High-Tech Fashion Accessory: The Complete List of the Best AirPods Accessories Available in 2020

Apple AirPods took up 71% of wireless headphone revenue in 2019, making them the most popular brand.

It’s easy to see why. With their handy portable charging case and decent battery life, they’re great quality earphones.

It’s also no wonder that they’ve become far more popular than Apple’s wired earphones. It’s very convenient to be able to walk away from your device and not find yourself attached to it by a very limiting 10-inch wire.

Although AirPods are awesome, AirPods accessories can really take them up a notch. If you’re looking to improve your earphone experience, these accessories are the ones to go for.

Featured Photo by Gavin Whitner

1. Catalyst’s Waterproof Case

Although the latest iPhone models are now waterproof, AirPods are not immune to water damage.

Therefore, if you’re out on a run and it starts pouring while you’re enjoying your music, you’re going to want to store your AirPods somewhere safe.

Catalyst has a waterproof case where they can be tucked away and saved from water getting into them.

After all, AirPods are not cheap. The last thing you want is to be forced to replace them because you didn’t consider the weather.

2. AirPod Skins Protective Wraps

If you want protection for the AirPods themselves, then protective wraps are the way to go.

Available on Amazon, they’ll protect your AirPods from the rough-and-tumble nature of everyday life.

It’s easy to accidentally scratch AirPods, or have the surface wear away due to constant use. These wraps will keep them looking new and shiny.

Plus, they add some style by providing a nice black contrast to the white earphones.

3. Spigen TEKA RA100 AirPods Strap

An Apple AirPods strap may be just what you need if you’re not ready to lose the wire altogether.

The downside of AirPods is that they can be easily lost due to them being very small and unconnected to anything. Luckily, you can buy a strap to keep them together whenever you feel like having the safety net of a wire.

It’s mostly handy when you aren’t using them, or want to be able to pop them in and out quickly. It hangs around your neck, putting them within easy reach.

4. Twelve South AirFly Pro: Wireless Transmitter For Planes

You might know how to pair AirPods with MacBook laptops and iPhones, but do you know how to pair them to an airplane?

Being stuck in the air for up to 15 hours can be torture. Planes usually provide in-flight entertainment for long hauls, but the earphones are bad quality and often uncomfortable.

Fortunately, you can now buy a Bluetooth transmitter for your AirPods which plugs into the 3.5mm jack at your seat.

The battery life on these is 16 hours, so there’s no reason for them not to last your whole flight. This is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive Apple AirPods accessories.

5. RHA Wireless Flight Adapter

This may seem like the same as the Twelve South AirFly Pro on first glance, but this has one additional bonus that you may want to take into account when deciding between them.

It works great on the Nintendo Switch.

If you love cuddling up on the couch with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, or getting lost in the world of Breath of the Wild, this is the flight adapter to go for.

6. Keybudz Podskinz AirPod Case

If you need an AirPod case that’s easy for you to find when you need it, this is a great choice — it attaches to your keys!

Most people have their keys with them at all times. Whatever you forgot at home, it’s unlikely to have been your keys since you presumably needed them in-hand to lock the door!

It’s very handy for those who tend to rush out of the door and forget non-essential items such as their earphones.

7. Earbuddyz 2.0 Ear Hooks

Some people get lucky when they buy AirPods and they fit just fine.

Others don’t have the ear size Apple designed these earphones for — one size does not fit all, after all — and find that the earphones fall out all too easily.

When there’s no wire, this isn’t good — it won’t be long before they’re lost in the great outdoors.

Luckily, Ear Hooks are a thing! Attach these to your AirPods and feel them fit snugly in your ear.

It does get a little frustrating to have to take them off the AirPods every time they go back in the case, but it’ll be well worth it to ensure your earphones don’t fall out.

8. Morphie Wireless Charging Pad

Not only can you charge your iPhone on these, you can charge your AirPods!

Sit them down at the same time as your iPhone and watch both charge up.

The pad can charge AirPods through cases as thick as 3mm, so you may not even have to remove them from the case.

This is, by far, one of the most convenient charging methods. It also has a built-in safety feature so that it won’t overcharge, which can be extremely draining and damaging to electronics.

