B.DESCAI Fashion Collection: Love Bloom…an Evolution of Love

B. DESCAI is a fashion line that’s known for it’s blend of vogue and fairytale articulation.  The designer (Brandon Descai) featured his newest collection titled, “Love Bloom…an Evolution of Love” on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at EMP Collective located in Baltimore, Maryland.

According to the designer the show, “takes audiences on a love ride with garments inspired from the fast paced, surprising yest whisimical effect that love offers.”

Personally, I am “over the moon” with the designs and styling for this show.  It is the perfect combination between art, drama, and couture.  Some of the accessories used for the show are playful head pieces and “mod”  tights.

In my opinion, the B. DESCAI show is very reminiscint of vintage Betsey Johnson from the nineties.  With such a beautiful collection, there’s no question that this show was a success!


























Lifestyle Alert: Women United Campaign

Ladies, have you ever received a visit from Aunt Flo or The Red Robin before you had a chance to stock up on your supplies? Can you remember what it felt like to excuse yourself from a room or find a creative way to cover up until you could properly manage the crisis? Women and girls in other parts of the world can relate to this scenario but all cycles are not created equal. Tender Mercies Outreach Foundation, caught our attention today:

“…banana leaves, grass, mattress filling, newspaper, mud, tree bark, old rags…are just a few of the things that women and girls use to manage their flow”

 When their “special time of the month” arrives they are absent from school and work simply because they do not have access to sanitary napkins; fifty days out of the year their educational pursuit and career goals come to a screeching halt which financially impacts their entire community. Tender Mercies Outreach Foundation is helping these individuals in Africa through its Women United Period Campaign by raising funds to supply them with the means to manufacture their own eco-friendly pads.

We still have time to join the movement, save a woman’s life, and create a new cycle by spreading the word on our social media and send our donations towards the cause. Help break the cycle: http://igg.me/at/WUP

A WUp1

Keyshia Cole Interview: Launch of Steve Madden Collection in Baltimore Maryland

To my suprise and excitement, Style Life Fashion was asked to interview Keyshia Cole on Saturday, September 21, 2013.  Keyshia was visiting the Baltimore area (Towson Town Center) to promote her new shoe collection with Steve Madden.

Of course, I was very excited to interview Keyshia Cole because I do like her music (we all have our favorite song) and personal style.  But, I could also relate to her in terms of fashion, music, and relationships.


I truly enjoyed interviewing Keyshia Cole because she is very down to earth and passionate about her upcoming projects.  From our conversation, she is trying to expand her brand beyond music and aspires to have a lipgloss collaboration (Hello MAC, you have Rihanna…why not Keyshia.)


Aside from the interview, her new shoe collection is hot.  I wanted to see the shoes for myself because in addition to being a fan of Keyshia Cole, I also like Steve Madden pumps and boots.

From color assorted pumps to lace up pointed stilletos, the Keyshia Cole collection will definitely be the shoe that every girl will want.  Most importantly, the shoes are affordable and I am secretly plotting when I will purchase a pair of shoes (the DIVA in black) from the collection.


Lastly, fans in the Baltimore area did a fantastic job of welcoming Keyshia Cole to the area and truly showed support for the artist.  The event ended with Keyshia connecting with her fans while singing songs, playing games, and promoting her Steve Madden collection.











Beyonce and Selena Gomez Set New Fall Trend: Margo Manhattan Jewelry

As you may already know we are two days away from the official start of Fall and the newest trends have already begin to emerge. Beyonce and Selena Gomez have made a clear distinction in their choice of jewelry designer and selected Margo Manhattan as their go to brand of choice.

The Manhattan based jewelry designer is keeping a tight lip about the specific pieces selected by Beyonce for her two upcoming videos “Liquor” and “Hugs and Kisses,” however she gave StyleLifeFashion exclusive photos of the complete collection.

Among other A-List celebs that have grown very fond of the brand is Selena Gomez. Selena recently stopped in the Manhattan location to purchase Margo’s signature Passion ring, two rings that fit perfectly together to form one complete ring, for both herself and her mother. The brand has been receiving lots of attention and promises to have custom and signature pieces to fit your unique style. To see more visit:  www.MargoManhattan.com







Spice Up Your Wardrobe: Lace Leggings on Shop.StyleLifeFashion.com

It’s time to spice up with your wardrobe, we have new merchandise on shop.stylelifefashion.com! Below you will find style inspiration for wearing one of Fall’s hottest trends…Lace Leggings.

You’re probably asking yourself, “how do I wear lace leggings?”  Well, there’s several options for those “daring” fashion girls:

1.   Remember that lace leggings are not pants.  They should be worn with an oversized top or sweater.

2.  If you’re seeking to place emphasis on the print, wear with a pair of knee high boots.

3.  Lace leggings look fashionable under a skirt or even with denim shorts.

4.  Most importantly, don’t forget to let the print speak for itself.  Pair with an item that’s not taking away from the design!







photos are taken from pinterest.com


This year’s fashion week dazzled audiences with a highly creative show hosted by celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir (coordinated by The Belvedere Agency.)


The theme for this show was titled, “Faces of Beauty” where models had the opportunity to wear couture designs and showcase their individual plastic surgery transformations.

Each scene related to plastic surgery and show participants had the opportunity to view a range of transformations from rhinoplasty to liposuction.

Guest also enjoyed light refreshments and music played by DJ Sid Vaga.  The show ended with Dr. Ramtin Kassir joining his models on the runway and receiving a round of applause for his outstanding work.