. Bell was born in Chicago and is currently styling key individuals in the South Florida community in film, fashion and music. Bell has worked one on one with designers, boutiques, production companies, models and more. In 2013, Bell wrote for Haute Living Magazine. Bell has worked on production sets with highly acclaimed recording artists including J-Lo and Pitbull as well as numerous other events in the industry.

With a portfolio centered on beauty, video, celebrity/music, and street-chic styling, Bell has a vast knowledge of creating an aesthetically pleasing composition. Working with color palettes, silhouettes, and design, Gen Bell pulls together elements and principles to create a final “product” which sets apart from the rest.


Mesh Blouse Purchased from The Wise Penny Thrift Shop

Yesterday I volunteered at The Wise Penny Thrift Shop located in Baltimore. While sorting through inventory and having a few laughs, I ran across this one of a kind mesh blouse with a corset style waist and gold buttons.

 At first sight, I wasn’t sure if the top was my size because it looked very small; but thankfully I could wear it. My girlfriend forced me to buy it and even gave me some style options: leather leggings, gold pumps, and chain bracelet.

Honestly, some of the best (and most authentic) pieces in my wardrobe are thrifted. Stay tuned for an updated photo of the final look…

Yesterday’s look wearing my thrifted leather hat and oversized sunglasses.


Ann Taylor: Style on Call Book A Date This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day weekend, whether you are single and looking for something fun to do with girlfriends, or need help finding an outfit for a date with that someone special, book a date with Ann Taylor for a special Style on Call in-store event weekend.

From Friday, February 14- Monday, February 17, Ann Taylor stores nationwide will be hosting“Style on Call” to offer clients a wardrobe remix. An appointment can be booked online with personal stylists, who will help clients build the modern closet and provide styling tips (walk-ins are also welcome!). Gorgeous gifts, treats and an in-store sweepstakes that includes a trip and more will be offered.

WHAT: Style On Call with Ann Taylor – Personal Stylists help you build your modern

closet, plus get styling tips, gorgeous gifts, treats and more

WHEN: Friday, February 14-Monday, February 17

WHERE: Ann Taylor stores nationwide

June Ambrose: Photo of The Day

Style + Life + Fashion’s photo of the day goes to our favorite style maverick June Ambrose.  Words can’t describe how much I love this chick but she “Gives Us Life” everyday on Instagram with her witty captions, delicious recipes, and stunning attire.

This photo was the perfect way to capture such a frosty day! Did that rhyme…




The Best Bra for Your Breast Type

Bra shopping can be a difficult task for any woman, especially if you don’t have the right knowledge.

Stores can be extremely intimidating with so many bra styles, cup sizes, and local promotions. And we won’t even begin to discuss the fact that every mannequin looks like a super model and you question whether anything in the store accommodate your needs.

Celebrity bra fitting expert, Tomima Edmark has put together an info graphic titled, “The Best Bra for Your Breast Type” which gives us the bottom line on how to purchase/wear a bra.

The infographic also shows garment selections for a particular bra type and how to maximize on coverage.

Tomima is also the founder of HerRoom.com


Intensively Hydrating Products: Lierac’s Hydra-Chrono+ Intense Hydrating Balm and Coherence Replumping Lip Cream, Sulwhasoo’s Overnight Vitalizing Mask, Brazilian Blowout™ Açai Deep Conditioning Masque, bodycology Enchanted Forest Exfoliating Sugar Scrub and Australian Gold’s Moisture Lock Lotion

We've provided a list of intensively hydrating products to get you, your skin and your hair through this last push of winter.