Time to Load up on Those AirPods Accessories

AirPods are awesome. They’re convenient, allow you to move around while listening to music or chatting on the phone, and are easy to charge through their handy little case.

Whatever problems or pitfalls they have can be fixed by AirPods accessories. Whether it’s them not fitting in your ear properly, getting scratched up when you use them, or being unprotected when you get caught in the rain — there’s something to improve them in every area.

Next time you’re on a plane and struggling with the low-quality earphones or sighing as your brand new AirPods tumble out of your ear, you might just be tempted to invest in these.

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In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis that has forced colleges and universities across the nation to postpone their commencement celebrations, a coalition of HBCU leaders, advocacy organizations, and corporate partners have come together to host the National HBCU Commencement Celebration.  The virtual event, the brainchild of Paul Quinn College president Dr. Michael J. Sorrell, will be streamed live internationally on ESSENCE Studios (www.essencestudios.com) thanks to a partnership with ESSENCE – the leading media, technology, and commerce company serving Black women and communities for 50 years.

The celebration will take place on Saturday, May 16, 2020, and will feature celebrity hosts, motivational speakers, musical performances, and the profiles of HBCU valedictorians and other graduates. In addition to highlighting this year’s graduates and their institutions, the event will raise funds for participating HBCUs and their students.

As the result of COVID-19, our students have been robbed of a moment that they and their families have earned,” said Sorrell. “I am so grateful that this coalition of partners stepped up to answer the call of the HBCU community and stand in the gap for our students and their families.”

In addition to Paul Quinn College, the celebration is being organized by Howard University, The National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO), Thurgood Marshal College Fund (TMCF), and the United Negro College Fund (UNCF). The event is being supported by several partners, including ESSENCE, JPMorgan Chase, and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

“We are excited that graduates from our member-schools will receive the public recognition that they earned and deserved,” said Dr. Harry L. Williams, President, and CEO of TMCF, which represents 47-member schools. “This celebratory event is an effort to lift up all of our students and to let them know that we are proud of their hard work and perseverance, especially during these difficult times.”

Dr. Michael Lomax, President, and CEO of UNCF praised the event and said that the celebration will reinforce the importance and history of HBCUs.

“For 76 years, UNCF has helped more than half a million students graduate from college, and our mission remains the same even as we grapple with the impact of COVID-19,” said Lomax. “Students who receive a UNCF scholarship have a 70% graduation rate. I hope this program inspires viewers to support students to become college graduates.”

Funds raised during the event will go into an emergency fund to support HBCU students and will be distributed by TMCF and UNCF.  These dollars will go a long way in helping students who have been impacted by COVID-19.

“NAFEO is excited to join Dr. Michael Sorrell in realizing his vision and the dream of giving back to HBCU seniors, perhaps the most unfathomable aspect of their abrupt exile—the canceling of the commencement ceremonies,” said Lezli Baskerville, President, and CEO of the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education. “Denying the seniors and their families the opportunity to participate in the ceremonial walk down the aisle to higher ground and the receipt of a ticket to greater economic security, greater independence, opportunities for service, and leadership is a celebration we would not permit for our sons and daughters and their families to miss.”

Added Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick, President of Howard University: “Every HBCU in the country has been adversely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic due to interruptions to our academic year and the challenging transition to online learning,” said Frederick. “However, the loss that our seniors are experiencing with the abrupt end to their final semester and subsequent cancellation of the commencement convocation is the most heartbreaking part of this crisis. Hopefully this opportunity to come together as an HBCU community and celebrate these exceptional students will express our sincere gratitude to these scholars for their individual contributions to their respective institutions.”

JPMorgan Chase is supporting this effort through its Advancing Black Pathways initiative, which is committed to helping the black community achieve meaningful gains in three areas: educational achievement, career success, and wealth creation.

“Graduating from college is a sacred moment in a student’s life, and we are honored to support HBCUs, students and their families as we navigate one of the most unique and challenging periods in our nation’s history,” said Sekou Kaalund, the Head of Advancing Black Pathways. “Education is core to our mission of creating opportunity, and we are committed to helping black college students and graduates navigate this difficult environment and get on a path to lasting and rewarding careers.”

