Talk of Alabama Lifestyle Segment – NYE 2016 Beauty Products and Personal Glam Squad Techniques

I was invited to visit Talk of Alabama and share New Year’s Eve beauty products and personal glam squad techniques.  This segment featured at-home beauty essentials to achieve a professional look for everyone – not just red carpet celebrities.

The products I presented on ABC 33/40 included EcoTools Makeup Brushes, SensatioNail Pro LED Lamp, Sally Hansen Gel Polish, Hard Candy Nail Polish, Hard Candy Eyeshadow Collection, Vanity Planet Tame Flat Iron, Spa Sonic Skin Care System, and Whamisa Real Kelp Sheet Mask.

Here’s the breakdown:


Spa Sonic

Whamisa Real Kelp Sheet Mask

EcoTools Makeup Brushes

Hard Candy Eyeshadow Collection


Hard Candy Nail Polish

SensatioNail Pro LED Lamp

Sally Hansen Gel Polish


Vanity Planet Tame Flat Iron


Style Secrets To Steal From The Stars In 2017

Celebrity culture is more accessible than it has ever been. Now, we know what they have for breakfast thanks to entertainment news and social media. So, it’s much easier to get closer to leading a glamorous life, just like a celebrity.

Featured Photo Credit:  People Style

Photo Credit: People Style
Photo Credit: People Style

If you’ve always wanted to feel like a celebrity or look like one, then today’s the day to make it happen. All you need is a few style secrets and you’ll be ready for the paparazzi’s.

Figure Hugging Fashion

Thanks to social media, one of the easiest ways to look and feel like a star, is to dress like them. The best way that celebrities show off their style is by wearing things that flatter their figures and make them feel good. Of course, some things will be more expensive than others, but you can find affordable options to dress like your favorite celebrities, especially when it comes to jeans.

Be Bold

When you look at celebrity style, one thing that you’ll probably notice is that it’s not always understated. Celebrities always wear what they want, when they want. They style fashion in their own way and nine times out of ten; it works for them. And that’s the best thing that you can take away from celebrity style. If you want to dress like them, then you need to tap into your inner confidence.

TV Style

We all have our favorite TV shows and a lot of the time; we can see things that people wear and fall absolutely in love with it. When that happens, more often than not, the brand that made the item will share it online or in the news. So, it’s easier than ever to recreate your favorite looks from shows using items from the brands you love, or even buy the exact items.

Model Off Duty

Another secret that you can steal from celebrities is that killer ‘model off duty’ look that famous models are known for wearing. Jeans, tees, boots, and a jacket and you’re good to go. It’s not even just something that models wear; celebs do it too. So if you ever feel like looking amazing with zero effort, opt for that, throw on some sunglasses are you’re good to go.

Beauty Bites

And how could we forget about the beauty secrets of celebrities? The entire look of a celebrity wouldn’t be complete without hair and makeup. We all look at celebrities and admire their hair and their makeup, and we can finally recreate their looks. You only have to look at Kim Kardashian to know how popular celebrity makeup has become. Not only can we now contour like a celebrity makeup artist, but we can also learn how to blow dry like a hairstylist to the stars too. So if you want to brush up on your skills, it’s time to head to YouTube and pick up a new trick or two.

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2017 Jeans Industry Trend Watch You Don’t Want to Miss

Jeans have been around for over 140 years, but even along that journey there have been changes along the way. New trends bring with them styles and options that help to create a look and define an attitude. The same goes for the 2017 jean trends that will be hitting the market in the coming weeks and months.

“There are some exciting jean fashion trends that are on the horizon,” explains Jonathan Greenberg, chief operating officer of Swat Fame Inc., who manufactures the popular STS Blue line of jeans. “They will give people a chance to show their personality, as well as add to their personal style.”

The 2017 jean fashion trends to watch for include:

  • All about the ankle. Jeans that are ankle length and have ankle detail will be a big hit in 2017. Variety will be everything on inseams ranging from 29-26; such as a step hem, curved hem, raw hem, and fray hem. A perfect opportunity to highlight your new shoes.
  • This is going to be huge this year. STS Blue will be debuting some trendy yet affordable ones at the beginning of the year, with more to be showcased in May and June.
  • Authentically Vintage Washed. People love how the 100 percent cotton gives the most authentic looking vintage wash, but it’s not the most comfortable. In 2017, look out for a super relaxed short in 100 percent cotton that is still comfortable to wear, but looks like a vintage pair of shorts.
  • Black is back. The color black has been a huge trend all year and will continue into 2017. STS Jeans will be offering a few cool black shorts, one with a cut out embroidered detail and one that is faded, destroyed and very lived in.
  • Deconstructed Boyfriend Jeans. Watch for super destroyed jeans that feature wide-open holes. These jeans will make a statement with one glance.

“LA helps to set the trends that the rest of the nation follows,” says STS Blue creative director Evelyn Ober. “We can’t wait to show you our spring collection and know they will be a big hit with those who love STS Blue, as well as those looking for something on trend and is effortlessly cool to wear this New Year.”

STS Blue has become a favorite of millennials because it gives them the chance to wear affordable Southern California-style fashion no matter where in the country they may live. They also help spread the movement through social media sites like Instagram, where their fans are referred to as “denim dolls” (#DenimDolls).

LA-inspired STS Blue is a line of jeans and jean shorts made for those who want to live the Southern California life and represent it no matter where they live. The jeans are casual chic, comfortable, and sexy. They are leading the pack when it comes to the LA-inspired denim fashion movement. Thanks to STS Blue styles, trend-setting washes and fabric blends, you can have a jean that is comfortable enough to wear everyday!

About STS Blue:
The STS Blue denim line is inspired by the casual LA and Southern California vibe. They live, breathe and love denim! STS Blue styles are true to size, and are made in a variety of fabrics to execute perfectly authentic washes while maintaining a flattering fit. They offer cotton, polyester, spandex and rayon blends for that comfortable, laid back, and effortlessly chic So Cal look. STS Blue is sold at Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Von Maur, as well as online at Styles include skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, denim shorts, and more; all with a friendly price point averaging $50.

Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Favorite Pair of Jeans – FASHION NOVA

The new ‘must-have’ pair of jeans that Kylie Jenner is obsessed with and just posted on Instagram today to her over 81 million followers. Kylie is sporting her favorite sexy and surprisingly affordable (under $50!) go-to denim from FASHION NOVA ( Now your audience can get the exact same jeans that fashion and pop cultures “it girl” is wearing at a remarkable price.
FASHION NOVA is the cutting edge and trendsetting fashion brand that now makes it possible for every girl to look and feel like Hollywood royalty. From the perfect hip hugging high wasted jeans to the curvaceous and daring bodycon dresses, Fashion Nova is worn by Hollywood’s sexiest ladies including Nicki Minaj, Khloe Kardashian, Amber Rose, Bella Thorne and Blac Chyna just to name a few, all who love to wear the newest fashion-forward trends whether they’re at the hottest celeb-filled hot spot or running around town.
The days of purchasing high priced denim are a thing of the past thanks to Fashion Nova. From classic dark rinse jeans to the perfect black skinny pants and winter’s hottest trend of white jeans, Fashion Nova offers them all for under $50. For the price of one designer pair of jeans, a girl can get an entire head to toe look at

America’s Next Top Model Season 23 – Episode 3 Recap

Last night on America’s Next Top Model the contestants received their signature makeovers.  Cast members were encouraged to be comfortable with their bodies; participating in a nude photo shoot with renown photographer Ellen Von Unwerth.



Everyone did not have the same level of enthusiasm while others embraced their new hair change. According to the panelist, Courtney, Tash, and Paige had the best model makeovers.

Cherish was uncomfortable with the challenge; refusing to dye her hair.  She was eliminated due to the awkwardness of her challenge photos.

Next week contestants will learn “key steps” to social media branding from DJ Khaled and Jasmine Sanders.


COVERGIRL has a new Lash Equality campaign.  I like this campaign because makeup has no boundaries or restrictions.  It’s simply about using a product to enhance the physical appearance.  Makeup also has internal healing properties. There are several individuals that purchase cosmetics for corrective purposes (such as skin deformities) or cancer patients that suffer from the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Due to the previous reasons, I am an advocate for wearing makeup and finding the right product.  Many people are not aware that I have eczema – inflammation of the skin.  As a child, my mother taught me proper skincare techniques and (how-to) use makeup to protect my face from environmental impurities.

My three-step morning routine is:

  1. Use a facial scrub
  2. Apply a moisturizer – a must do
  3. Beauty Blend (in a T-formation) on my face COVERGIRL Custom Blend Foundation

My last step is to complete the look with a voluminous mascara.  The COVERGIRL SO LASHY!  BLASTPRO MASCARA has a three-in-one brush; allowing beauty enthusiast to reach eyelash.  Some of the other mascara wands won’t reach every hair and can create a smudge effect.  This is not the case with SO LASHY!  BLASTPRO MASCARA!  Try it for yourself and pick-up a tube at Target.

Pro Tip: apply more than one coat for volume

Last Minute Holiday Beauty Fixes

The holidays are fast approaching and everyone’s busy getting those last few gifts together – without a minute to spare! Thanks to these last minute beauty fixes, you can get ready in a flash for any holiday party you’re running off to this season.

For a quick hair fix this season, go with the Hairdo French Braid Band. This braid band is designed to fully accessorize your look in just one effortless step. Simply slide on the braid band to best match your hair color. It makes the ultimate statement with a minimum investment (Ulta and; $10).

Repair and protect with KORRES Mandarin Lip Butter Sticks. They are a deeply nourishing lip treatment formulated with a luxurious blend of softening oils, butters, and waxes. Mandarin oil refreshes and soothes dry, chapped lips while rich shea butter and sunflower waxes deeply nourish for long-lasting care and comfort. Available in four tints, all of which can be worn alone or layered under a lipstick or lip gloss ($16.50;

For dry skin and hands, reach for Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Body Butter in Pure Vanilla. This super soft, all-natural body butter absorbs instantly for deeply hydrated, luxuriously soft skin. 100 percent pure shea and cocoa butters blend with powerful antioxidants and essential oils for long-lasting hydration. Super soft scents and a non-greasy formula create the ultimate indulgence ($19;

Should You Design An Engagement Ring From Scratch?

One of the first things to think about when you’ve decided to propose is, do you want to purchase a store-bought ring or have the freedom to design your own? Many jewelers offer both options but it can be hard to decide whether the convenience, quality warranty and being able to see the finished product is better. As on the other hand, you could have the chance to choose a ring that suits your bride to be’s personality, matches your budget and has been flawlessly manufactured. Remember, an engagement ring is a paramount piece of jewelry as it symbolizes the promise the two of you are making to each other and needs to be worthy of that commitment.

Featured photo from

It’ll Be Truly Unique

The last thing you want is your excited fiancé to show off her ring only to be told ‘yeah that style’s nice’ or worse see someone wearing pretty much the same ring as her. Even though there are lots of different designs, it’s entirely possible that sooner or later she may run into someone who has been proposed with the same ring style from the same store. If your future wife has very individual style and tastes  it may be better to pick out your own ring. That way the diamonds, setting and even band color will be different as you’ll be able to incorporate more details. Another way to set her ring apart from the crowd is weave in personal elements, such as engraving, colored stones and a ring box with her name or birth date on.

You’ll Be Able To Control Your Budget

Engagement rings come in a range of price points so by purchasing all the elements of the ring separately you’ll be able to prioritize what’s important to you. If you want a larger diamond you may be able to choose a slightly less precious metal for the band; a smaller setting may give you more room on the band if you’re selecting a pave style. A diamond that is only slightly more colored than another one may vary hugely when it comes to price. Look for loose diamonds for sale that are categorized as I to J as these are good quality, medium priced gems as well as those that weigh between one and two karats for large singular diamonds, such as solitaires, and 0.50 and one karat for three stone styles.

Greater Sentimental Value

Designing a ring is a process that involves quite a few people including yourself, the salesperson, shop designer, gem dealer and the craftsmen that creates setting and band. It isn’t a cheap nor a quick option and so it requires an awful lot of thought and preparation, multiple phone calls or meetings and a lot of trust in your chosen jeweler.

Your fiancé will appreciate the amount of love, time and effort that went into her ring and will be genuinely touched by all your hard work. Remember, engagement rings are designed to be worn for a lifetime alongside wedding or even eternity rings. So if you’ve created one custom piece then you may have to create another for the jewellery to look right together.  David Alan is a master jeweler who works with you to take your vision and create one-of-a-kind custom pieces that you and your partner will love.

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6 Last-Minute Shopping Hacks for Holiday Procrastinators

If you’ve waited until the eleventh hour to wrap up your gift shopping, you may be feeling anxious and a bit panicked over you ability to get it all done in time. Unfortunately, this combination could cause you to make poor purchasing decisions and lead you to overspend.

1. Shop in the wee hours.
Save your sanity by taking advantage of extended store hours and shop during the less busy times of day. Many stores will be keeping their doors open past regular hours for straggling shoppers. For instance, Babies ‘R Us will stay open until 2am through Friday, Macy’s and Target will be open until 12am all week long, and Kohl’s will operate around the clock through Friday. Know when to shop by reviewing the comprehensive list of store hours from DealNews.

2. Know where the sales are.
Save time and money by using the Steps Away app, which offers hyperlocal, real-time offers and promotions from nearby retailers so you know where to find the best sales and deals instantly. It is now available in over 150 malls in 40 states and 20 major metro areas. Don’t forget to download Coupon Sherpa’s free coupon app which provides coupons to stores based on your location so you never miss an offer. You’ll find offers such as 15% off with a Famous Footwear coupon or 20% off from Kohl’s.

3. Find gifts in unexpected places.
You don’t have to shop at traditional retailers to find gifts for everyone on your list. Save time by picking up presents in unexpected places while running errands. If you’re heading to the drugstore for prescriptions and gift wrap, look for beauty sets, fragrance and even toys for the women and children on your list. The warehouse store is the perfect place to stock up on groceries for guests and cleaning supplies while offering a wide selection of potential presents like small kitchen appliances, gadgets and even chocolate and cookie tins that make great hostess gifts. And if you’re on the way to the airport, look for a Best Buy kiosk for affordable headphones and bluetooth speakers.

4. Opt for an experience gift.
Experiential gifts are the ideal last-minute gifts because they’re quick and easy to procure and offer the recipient a lasting memory. Print certificates to various experiences like wine tasting, race car driving and hot air balloon rides instantly from your computer. Get creative with packaging by combining the certificate with a coordinating item like a bottle of wine with a wine-making experience, for example. Check out eBay experiences or Groupon for an endless list of ideas!

5. Make something.
Making a gift may sound time-consuming and complicated, but there are several homemade items that are cheap, easy and quick to make. For example, you can put together a festive cookie mix gift by layering ingredients from your favorite cookie recipe in a mason jar or try this DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub, it’s simple to make with just sugar, coconut oil, food coloring and peppermint essential oil. If you’re feeling crafty, make a painted or glitter ornament by following instructions here.

6. Regift.
Regifting is a controversial practice, but when executed thoughtfully, it can be a great alternative to traditional gift giving. There are definitely do’s and don’ts for regifting, including using only new or like-new items and being honest about whether the recipient wants the item. Unused candles and accessories like scarves make great gifts for coworkers and neighbors. You can even regift a favorite book with a note letting the recipient know why you enjoy it so much, and why you thought they would, too.

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