Please see below for information on Lierac’s Hydra-Chrono+ Intense Hydrating Balm and Coherence Replumping Lip Cream, Sulwhasoo’s Overnight Vitalizing Mask, Brazilian Blowout™ Açai Deep Conditioning Masque, bodycology Enchanted Forest Exfoliating Sugar Scrub and Australian Gold’s Moisture Lock Lotion.

image001 (4)Lierac Hydra-Chrono+ Intense Hydrating Balm($52; Lierac-usa.com) – A creamy and generous balm that works to durably regulate hydration and instantly protect, nourish and comfort all particularly dehydrated skin types. Ideal as an “emergency rescue” mask. Suitable for all skin types, this ultra-vanishing balm contains a moisturizing & multi-protecting technology exclusive to LIERAC:13% hydration reprogramming botanical complex: based on the latest discoveries made by LIERAC research, this complex results from the combination of 2 complementary active ingredients (a natural amino acid and Ophiopogon japonicus extract) with NMF. This complex is capable of complementing and stimulating the skin’s two types of water channels.2.5% anti-oxidant rich water hyacinth: this botanical active ingredient is capable of protecting the skin from environmental assaults thanks to its anti-oxidant, detoxifying and purifying abilities.2% rose and cherry flower extracts: these two flower extracts were selected for their moisturizing, anti-oxidant and nutritive properties.

image002 (1)

Lierac Coherence Lip Replumping Cream($39; Lierac-usa.com) – Clinicals available upon requestEnriched with nourishing and smoothing agents, a comprehensive firming and anti-aging lip cream containing an ultra-high concentration of collagen III accelerating vectors for an intense replumping and lifting effect and perfectly contoured lips. Helps redefine and plump lips. Facilitates lipstick application and improves hold.Collagen III accelerating vectors (6%): unique vectors with the ability to reprogram the synthesis of type III collagen, the collagen that gives skin its firmness.Plumping peptide: for perfectly contoured lips.Hyaluronic acid: the benchmark wrinkle-filling ingredient, hyaluronic acid helps instantly smooth the skin and visibly “replump” it.Shea butter: rich in essential fatty acids, provides intense nourishing action.


Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask($50; Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, US.Sulwhasoo.com)Replenish your skin as you rest with this hydrating overnight mask, formulated with Korean medicinal herbs to reawaken skin's natural glow. Benefits:Walnut extract creates an essential moisture layer on the skin, promoting optimal absorption of nourishing ingredients, like purifying angelica extract and antioxidant pomegranate extract, during sleep.White mulberry extract minimizes redness and protects from free-radicals.Hyaluronic acid promotes long-term hydration, restoring and revitalizing skin overnight


Brazilian Blowout™ Açai Deep Conditioning Masque($20; BrazilianBlowout.com)This “Mini Brazilian Blowout in a bottle” is a creamy, rich, intense conditioning masque that coats each hair strand with exclusive, nutritive proteins to eliminate frizz, promote shine, and guarantee the longest-lasting smoothing result. This Acai hair care product infuses the hair with an exclusive blend of native smoothing and sealing properties incorporated into a proprietary Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex, a vegetable based complex native to the Brazilian Amazon rich with Acai, Annatto Seed and Camu Camu. This complex allows for a continual and cumulative smoothing effect to occur while the hair is washed and styled in between professional treatments.Features/Benefits:Intense reconstructorInfuses and locks-in vital moistureSmoothes, strengthens and promotes shineColor-safeUVA/UVB protection

image005 (1)

bodycology Enchanted Forest Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
($5.99; Walmart and Target)

Exfoliating sugar crystals refresh skin’s appearance while nourishing Shea Butter moisturizes and rehydrates. Massage gently in a circular motion, and rinse thoroughly to reveal softer skin and light fragrance.

Scent: The blend of jasmine, nutmeg, and musk in Enchanted Forest creates a mesmerizing and sensual aroma that captivates the senses. Enchanted Forest opens with alluring top notes of Sweet Orange and Jasmine. Mid-notes of Nutmeg, Muguet and Vanilla Crème create an exciting scent that ends with dry notes of Sandalwood, White Cedar and Musk.

image006 Australian Gold® Moisture Lock lotion($10.49; AustralianGold.com)Extend the life of your winter island getaway with this super hydrating lotion that is packed with vital ingredients that enrich your skin leaving it luxuriously soft and smooth after each use!· Natural sunflower, tea tree and olive fruit oils seal in moisture, for a smooth, glowing complexion· Vitamin E helps to prevent and diminish fine lines and wrinklesMineral Oil FreeAustralian Gold signature fragrance