Product Alert: The DIVA PRESSING IRON by {Sultra}

Ladies, take a look at the newest pressing iron for women with the coarsest, curliest and frizziest of hair!  The Diva Pressing Iron has a ThermaGuide Plate System with an advanced Ceramic Heater.

In addition, the temperature settings are designed for natural or relaxed hair, which is a plus.  If you’re a natural girl (like me) who’s searching for a really good straightening system, I suggest you try this product (because I will be grabbing mine soon.)

The Diva Pressing Iron can be found at Sultra or

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Macy’s Unveils Fall’s {Lookbook} Biggest Fashion Stories

Checkout our Fall Lookbook for the latest trends in Women’s, Men’s and Millennial Fashions. See what’s on the HOT list and read what Macy’s fashion experts forecast for the season.

Link to Fall 2013 Lookbook:  




FALL 2013 Women’s Trends List 

A Red Affair
Red captures her essence. Throughout decades and diverse cultures, it has long been the ultimate expression of love, emotion and power. And now, her dream wardrobe has arrived in a spectrum of the hue’s most splendid shades, from bright to Bordeaux. The look is bold and authoritative, yet feminine, with an emphasis on high tech materials, luminous embellishments, fur details, shine and luxurious fabrications. Leather rules, done in sheath dresses, soft pants, minimalistic tops and pencil skirts, as well as revamped outerwear. Leather is also important in graphic clutch silhouettes to utility backpacks, while ruby stones with brass hardware can be found on the suede single sole bootie.

Urban Utility
For her, fashion marches to a military beat this fall. Think rescaled, recolored and DIY camouflage. The cargo jacket, vest and pants join the ranks in different styles, from tailored to oversized, along with retro bomber jackets and traditional pea coats. Equipment shirts resurface. Utilitarian chic is redefined, especially when the unexpected elements come into play. Work in surplus boots, backpacks and utility belts.

The Modernist
She believes in new minimalism, a return to innovation with high-tech materials. The palette consists of soft neutrals to bold brights, often combined for sophisticated effects. Track pants add a certain “sport allure” with reinvented sweatshirts. Her style is a reinterpretation of basic silhouettes, but with totally new volumes, color blocking and banding combinations. Suede and leather are no longer statement pieces but the foundation of a complete head-to-toe look.

The Artist
Her body is a canvas. The curator of her own inimitable style, she artfully fuses graphic, stylized and surrealist patterns as well as Asian influences, artistic collage, dark florals and unusual layering. This trend includes a palette of muted jewel tone sometimes in graduated color ways. Expect lots of shine in jacquard materials, lace as a key fabrication and new knits with textural effects, intarsias and mixed media. The Grandpa cardigan and crew sweater look especially fresh when worn with jacquard silk printed matchstick pants and pencil skirts.

The Dandy
She embraces her femininity by stealing masculinity. The match set takes a new dimension from shirts with skirts or pants. It’s the return of the pantsuit in 70’s-inspired geometric patterns. Glen plaids and tweeds are another focus of her gender-blended look. She commands attention with military details and equestrian silhouettes. Peplum shapes and triple layering give an extra dimension to this new aristocratic attitud

The Collector

She is eccentric and mysterious; a “femme fatale” with an eye for eclectic excess inspired by the historical decadence of decades past. Medieval prints to ecclesiastic craft and Gothic inspiration play a big role here. Embellishment becomes positively ornamental with bold cabochon beading on jackets, dresses or skirts. Gold Baroque details and intricate scrolling

In Black & White
In her eyes, everything is black or…white! Optional primary accents of color may add a stunning contradiction. You’ll see everything from conversational, landscape, surrealist patterns, photo prints and stylized black and white florals. Bold black and white banding or color blocking and sheer detail come into play as well. There is also a surprising juxtaposition of leather, ciré, velvet and new geometrics. With the “iconic” Pierrot clown as her muse, the mood is romantic, unsuspecting and totally mesmerizing.

RTW Hot List

1. The Crewneck
2. The Oversized Cardigan
3. The Military Jacket
4. The Patterned Sweater
5. The Shirt Story
6. The Blouse
7. The Sweater Dress
8. The Sheath & Shift Dress
9. The Moto Jacket/Vest

Impulse Hot List

1. The Crew Neck
2. The Shirt Story
3. The Blazer
4. The Parka
5. The Matched Set
6. The Matchstick Pant
7. The Skinny Jean
8. The Legging
9. The Skater Skirt
10. The Modernist Dress

Mstylelab Hot List

1. The Crew Neck
2. The Oversized Cardigan
3. The Patterned Sweater
4. The Shirt Story
5. The Bomber
6. The Skinny Jean
7. The Legging
8. The Skater Skirt





Product Alert: Introducing the Sultra Bombshell 1.5-Inch Rod Curling Iron

The NEW Bombshell 1.5-Inch Rod Curling Iron, with Dual-Heater Japanese Kyocera® Ceramic Heater Technology, emits Infrared Rays as you style making it perfect for color-treated, dry or damaged hair.

