New Year’s Eve Party Prep – Start Now

It seems like just yesterday that we were getting into the Christmas spirit and now, it’s pretty much upon us. Aside from the food that we’ll eat and the presents that we’ll share, that only means one thing: New Year’s is right around the corner. The Holidays can be a busy time to prepare for, but they don’t just end when the clock strikes midnight on December 25th. In fact, for some people, they just get into full swing. So, why not think about getting prepared now?

You’re probably all ready for Christmas. You’ve got your candy cane nails on, the presents are wrapped, and the food is all planned out. So, now is the perfect time to get ready for your New Year’s Eve plans. You might even find that some of these preparations prepare you more for Christmas itself. Regardless of your plans this year, you’ll be grateful that you started early when you’re enjoying the evening with ease.


Look After Your Skin

With the range of delicious food and even a little champagne, it’s like that our bodies are going to be a little relaxed over the Holidays. It can also apply to our skin. When we’re indulging more and working out less, it starts to show all over our face. So, combat that now and do your best to fight away and problems that could pop up. Work on your cleansing routine and schedule in a few masks. Your perfect New Year’s complexion will be worth all of the effort.

Book Your Wax

If you’re a regular visitor at the waxing salon, why not swing by and make sure your appointment for New Year’s is already booked. You might even be able to get in before Christmas, killing two birds with one stone. But, if you leave it too late, you might find yourself without an appointment but with hairy legs. So think fast and make sure your appointment is set in stone.

Pick Your Makeup

You’ve got plenty of time, so why not think about trying a new makeup routine for New Years? It’s never a good idea to try something new on the night (unless you’re a professional), so start practicing now. Get your brushes, your Anastasia makeup, your lashes, and find a tutorial that will look great with your outfit for New Year’s – it might even make for a fun afternoon.

Decide What To Wear

And while we’re on the topic, you’re going to want to think about what you’re going to wear. You might already have an outfit in mind, so if you do try it all on. If you’ve seen something you want to buy, buy it now. If you wait any longer, your size might be sold out. Or, if you’re styling up an outfit with things you already have, waiting until the last minute to put it all together could be disastrous. It might not look right, or you could find that things no longer fit. So while you have the time, get your look ready.

Book Your Hair

Now that you’ve got an outfit sorted and you’ve had a play around with your makeup, you’re going to want to think about your hair. If you’re planning on having it cut or a new color applied, head to the salon and get your appointment confirmed. You might even want to get any style changes done now, just to make sure that you like them ahead of the night. If you’re thinking of having it styled, then booking it now will make sure that your slot is reserved.

Get In Shape

The year isn’t over yet, so if you’re still a pound or two off of your New Year’s Eve target, you’ve still got time to get in shape. You might not be able to see a complete turnaround, but there’s still time to get in some running and weight training. You never know, your final efforts could be the ones that make you feel incredible or finally make you fit into that dress. So get your mind in the game and stick at it!

Book Your Mani

And finally, the last appointment that you might want to make will be for your nails. You have your Christmas design on now, but it might not look right for your New Year’s Eve plans – especially now that you have your makeup, outfit and hair all sorted out. Get an appointment for the 31st itself or as close to it as possible; then you can avoid any last minute breakages that could kill your mood!

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