These deserving students have earned the right to commemorate and celebrate the tremendous accomplishment of receiving their diploma and launching the next phase of their lives,” said Oris Stuart, EVP and Chief Diversity Officer for the NBA. “The NBA is proud to support HBCUs and honor their graduates during this momentous occasion.”

“HBCUs have served as educational, social, and legacy pillars in the Black community for generations and continue to be an invaluable treasure to the nation,” said Richelieu Dennis, Founder, and Chair, Essence Ventures, the parent company of ESSENCE.  “For more than 180 years, these institutions have equipped students with the critical tools needed to create pathways to success and have cultivated generations of vanguards, trailblazers, and leaders.  As we come together to develop innovative solutions for these unprecedented times, we are excited to utilize our ESSENCE Studios platform to provide thousands of 2020 HBCU graduates and their loved ones from around the world with the special commencement experience and celebration they deserve.”

DIY Beauty Projects from Los Angeles-based TV personality, Budget Travel and Lifestyle Expert: Lindsay Myers

Who doesn’t love getting pampered? But with this lockdown, we have had to figure it out ourselves! It’s always a great feeling to know that you can do it all if you have to! Here are some of Lindsay’s favorite DIY beauty projects:

Featured Photo from Domino Sugar

Natural Lip Scrub– I sometimes grab a pack of sugar and quickly exfoliate if I am in a time crunch. and need to apply some lipstick. But this is my new favorite natural way to get my lips super smooth!


1 TSP of Brown Sugar
1 TSP of White Sugar
1 TSP of Honey
1/2 TSP of Olive Oil

Directions: Just mix all the above in a small container. You can store and keep this for a while, but trust me after about 20 seconds your lips will feel amazing.


Bath Salts- I love a good bath, who doesn’t! This is really easy to make and a great way to unwind and get some self-care.


Coarse Salt

Epsom Salt

Baking Soda

Essential oil

Directions: Just take 6 part coarse sea salt and 3 part Epsom salt,1 part baking soda, and just a few drops of essential oil of your choice. That is it! This combo helps soothe the muscles, helps with skin irritation, and softens the skin.


Ombre Nail Manicure-I never go really big or bold with my manicure. But I have the time to figure out how to do it myself, why not!


2 different nail polish colors, and clear topcoat

Any sponge (you just need a bit, cut off a section from a larger sponge)

Plastic wrap


Directions: Paint your nails with the lightest color. Let it dry. On the plastic pour our a little of each color right beside each other so they touch. Take the toothpick and swirl/blend just in the area where the two colors meet. Next, take your sponge and dab it directly over this mixture and then dab the sponge directly on your nail. Keep going on all the nails. If you want to go back over the nails to make the color stronger just make sure the first coat is dry first. Finish with a clear topcoat.


Hair Mask– It is SO easy to make a simple hair mask with everyday things in our kitchen. Why don’t we do it more? Maybe now we will!

2 hair mask options:

  1. All hair types:




Directions: Simply scoop out half an avocado and mix it with a tbsp honey and apply it to hair. Leave this on for 20 mins. Rinse in the shower.

  1. Dry Hair Mask:



Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Directions: Mix 2 eggs with 3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil and apply to hair. Leave this on for 20 mins. Rinse in shower.


Facial: I have grown to love my facials, but they are expensive and now we just can’t get them. Why not learn how to do it yourself?


Chamomile Tea


Nutritional Yeast

Directions: Brew one cup of the tea with 2 tea bags. Let cool. Stir together 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tsp of nutritional yeast. Add just enough of the tea to the bowl to make a paste. You want to be able to spread it on your face, but not be watery. Let sit for 20 mins. This is calm and restores your skin.



Women’s Summer Fashion Guide: Stay Up-To-Date on The Latest Trends

As a woman, you are probably wondering what you are going to wear this summer to stay up-to-date with all of the latest trends. It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with the rapidly changing world of fashion. This is especially true if you are like most women nowadays and have to work full-time. That’s why we put together this great list of summer fashion trends for 2020.

Featured Photo from The Fashion Spot

Summer Fashion Basics

When you are trying to predict what the next big trends are going to be, there are a few places you are going to need to look. You can look at what the latest runway shows have displayed, you can look at what has been popular in current fashion magazines, and you can look at online boutiques and stores to get ideas. For example, if you are looking for dresses for women, you can search hypeach.com to get some fashionable ideas. You will be able to find clothing to keep you in style all through the hot summer months.