Create luxurious, romantic loose curls and waves in half the time of a traditional large barrel curling iron, without the clip lines.

DELICIOUS DETAILS • • • • • • • • Heater Technology mends and defends hair as you style with constant and even 360 °F heat, smoothing the cuticle and locking in your look. Perfect for color-treated, dry or damaged hair.

Easy to use—Wrap. Release. Repeat!

Curls in half the time of traditional “clip” curling irons with no clip lines. Even, full barrel heat from end to end and throughout the 1.5 inch rod barrel. Universal Voltage. Includes complimentary Bombshell Clipless Iron Sty*ling Glove. Plus The Sultra Standards!

The Sultra Bombshell 1.5-Inch Rod Curling Iron retails for $130 and is available at Sephora,, Nordstrom, and

Bombshell 1.5

Style Life Fashion Interviews (Celebrity) Singer-Songwriter Dawn Richard

We had the opportunity to stop for a second and interview Dawn Richard (singer-songwriter.)   You guys remember her from Making The Band 3 and she was also an artist with Bad Boy Records.

Now Dawn has released a new album and her look is “very serious!”  She can (now) be seen wearing the latest couture, gracing magazine covers, or blowing up on social networking site such as Instagram.  I was eager to discuss with Dawn her singer career, style, and musical inspirations.


Style Life Fashion Interviews Dawn Richard:


As an American songwriter and artist, when did you first start singing?

When I was 6 in church. My father was a choir director

Who are your musical inspirations (or what artist do you love?)

I love artist who aren’t musical but more visual. Marina Ambramovic, Gustav Klimt, and Charlie Chaplin

Where would you most like to perform?

Art Basil or Glastonbury

Aside from singing, what are your hidden talents?

I like to fly on Wednesdays

In terms of fashion, what are some of your favorite trends for this summer?

Hippie fringe and thigh high boots with minimal t shirts

How would you describe your personal style? What are some items you can’t live without?

Whatever works .. I can’t live without Givenchy thigh highs

Don’t forget to check her out on Instagram and Twitter



Target’s Beauty Concierge Progam Launches in Baltimore: Contributing Post by Lydia Rochelle

Just in case you needed another reason to shop at Target, the store known for the “Expect More. Pay Less” brand promise has launched a Beauty Concierge program in 27 existing stores in Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Baltimore.


This program started in Chicago, and launched in the DMV on June 28, 2013. The Beauty Concierge is available at select times during the day, to answer all of your beauty and skincare needs with personalized and unbiased information.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit with Melody, the Beauty Concierge at the store in Towson. Her impressive background as a professional make-up artist and extensive training in skin care and hair care, guided me through my beauty journey. During my visit, we perused the vast amount of ethnic hair care products (the largest selection that I have seen at Target) and developed a regimen that would work best for my hair type. Melody provided personalized and unbiased information and we also had a great time!

Additionally, the program will launch in 96 stores in Los Angeles/Orange County, 36 stores in Minneapolis and expand to 41 stores in Chicago, with approximately 200 stores implementing the program in 2013. Check with your local Target for additional locations with the Beauty Concierge. Happy shopping!

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Match Your Bodyshape to This Year’s Must Have Beachwear: Guest Post from Vivienne Ollis from Lilylola Beachwear Boutique

On any usual day it can be difficult knowing what suits your body shape but throw in a scorching hot summer and the possibility of a week spent around a pool or on the beach and the uncertainty can rapidly multiply.

Unless your blessed with the body of a supermodel you will be looking at your summer wardrobe, sarongs, bikinis, shorts and even sandals will be analyzed as you ponder if last year’s purchases were actually such a good buy?

So when it comes to shopping for your hard earned holiday and to avoid any mistakes again this year, here a few pointers on dressing different body shapes to ensure you make the most of your figure this summer.

Pear Shaped

If you have a pear shaped body you will be larger around the hips and thighs than you are on top, which can leave you feeling or looking out of balance. A general rule for those with this body shape and those who want to avoid appearing bottom heavy is to ensure that the fabric on your bottom half is understated compared to your top half e.g. the trick is to wear a brightly coloured or patterned top and team this with plain and simple bottoms. The two will contrast making the top half appear louder and bolder and the bottom appear slimmer and smaller. If you are a pear shape it’s worth remembering that when slipping on clothes to go walkabout try a sarong or a wrap as ‘shorts’ style bottoms will exaggerate the width of the hips.

Shorter Legs

Wanting to make your legs appear as long as possible is a great trick we all want to know. Try to avoid wearing shorts which are cut at mid thigh length or capri trousers cut at mid calf as these have a shortening effect on your legs. If you’re on the beach then wearing a high leg bikini will elongate your legs from hip to ankle adding virtual inches. For evenings out wear skirts or dresses which are ankle length, such as maxi dresses and long flowing garments. If these are paired with a waist length top you will exaggerate the length of yourself from waist to floor giving the impression your legs are much longer than they actually are.

