Beat The Heat with COVERGIRL – Flawless Appearance

Everyone’s least favorite 8-letter word (humidity!) is in full force right now. Thanks to the summer heat, thunderstorms, and extreme humidity take their toll on our makeup.  COVERGIRL is here to help your makeup stay put and look flawless from the time you leave your A.M. workout to post-work drinks with your bestie.

COVERGIRL’s new truBlend Matte Made Foundation is the perfect product to ensure that your face looks flawless and actually lasts from morning to night. Unlike other foundations who don’t deliver on their 12-hour-wear promises, truBlend Matte Made’s long-wear formula is flexible, protective and comfortable thanks to its Flexi-hold technology, keeping your makeup in place through all of the elements.

Our new TruBlend Matte Made Foundation is available in 40 shades, with 26 shades new to the TruBlend Family! Medium to full coverage foundation that provides a flawless, naturally matte appearance with a broad shade palette that matches most skin tones!

Formula & Benefits

  • Has a flexi-hold technology (PVP) which creates a strong, yet flexible film that’s comfortable on skin

o FLEXIBLE: Responds to face movements

o PROTECTIVE: Keeps the elements of foundation in place

o COMFORTABLE: It’s not tacky or tight on skin

  • Transfer-proof wear that blurs the appearance of pores and minimizes the appearance of imperfections
  • Airbrush effect that provides a smooth, filtered and flawless look
  • Reduces the appearance of redness and blemishes

See below for more info on the foundation, as well as COVERGIRL’s Lid Lock Primer and Lock It Setting Spray – the perfect combo for combatting the summer heat!

COVERGIRL Look Lock Up Setting Mist, $9.99, drugstores

Formula & Benefits:

  • Microfine mist with a weightless, barely-there feel that prevents makeup from smudging or settling into fine lines
  • Infused with cucumber and chamomile extract
  • Humidity, sweat, and heat resistant



COVERGIRL Lid Lock-Eye Primer, $8.99 drugstores

Formula & Benefits
• Formula that smooths and preps lids for all-day, crease-proof color
• Maximize the wear and intensity of your favorite shadows

COVERGIRL’s Shade for Shade: Be Unapologetic in Your Beauty Choices

Today, COVERGIRL launched a new campaign that inspires women to be unapologetic about their beauty choices through a quick swipe of lipstick. Starring and co-created by COVERGIRL Issa Rae, the film, titled “Shade for Shade,” features Issa and her (real life!!) best friends navigating LA for a night out, each swiping on a different shade of lipstick and owning the colors they chose. Once the shades of Exhibitionist lipstick come out, shade gets playfully thrown back and forth between the friends, illustrating what it looks like for women to be assured in their beauty choices.

Lipstick isn’t about the color, it’s a statement of unapologetic self-expression, which is exactly what COVERGIRL embodies within the campaign and their tagline “I Am What I Make Up.”

The film serves as an invitation for all women to confidently own their shade choices without explanation – even if your friends disagree or people stare. COVERGIRL says, let them stare! There are no rules when it comes to makeup, and “Shade for Shade” serves to celebrate all of the bold (or subtle) lipstick choices that make you feel like your best you.


COVERGIRL Launch: The Infinite – A Tribute to COVERGIRL’s Product Inspiration

This morning COVERGIRL launched their biggest campaign of the year – The Infinite – which showcases COVERGIRL’s inspiration behind this product: YOU.

This campaign is a tribute to everyone who spoke up and said what they want and need from a foundation – not just an extensive shade range (but of course we have that!), but specific formula additions that cater to their unique skin needs. COVERGIRL listened, and COVERGIRL heard you, so this foundation was created specifically for each and every one of you.

COVERGIRL’s TruBlend Matte Made Foundation’s 40 shade-range delivers a long-wearing matte finish while delivering the key factors most asked for by consumers:

  • Flexible wear and comfort feel – a flexi-hold technology creates a strong, yet flexible film that’s comfortable on the skin. It responds to facial movements and is lightweight on the skin.
  • Transfer-Proof – Flexible film helps formula stay in place all day – will not transfer
  • Pore-Blurring – Light-scattering technology blurs pores and minimizes imperfections on skin
  • Oil-Absorption – Oil-absorbing powders can hold 2X their weight in oils


COVERGIRL OUTLAST ALL-DAY Soft Touch Concealer: Review

COVERGIRL has a new collection titled the OUTLAST All-Day product line.  This advanced formula was perfect because I have been searching for makeup that will give a flawless appearance.

Aside from having an unblemished face, I needed something to remove the shine and last for hours without fading away.

COVERGIRL sent the Soft Touch Concealer for a product review.  I was skeptical because concealer is a serious topic for beauty bloggers.  To my surprise, this product is amazing!  After staying up all night I needed makeup to camouflage my under-eye circles.

This concealer has a matte finish and doesn’t require a lot of application.

OUTLAST ALL-DAY Concealer #850 Medium/Deep

MATTE Finishing Powder #850 Medium to Deep | Natural Glow Foundation #875 Soft Sable

I forgot that I applied the outlast concealer (after looking in the mirror) and appeared “refreshed” all-day.  The Soft Touch Concealer inspired me to try the entire collection.  I was impressed with the OUTLAST ALL-DAY 3-in-1 Foundation and OUTLAST ALL-DAY MATTE Finishing Powder.

Bathroom Selfie | OUTLAST ALL-DAY Foundation, Concealer, and Finishing Powder

Visit your local Ulta Beauty, Target or drugstore and see the results for yourself!


COVERGIRL has a new Lash Equality campaign.  I like this campaign because makeup has no boundaries or restrictions.  It’s simply about using a product to enhance the physical appearance.  Makeup also has internal healing properties. There are several individuals that purchase cosmetics for corrective purposes (such as skin deformities) or cancer patients that suffer from the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Due to the previous reasons, I am an advocate for wearing makeup and finding the right product.  Many people are not aware that I have eczema – inflammation of the skin.  As a child, my mother taught me proper skincare techniques and (how-to) use makeup to protect my face from environmental impurities.

My three-step morning routine is:

  1. Use a facial scrub
  2. Apply a moisturizer – a must do
  3. Beauty Blend (in a T-formation) on my face COVERGIRL Custom Blend Foundation

My last step is to complete the look with a voluminous mascara.  The COVERGIRL SO LASHY!  BLASTPRO MASCARA has a three-in-one brush; allowing beauty enthusiast to reach eyelash.  Some of the other mascara wands won’t reach every hair and can create a smudge effect.  This is not the case with SO LASHY!  BLASTPRO MASCARA!  Try it for yourself and pick-up a tube at Target.

Pro Tip: apply more than one coat for volume

Remove Dark Circles and Blemishes – Concealer

Concealer is a necessary beauty product that everyone should own in their makeup arsenal.  It refreshes the eyes while removing dark under-eye circles.

Corrective Makeup (also known as Concealer) serves an aid to give the appearance of even skin.  Have you ever noticed a blemish and needed to attend a meeting the next day?  If purchased in the right shade, this particular product will eliminate the issue.

A few additional tricks one could use with concealer application includes applying on the eyelids to eliminate shadow flacking; sponge on the bra area for décolletage definition, dab a small amount to the brow bone for highlighting the arch; and shape the lips with a small brush.

Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer
Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Pencil
RIMMEL LONDON Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer
RIMMEL LONDON Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer

One of the most important tips when purchasing a new concealer is selecting the correct shade. It’s a tedious task and if you’re not a makeup enthusiast, please visit the local counter for assistance. Additional suggestions include –

  1. Use a shade that’s lighter than your natural skin complexion. This is very important when eliminating blemishes or dark spots.
  2. For brown girls, purchase a concealer in the shade of your undertone (either yellow or orange.)  For example, I have red undertones and wear an orange concealer underneath my eyes.
  3. BUT – for dark circles, go one shade darker than your normal concealer color.
  4. ALWAYS apply moisturizer, foundation, and then concealer!  Do not skip this step because your face could potentially break out or look chalky.
Photo from Anastasia Beverly Hills Blog

In my opinion, I encourage makeup enthusiasts to use a brush or beauty blender sponge for concealer application.  The brush will maneuver inside of the eye crease and Beauty Blender gives a flawless look.  Also, let me know (here) what are your favorite concealer brands!



Covergirl Insiders Community and Custom Lip Cocktail

I’m excited to announce that I have joined the Covergirl Exclusive Insiders Community!  The program provides beauty products, makeup tips, and online discussions. I love affordable cosmetics and couldn’t wait to share Covergirl updates.

Yes, there are some benefits to purchasing high-end products but I am here for the everyday girl. She’s the mom waiting in a carpool line or busy professional that has to travel.  Both of the women listed have one thing in common, they want to look great!


That’s why I’m a huge fan of the Covergirl brand.  Their company provides on-trend makeup and can be purchased at your local drugstore or supermarket. What does that mean?  Customers can pick-up the latest lipstick shade while grabbing a carton of milk.  I love it!




Recently, Zendaya shared a beauty tutorial on achieving a Custom Lip Cocktail. Anyone can create this face with Oh Sugar! In Caramel, Jumbo Gloss Balm in Caramel Cream, and Queen Collection Lip Gloss in Premier Pink.  Click on the video below: