AJ Crimson Beauty, Black-Owned Inclusive Pro Luxury Cosmetics Collection

Excited to announce AJ Crimson Beauty, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free luxury cosmetic line made with every woman in mind.


AJ Crimson, a self-taught makeup artist and beauty expert is one of the most trusted names in the industry with a roster of clients including Angela Bassett, Regina King, Fergie, Missy, Hilary Duff and more! His products have been used on the TV series American Horror Story, Empire, The Real, and the box office smash The Hunger Games.


The AJ Crimson Beauty cosmetics line was born out of necessity,  “I wanted to create a product inclusive of women of all ethnicities, a product all women could find ownership in and believe in. So often, makeup has been designed with a one size fits all mentality, and with black women and women of color my cosmetic line contains shades for women of every ethnic background and skin tone.”


AJ is available for any beauty expert commentary needed and is also available for Match Me Perfect virtual consultations where AJ will recommend your foundation, concealer, and lip color suggestions.


The pro luxury cosmetic brand includes foundations, powders, lipsticks/glosses in best-selling items like Ruby Who? And Ex-Factor lipsticks, Number 8, and AJC Universal Finishing powder ranging in pricing from $20 – $150 available now at https://ajcrimson.com/.

While Grandstands Lack Fans, SCORE! Handbags Show A Fan’s True Colors

Sports are coming back but fans are not – at least not yet in the grandstands of most stadiums and arenas. Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League all are returning to play after shutting down in March, but the continuing COVID-19 pandemic prevents fans from attending those games.

Fans undoubtedly long for the day they can again, in person, voice their love for their favorite teams. Until then, whenever they can get out and safely social distance, fans will be likely to show their team spirit in their attire and fashion accessories, just as they proudly did before the pandemic at stadiums, restaurants, bars, and shopping malls. Perhaps now, given the enforced silence of stadiums and arenas, their team colors worn in public will speak even louder, adding to the human connection sports often provide.

These days, avid sports fans literally can be covered from head to toe with their favorite team’s outfitting. But a few years ago, Deni Sciano, an entrepreneur and sports fan, noticed something was missing from women’s game-day apparel.

Attending a Dallas Mavericks-San Antonio Spurs NBA game, she was stuck in the long security line as every handbag was searched. Like many, she missed the start of the game.

“Then it hit me,” Sciano says. “An idea to manufacture clear bags, which could be checked quicker by security officials than traditional-style purses or handbags.

“At the same time, a clear bag could also be a fashion statement and a sign of team loyalty, as well as a convenient way to help move along the security line.”

The result of Sciano’s “A-ha!” moment is SCORE!: The Official Game Day Bag (www.scoregamedaybag.com). Sciano, whose product line is sold in all 50 states, has designed 12 styles with up to 44 color options. The purses feature six stadium-compliant styles, machine stitching, rhinestone bling, and durable metal hardware.

More than ever, women are making their sports passion part of their fashion. Studies show that over 40% of the fan base for the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, and NASCAR are women. As a result, the leagues are making more team apparel and related items for women.

Sciano wanted fashionable designer quality, style, and vibrant colors to reflect the team spirit so synonymous with sports. And her innovation turned out to be ahead of the game; in recent years, many sports stadiums/arenas have enacted clear-bag policies, as have movie theatres, concert venues, golf resorts, theme parks, and many workplace environments and other entities. Sciano expanded her product line to include totes, satchels, and backpacks.

“Many women wear their team colors proudly at work, when shopping or dining, traveling or running errands,” she says. “While times are different now and we don’t know when fans can safely be back in the stands at higher capacities, one thing about sports fans and loyalty hasn’t changed: fashion and team passion go hand-in-hand.”

The Pixel Room Birmingham: #SelfieMuseum and Fun Experience

Something innovative has come to Birmingham!  Last week, I went to The Pixel Room, Selfie Museum.  Only two words can describe this place, very cool!

I didn’t know what to expect upon visiting the new local attraction.  A mutual contact sent me the invite and honestly, anything with the word selfie attached to it is must-see for any blogger!

Most fashion and lifestyle influencers are constantly snapping photos and having a special location to stage pictures heightens the experience.

Upon entering the museum, I was greeted by a variety of displays.  Almost every room was the replica of a movie set.

There’s a selfie room for everyone depending on your individual taste.  Guests can take photos at either the Dynamic Disco Room, Lemonade Stand, House of Colors, etc.

Experience it for yourself, there’s so much fun happening at The Pixel Room, Selfie Museum!  Visit the Grande River Outlets for leisure shopping and take some memorable selfies.

And of course, they are taking COVID-19 Precautions.

The Pixel Room Birmingham

Selfie Museum
Selfie Museum
Selfie Museum
Selfie Museum
Selfie Museum


IBKÜL: Part Mask & Part Top: Reduce The Spread of COVID-19

It is each of our responsibility to help stop the spread. IBKÜL just released their latest top that can help in making having your face covered with you easily and fashionable.

The new IBKareFUL top ($88 available on ibkul.com and Amazon) features a built-in neck gaiter to protect you from harmful airborne allergens and moisture particles AND is made of IBKÜL’s Icefil fabric (UPF 50+, moisture wick, and cooling ability) making it perfect for the Summer and outdoor activities. (BONUS: Your order will include a free KN-95 facemask as a special thanks to keeping you safe. It will automatically be included in your shipment, while supplies last.)

  • CDC recommends that people wear cloth face coverings in public settings and when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.
  • Cloth face coverings may help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others.
  • Cloth face coverings are most likely to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when they are widely used by people in public settings.


GET THE LOOK: Vanessa Hudgens Black Flats for Under $100

Get the celebrity favorite look this summer – flats! These chic simple styles offer the perfect edge to any outfit and you can even match your mask to your shoes.

These fabulous flats are not only super comfortable with LifeStride’s comfort technology, but also so versatile – you can dress them up or down! Make sure you check out LifeStride’s Amelia Flat, Madison Loafer, or Zendaya Loafer to get the look of some of your favorite celebs such as Vanessa Hudgens and more! The best part is you can get these beauties for under $100!!

Boho Fashion Style for the Plus-Size Girls: Feel Comfortably Stylish

Boho, or the Bohemian style, is a fashion trend that has long-lasting appeal. Initially, the style was popular among hippie youth, but it evolved to suit any fashion enthusiast. Whether you are a plus-size or an hourglass model searching for unconventional attire to wear at the beach, to a friend’s party, dinner, or even a shopping spree, boho style has your back! You will always feel comfortably stylish when wearing your favorite boho clothing.

Characteristics of Boho Fashion 

Boho trends represent exotic substitutes of typical fashion in a given era. Historians attribute the fashion to intellectuals, artists, and writers. The dress code integrates different clothing styles from across the globe and historical outfits.

The plus size boho dresses are loose and colorful attires (often dubbed aesthetic dresses, boho chic, or hippie style) that make any girl stand out from the crowd.

The boho trend also embraces threadbare fabrics representing a counterculture that portrays a lack of interest in traditions and social structures. The fashion also features themes of poverty and creativity.

Other elements that complement boho fashion include:

  • Layered scarves and jewelry
  • Theater attire
  • Historical fashion trends
  • Loose outer garments and hair that suits plus-size women perfectly

Boho Trend History 

Boho fashion started in France as a counterculture. Following the French Revolution, many artists wallowed into poverty because they lost the sponsorship of wealthy customers. Consequently, the artists lived cheaply and moved from one place to another. Their clothes were old, unfashionable, and worn-out.

The bourgeois classified artists as talented craft artisans. However, the 18th century Romantic Movement emphasized creativity that people mainly expressed in how they dressed.

In many cases, the bohemians often dressed in old shoes and threadbare coats that reflected disheveled people.

Modern Boho Outfits 

Presently, boho fashion is available in diverse silhouettes, cuts, and shapes. You can also pick outfits designed from a broad range of techniques, fabrics, and patterns.

Some of the widely used fabrics include chiffon, cotton, linen, and leather. Some fabrics also feature floral prints, lace, and crochet. The boho outfit cuts and fabric choice depends on whether you are looking for flexible winter or summer fashion.

You can also throw in complementary fashion pieces such as a handbag or even a trendy trench coat. Boho fashion is flexible; therefore, select a dress code that makes you feel great.

How to Pull Off Boho Fashion Trends 

If you dress in an official outfit throughout the week, you must be waiting eagerly for the weekend so that you can have a change. The boho trends have a wide variety of clothes to match the confident and plus-sized girls’ requirements.

When selecting your preferred outfits, however, ensure to follow these conventional boho codes.

  • Choose unstructured, lightweight, and loose style
  • Pick an expressive and relaxed appearance with vintage details
  • Buy from the thrift stores so that you can buy affordable outfits
  • Creases are part of the disheveled fashion, do not bother to iron
  • Remember to throw in some extra accessories
  • Include floral, animal, or another noticeable pattern somewhere

Surefire Accessories to Complement Boho Style 

Modern fashion trends discourage too many accessories. Fashion gurus recommend that plus-size girls can wear a diamond bracelet or watch, and a pair of sunglasses only.

On the contrary, the bohemian culture encourages you to select a wide variety of accessories (after all, vintage and artisanal items are available in dollar stores).

Some of the accessories to consider include:

  • Oversized sunglasses
  • A straw hat
  • Patterned scarf
  • Canvas tote bag
  • Wooden bead bracelet

Boho Shoe Styles 

Once you pick the clothes and accessories, choose shoes that will enhance your fashion statement. Remember, comfort and safety should be your primary concern. Some of the popular boho shoe designs include:

  • Ankle boots with a buckle
  • Patterned flat sandals
  • High heels ankle boots
  • Flat summer sandals with beaded straps
  • Gladiator sandals with sexy lace-up
  • Beach flip flops
  • Fur boots
  • Riveted peep toe high heels
  • Vintage slip-on boots
  • Wedge platforms

Boho is almost an attitude. It is wearing what you like and pulling it together until you get the right vibe. Feel good, girls. Enjoy your boho fashion craze. You deserve some happiness.

Collaborative Post

Taste Beauty Launches Defendr+™ Hand Sanitizer at Target Stores Nationwide and Online

Taste Beauty saw the need for a modern hand sanitizing solution in light of the current COVID-19 health crisis and within weeks was able to act quickly to manufacture a safe, high-quality product, now available at Target stores online and nationwide, as well as other national retailers.

The product is free of harsh chemicals and its powerful scent-free and moisturizing formula contain just four gentle ingredients, including 70% Ethyl Alcohol, which meets the CDC’s recommendations for hand hygiene.

Defendr+™ comes in a broad range of product sizes including 16, 8, 2, and 1-fluid-ounce bottles. The 16-fluid-ounce bottle is perfect for frequent home hand sanitizing. The 1-fluid-ounce bottle comes with a convenient rubber holder that clips to a backpack or handbag, ideal for sanitizing on-the-go.

“I love this hand sanitizer. It only takes a small drop to cover your whole hands—even in between your fingers—and it leaves your hands silky smooth!” says Heather, a Defendr+™ user in New Jersey.

Defendr+ 16oz

“Defendr+™ is the most ambitious launch for Taste Beauty’s Taste Labs division, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring this brand to market,” said Alex Fogelson, Co-Founder & CEO of Taste Beauty. “Defendr+™ is positioned to become a household name synonymous with keeping families safe, protected, and secure – meeting the moment of our current world.”

Defendr+™ is giving back to the New York Community by contributing to the Robin Hood COVID-19 Relief Fund. Products will also be donated to protect the FDNY through the FDNY Foundation to show gratitude to these men and women for their selfless service, especially during the pandemic.

Defendr+™ will be available starting July 13th, 2020 in all Target stores and on Target.com. For more information on Defendr+ visit http://www.defendrlabs.com.

About Taste Beauty: Headquartered in NYC, Taste Beauty is a boutique manufacturer and marketer of innovative beauty and personal care products, distributed throughout all retail channels. Taste Beauty leverages 3D printing to create unique, custom packaging and has brand partnerships with leading entertainment, food, and beverage companies to bring fun, safe, and high-quality products to life with rapid speed to market. To learn more visit http://www.taste-beauty.com.

Kinkistry Customized Extensions: Protect Your Natural Hair and Avoid Breakage

I am so excited to introduce you to Kinkistry, designed for women of color! Learn to love and protect your every curl, kink, and coil with Kinkistry–the ultimate all-natural hair solution designed for women of color.

From clip-ins and wigs to wefted hair and drawstring ponytails, their 100% Virgin human hair extensions are made to blend in seamlessly with your hair’s texture so you can achieve the style you want while indulging your inner naturalista.

Their quick and easy design takes the fuss out of your beauty routine so you can focus on picking the perfect dress for date night, cramming in your last study session before class, or for busy professionals looking for an easy stylish look without spending hours at the salon.

Kinkistry Details:

Designed exclusively to accentuate the hair of women of color

Available in 7 textures ranging from 3a-4c

Can be twisted, braided, or bantu knotted

Made with 100% Virgin human hair

Protect your natural hair and avoid breakage, heating tools and chemicals

  • Available in 4 product lines:

  1. Clip-Ins – Most popular and versatile solution – fill in and add volume in a snap!
  2. Wefted Hair & Closures – Longer-term protective style to boost your look.
  3. Drawstring Ponytail – No time? No problem. Look glam in seconds.
  4. Wigs –  Create instant wow.

Aren’t sure which curl pattern matches best? Kinkistry is the only natural hair extensions company to offer Personal Texture Matching so you can get the perfect natural look!


Kinkistry is the brainchild of Angela Fite’, an African American Naturalista on a mission to wake up the beauty industry to the needs of women of color. Kinkistry delivers customized hair extensions for accentuating your every curl, kink, and coil.










26 Creative Ways To Wear A Scarf for 4th of July

It’s getting hot out and as we look for ways to beat the heat, there is one item in our clothing arsenal that offers a light, breathable way to be fashion-forward. The scarf!

From a crop top to a full-on party dress, the versatility of the scarf can offer multiple outfits for a night on the town for a walk to the park. TheSoul Publishing’s popular ‘5 Minute Crafts’ YouTube channel has highlighted 26 creative ways to wear a scarf, including:

  • Did you know you can tie a scarf at the back or use a belt to keep clothes in place?
  • If you don’t have a swimsuit, you can also make a cool one using an old scarf.
  • Alternatively, you can turn a scarf into off-shoulder t-shirts that are ideal for when you’re going out for coffee!
  • Just for fun, an oversized hoodie can be turned into a two-piece of a skirt that can be turned into a cute dress!
  • Full scarf styling video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFlnrQI99do