Top Heavy

Almost polar opposite to the ‘pear’ shape having a top heavy figure will mean your hips and thighs look much smaller in comparison to your top. This doesn’t necessarily mean big cheated, you may simply have broad shoulders and larger arms making your overall appearance focused to your top half. In this case wearing a plain small top will help balance your figure but be sure this incorporates good support if you do also have larger breasts. Your bottoms can be bigger e.g. a larger knicker or shorts style and it’s safe to go for large bold prints. If you want to cover up then shorts or mini skirts are great as these will balance out your figure.

For more info and style advice on designer swimwear visit Lilylola Beachwear Boutique

Author Bio:  Vivienne Ollis Fashion Blogger specialising in Beachwear for Lilylola Beachwear Boutique


Event Alert: Adornia {Fine Jewelry} Pop-Up Sail

Running the gammit from gourmet food to designer duds, pop-up sales trucks have been hitting the road hard for several years. This time around, ADORNIA will take the pop-up shop idea to the water for the first pop-up catamaran! ADORNIA will be hosting two “pop-up sails” this August on board their luxury catamaran SS ADORNIA docking at Montauk’s finest seaside spots, the Montauk Yacht Club and Navy Beach.  There will be two separate jewelry parties:

Saturday, August 3rd and Saturday, August 17th
Both Commencing
at 12:30 PM at the Montauk Yacht Club.
At 3:00 PM the SS ADORNIA will depart Montauk arriving at Navy Beach’s shores at 3:30 and will dock there till 6:00 PM. 

ADORNIA cofounders Becca Aronson and Moran Amir, aka Bex and Mo, will be on board to greet visitors to the pop-up sail and dole out the latest jewelry styling tips. They welcome Montauk’s weekenders to join them in viewing their latest summer vacation-inspired collection, The Palms. The SS ADORNIA will be the premiere Saturday party in August on Long Island’s shores. Nautical-clad models will don pieces from The Palms collection as champagne fills the flutes of visitors and music enlivens the spirit on the boat.


ADORNIA is the modern girl’s jeweler—old world quality, luxury contemporary style. The online company fuses cutting edge design with real jewelry material and quality at an accessible luxury price point. Co-founded by Becca Aronson (Bex) former accessories editor for LUCKY Magazine and Moran Amir (Mo) formally of fashion houses Catherine Malandrino and Diesel. ADORNIA fills a void online for sophisticated women to shop for quality, unique fine jewelry. The premiere destination to shop for fashion fine jewelry, ADORNIA also provides jewelry guidance to its discerning female customers through its celebrated blog United States of ADORNIA and how-to styling video series Live from ADORNIA Studios! ADORNIA launched in November 2013 and has been featured in Forbes, Elle, Glamour, Lucky and Who What Wear, just to name a few. 

Summer Beauty Trick: How to Wear A Nude Lipstick

Wearing nude lipstick this summer is fun, sexy, and very sophisticated.  And I love wearing a nude lipstick because this color practically goes with any dress for any occassion.  But there’s a fine line between wearing a neutral lip color and appearing to have just “rolled” out of the bed.

When trying to achieve a neutral look this does not mean simply wearing clear lip gloss (and nothing else.)  This effortless look still requires make up application with the selection of the right products.  Lucky for us we have tips on how to wear a nude lipstick!


 How To Wear a Nude Lipstick

  • Select a color that matches your skintone; the color should be at least two shades between your natural skin complexion.
  • Fair skintones should purchase lipsticks in a pink nude; Brown skintones should purchase lipsticks in a beige nude.
  • Use a neutral lip liner to help lipstick last longer.
  • Don’t forget to play up the eyes with dramatic eye shadow, mascara, and liquid liner.
  • Add bronzer to the cheeks for a beautiful summer glow! 





Event Recap: Fashion Awards MD 2013

Photos from this year’s Fashion Awards MD event are posted below.  I was super excited to be a nominee, especially since this blog has only been active for one year (hooray!)  In addition, every nominee in the media category was very talented, so for me (personally) it was truly about the experience and being amongst those who share the same “love” which is fashion, art, and style.

The event production was also nice from nominees standing on the red carpet, to guest enjoying refreshments, and the opportunity to network with industry professionals.  Lastly, to give this event the fashion flair that it deserved Lana Rae (the event founder and owner of the KIS Agency) was able to have Lianca and Johnny from Kimora: House of Fab serve as the awards show host.

I look forward to attending this event again next year.  For additional details click on the link: Fashion Awards  Photos below are taken from my Instagram account.




Photo of Fashion Blogger Teena Leone from Fashion for Breakfast



Dress: | Bracelet: Nordstrom | Platform Pumps: Bebe | Envelop Clutch: