Lifestyle Alert: Women United Campaign

Ladies, have you ever received a visit from Aunt Flo or The Red Robin before you had a chance to stock up on your supplies? Can you remember what it felt like to excuse yourself from a room or find a creative way to cover up until you could properly manage the crisis? Women and girls in other parts of the world can relate to this scenario but all cycles are not created equal. Tender Mercies Outreach Foundation, caught our attention today:

“…banana leaves, grass, mattress filling, newspaper, mud, tree bark, old rags…are just a few of the things that women and girls use to manage their flow”

 When their “special time of the month” arrives they are absent from school and work simply because they do not have access to sanitary napkins; fifty days out of the year their educational pursuit and career goals come to a screeching halt which financially impacts their entire community. Tender Mercies Outreach Foundation is helping these individuals in Africa through its Women United Period Campaign by raising funds to supply them with the means to manufacture their own eco-friendly pads.

We still have time to join the movement, save a woman’s life, and create a new cycle by spreading the word on our social media and send our donations towards the cause. Help break the cycle:

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