This year, there has been a strong trend towards some new styles that haven’t been seen for a long time. Let’s get to it and go over what the top trends will be this summer.

Women’s Summer Fashion Trends For This Year

This year’s trends are a little different from last year, but many of them will carry over. We have seen a few reintroductions from nearly one hundred years ago with some styles making a come back that were popular in the 30s and 40s. There are also a few trends that appear to be fairly unique and maybe appearing on the scene for the first time ever. Here are five of the biggest trends that will be seen this year in women’s fashion over the summer.

Puffy Sleeves 

This is an exciting sight to see. A fashion trend that was originally popular in the 1930s has been making headways among the women of the nation this year. Although it is not new on the scene and has been popular for a little while, it is still trendy and should continue to be so throughout the majority of the summer. It would be a safe move to purchase a few new tops that have the puffy sleeves look.

Professional Summer Wear

Professional summer wear is going to be one of the biggest trends this summer. This is the type of clothing that is going to help you look your best, but people will still take you seriously. One of the biggest trendsetters in this area has been the introduction of some new and absolutely fabulous sports-type jackets. These jackets will have you looking absolutely sharp but also intelligent and respectable.

Stylish Sunglasses 

A throwback to the 80s, stylish sunglasses, such as Arabians, have been making a huge comeback in recent months. This bodes well for the fashion trend this summer as people are starting to gear up for some time outside under the sun and will definitely need to protect their eyes while looking stylish. Why not go ahead and get yourself a pair of sunglasses and make a fashion statement out of it by getting a pair that matches the rest of your outfit?

Genuine Snakeskin 

According to Marie Claire, one of the most shocking introductions on the scene in terms of women’s summer fashion trends is the recent fascination of snakeskin apparel. This is not faux snakeskin, but the real genuine snakeskin. Women are starting to wear boots and other footwear that is made of snakeskin and even carry handbags that have been made with this unique type of leather. This is something fairly new and it is actually pretty exciting. You can match it with some of your other leather clothing or mix it up and do something totally random. The choice is yours.

Trendy Trenchcoats 

Finally, the last big fashion trend for the summer has been all of the stylish and trendy trenchcoats that you have been seeing while you are out and about. You are going to need to be careful while selecting a trenchcoat for the summertime. Make sure you buy one that is breathable and easy to wear. Make sure that it is going to be comfortable to wear during the heat of the day before you make a final purchase decision.

These are just a few ideas for the summer of 2020. Watch people who know how to put different styles together and follow their example.

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ESSENCE + New Voices Entrepreneur Virtual Summit and New Voices + Target Accelerators $100K Pitch Competition

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread across the nation and the world, Black communities are being impacted at drastically disproportionate rates. However, while the impact of COVID-19 shines a spotlight on the already fragile health and economic ecosystems of Black communities and Black-owned small businesses, economic recovery efforts – such as the quickly-depleted initial $349 billion Paycheck Protection Program in the CARES Act – are not effectively reaching many of the entrepreneurs and businesses most in need. To help address this, ESSENCE, the leading media, technology, and commerce company serving Black women, today announced the creation of the ESSENCE Benefit Seriesä to Fight COVID-19 to assist Black-owned small businesses and organizations across the country impacted by the pandemic.

The ESSENCE Benefit Series to Fight COVID-19 kicks off with the first-ever ESSENCE + New Voices Entrepreneur Virtual Summit and New Voices + Target Accelerators $100K Pitch Competition – which will be streamed live on ESSENCE Studios on Friday, April 24th, from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM ET. The Entrepreneur Virtual Summit will equip Black business owners with valuable tools needed to navigate this unprecedented time, including access to capital, practical insights, and critical resources. The Summit will also include the New Voices + Target Accelerators $100K Pitch Competition, featuring 10 women entrepreneurs pitching their businesses to receive critical funding combined with coaching, mentoring, and personalized business skills development.

The Entrepreneur Virtual Summit will feature informative sessions with some of the most influential business leaders across industries, covering topics including Navigating Coronavirus Relief; Raising Capital Right Now; Adapting During Crisis; Managing the New Normal; Developing A Winning Playbook: Now & Post-COVID and more. Speakers include Robert F. Smith, Chairman, Vista Equity Partners, LLC; Caroline Wanga, Chief Diversity, and Inclusion Officer and Vice President of Human Resources, Target Corporation; Bozoma Saint John, Chief Marketing Officer, Endeavor; Marcus Samuelsson, Chef and Restaurateur; Melissa Butler, CEO, The Lip Bar; Elisa Shankle, Wellness & Lifestyle Expert; Nicole Valentine, Chief Executive Officer, Synergy Business Development; Robin McBride, Co-founder, McBride Sisters Wine Collection; and more.

During this Summit and each to follow in the Benefit Series – as well as throughout this crisis, virtual attendees will have an opportunity to support Black-owned businesses that are in critical need of access to funding and resources by donating to the New Voices Foundation. The New Voices Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization driven by its PACE (Purpose.Access.Capital.Expertise) model and founded by serial entrepreneur and social impact investor Richelieu Dennis, is committed to creating a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem and currently has 13,000+ women of color entrepreneurs on its platform. Offering leadership development, flexible funding, skills-building and networking opportunities to build, grow and scale their businesses with purpose, the Foundation operates with a multi-pronged approach and services that entrepreneurs can access free of charge, including mobile accelerators, coaching and mentoring, pitch competitions, online masterclasses, and more.

Upcoming virtual experiences in the ESSENCE Benefit Series to Fight COVID-19 include the first-ever ESSENCE Festival of Culture: The Virtual Edition (July 4th weekend), as well as other summits, focused on entertainment, personal finance, technology, essential heroes and more.

 “We have long known about the systemic healthcare and economic inequities that are causing Black communities and businesses to fare worse than others during the COVID-19 global pandemic, but we also now see that we are in danger of losing critical progress as a community unless urgent and meaningful actions are taken,” said Dennis, also founder & chair of Essence Ventures, the parent company of ESSENCE. “Black-owned businesses serve as economic engines in our communities across the nation, and entrepreneurship and ownership remain the most viable paths to bridging the abysmal wealth gap and creating generational wealth. Yet, as critical initial stimulus funding ran out without reaching many of those who need it most and with new funding not guaranteed to reach these same businesses, not enough is being done to help ensure their post-pandemic financial survival and the long-term health of our communities.”

Dennis continued, “The ESSENCE Benefit Series to Fight COVID-19 and each of its virtual summits are a direct response to this dire need. While ESSENCE has used its platform over the past 50 years to support entrepreneurs and provide commerce opportunities for Black-owned businesses, we have accelerated these efforts – particularly with investments in digital and technology innovation – since returning the brand to 100% Black ownership in 2018. Now, operating under our Community Commerce purpose-driven model of elevating communities by providing access and opportunities that lead to sustainable economic empowerment, this is how ESSENCE will continue to serve our community in this crisis and beyond. We’ve always been able to count on each other – and that is more important now than ever.”

ESSENCE’s cultivation of entrepreneurship and commerce within Black communities has previously included supporting more than 3,000 small businesses at the ESSENCE Festival of Culture Marketplace; featuring more than 100 small businesses on the Shop ESSENCE platform; engaging hundreds of small business owners in Louisiana to participate in the Pipeline Initiative to grow entrepreneurship and technical career opportunities; and more.

At the outset of the global pandemic designation in March, ESSENCE created the ESSENCE of the Matter: COVID-19’s Impact on Black America digital platform to provide Black women and communities with the tools, information, resources, solutions, inspiration, and empowerment needed to address the multitude of issues arising from the novel coronavirus crisis. The ESSENCE Benefit Series to Fight COVID-19 will now become a central part of this effort, which to date has included the first-ever virtual ESSENCE Wellness Houseä and ESSENCE CARES Act information sessions. In addition, the ESSENCE editorial team produces daily content on a dedicated page to educate the community on the coronavirus, its impact, and how to survive and thrive in this time.

The ESSENCE + New Voices Entrepreneur Virtual Summit is powered by Microsoft and brought to you by SheaMoisture and Advancing Black Pathways by JPMorgan Chase. To register for the ESSENCE + New Voices Entrepreneur Virtual Summit or for more details, visit ESSENCE.com.

About Essence Communications Inc.

Essence Communications is the number one media, technology, and commerce company dedicated to Black women and inspires a global audience of more than 20.2 million through diverse storytelling and immersive original content. With a multi-platform presence in publishing, experiential and online, ESSENCE encompasses its signature magazine; digital, video and social platforms; television specials; books; as well as live events, including Black Women in Music, Black Women in Hollywood, Street Style and the ESSENCE Festival. Essence Communications is owned by Essence Ventures, an independent Black-owned consumer technology company focused on merging content, community, and commerce to meet the evolving cultural and lifestyle needs of people of color.

The No Makeup Look: Top Picks for Tinted Moisturizers and BB Creams

Although we’re coping with the COVID-19 pandemic inside of our homes, the weather is constantly changing.  One day it’s chilly and the next moment it’s hot!  That means it’s time for a new foundation in our make-up bags.

One of my personal favorites for the warmer months is the use of Tinted Moisturizers (or BB creams).  They hydrate the skin while giving a natural glow.  Basically, it’s a light foundation coverage and skin care moisturizer combined in one application.

Tinted moisturizers (and BB creams) are an easy way to even the skin without the use of heavy products.

Apply this product to the cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose!

Listed below are top picks for Tinted Moisturizers and BB Creams:
  1. NYX Bare With Me
  2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
  3. Neutrogena SPF 20 in Medium to Dark
  4. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer
  5. Black Radiance BB Cream


“New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell bravely recommended yesterday that no large events take place in New Orleans in 2020, and ESSENCE fully supports that decision.  After continued monitoring of the evolving developments in the COVID-19 global pandemic and remaining in close contact and collaboration with our partners in the City of New Orleans and State of Louisiana, we are confirming today that we will no longer move forward with the 2020 ESSENCE Festival of Culture live experience – and look forward to returning to New Orleans in 2021.


We are excited to now announce that our ‘ESSENCE Benefit Series to Fight COVID-19’ will raise money and provide support for businesses and organizations in Black communities across the country and that our first-ever ESSENCE Festival of Culture: The Virtual Edition taking place over July 4th weekend will be included in this effort as a multi-day experience and benefit celebration.  This Festival will be hosted on our new ESSENCE Studios streaming platform, which will extend the experience to communities everywhere providing unfettered access to the power, purpose, and party that has made the ESSENCE Festival the largest cultural, entertainment and empowerment experience in the world.  Women across the globe and their families will engage in interactive, live opportunities to be inspired, empowered, entertained and transformed as they enter a new economic, spiritual and wellness journey ahead.  The virtual Festival will be a benefit celebration in honor and support of the City of New Orleans, which has been an incredible partner over the Festival’s 26 years and continues to be especially hard hit during this crisis.

From the beginning, we have shared that the health, safety, and well-being of our Festival-goers, local citizens and others who contribute to making the Festival such a unique experience were our top concerns and would be the foremost considerations in our decision-making.  While we initially hoped that a reschedule from our July 2020 dates to later in the fall would be feasible, current information and projections by public health officials and agencies have made it increasingly clear that any large-scale events this year could potentially and unnecessarily put attendees and surrounding communities at risk.  So, what would have typically been a very difficult decision for us was not because people come first, and we will continue to do everything that we can to serve our community during this time.  We will honor all tickets sold for the 2020 Festival in 2021 and will also offer full refunds.  Ticket holders should visit essencefestival.com for further information.


‘ESSENCE and the City of New Orleans have a partnership that thrives in good times and is made even stronger in challenging times,” said Mayor Cantrell.  ‘We share an uncompromised commitment to the best interest of our local community and our tourist community, and the priorities right now are providing support to those who have been affected by the disproportionate impact of the pandemic here in New Orleans and ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all.  We look forward to welcoming everyone back to our great city in 2021 for the return of the ESSENCE Festival of Culture and to once again helping to create such an unmatched and magical experience.”


‘We greatly appreciate the Essence family for working with the City of New Orleans and Louisiana as we face this ongoing public health crisis,’ said Governor John Bel Edwards of Louisiana.  ‘We have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the Essence family and look forward to continuing the celebration in 2021.’


We continue to understand that in these times, accurate information and critical resources from trusted sources are vital.  So, ESSENCE created the ESSENCE of the Matter: COVID-19’s Impact on Black America digital platform to provide Black women and communities with the tools, information, resources, solutions, inspiration, and empowerment needed to address the multitude of issues arising from this pandemic. ESSENCE Studios will deliver these live virtual experiences and produce the content our community needs as we continue to navigate this unprecedented time together and beyond.  Experiences to date have included our first-ever virtual ESSENCE Wellness Houseä and ESSENCE CARES Act information sessions, with the next – the  ESSENCE & New Voices Entrepreneur Summit – included in our Benefit Series and scheduled for Friday, April 24.  Visit essence.com  for more information.  In addition, our editorial team is producing daily content on our dedicated page to educate our community on the coronavirus, its impact, best practices for prevention and how we can not only survive, but thrive, through this time.’


La La Anthony Releases New Facebook Series titled La La Anthony: Reclaim Your Life

La La Anthony: Reclaim Your Life is a topic-led conversation meets transformational series that follows La La Anthony, her Glam Squad and a celebrity guest, as she visits with women who are eager to share their stories, harness their power, and unlock their inner fierce female!  Each episode delves deep into a uniquely feminine subject. La La and her celebrity guest will share candid, from-the-heart stories, touching on how the subject resonates with each of them as individuals, and how it touches on the female experience at large.
In episode one, La La is joined by celebrity guest, actress Karrueche Tran, to give two women, Angel and Tiffiny, a well-deserved makeover who have struggled with painful choices they have encountered in previous years. La La’s goal is to help these two women rediscover their beauty and inner strength. In addition to the makeover, La La and Karrueche sit down with the two women and have heart-to-heart conversations with each other, resulting in emotional and powerful advice.


Tune in to watch here: 

Stress Relief for Challenging Times and How Essential Oils Can Help You Find Inner Calm

We are all searching for ways to deal with the stress brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether that’s it’s meditating, eating immune-boosting foods or Zoom chatting with friends, just doing something for stress relief is essential for your mental and physical well-being.

Now there’s one more way to help de-stress in this trying time – with the power of essential oils.

Vitality Extracts have diffusers, car diffusers, roll-on bottles, essential oil jewelry and a line for kids.

Vitality Extracts crafts the finest essential oils that are pure, safe and free of chemicals making them the perfect aromatherapy oils for optimal natural healing. Each of its oils is tested to ensure it’s 100% contaminant free! While the company is unwavering in its commitment to provide products that are beneficial for its customers, it’s equally committed to protecting its workers and the planet as a whole. The company’s collection of products is sourced from generational farms around the world, helping preserve and protect a vanishing way of life. Farmers and the artisans who lovingly create Vitality Extracts are paid a fair wage and work in an environment guided by ethical practices.

Along with essential oils for migraine relief, stress relief, energy and more, Vitality Extracts makes stunning diffuser bracelets from natural stones, each as beautiful to look at as it is good for your soul! With all the stress in the world now, be good to yourself – and the planet and find some grounding with Vitality Extracts.

Top Picks for Stress Relief:

Immunity – a powerful way to help support the proper function of your immune and respiratory systems. In addition, it can help purify the air and disinfect surfaces to provide a cleaner environment for you and your family, while reducing anxiety and helping with mental focus.

Inner Peace – a lovely combination of oils that gives a spiritual calm even when you’re most stressed. This refreshing combination of citrus oils helps to restore energy, relieve tension and boost the immune and circulatory systems.

Breathe Easy – designed to increase the lung’s capacity to breathe and clear the sinuses. It can also help purify the air in the room and ease congestion and sinus pressure, reduce inflammation and promote a healthy immune and circulatory system.

Diffuser Jewelry – Pyrite, rose quartz and African turquoise are just some of the beautiful and beneficial stones in this collection. Each bracelet or necklace features natural stones paired with lava beads to soak up the oils and provide long-lasting benefits in a beautiful package.

About Vitality Extracts:  Vitality Extracts was created by a group of health and wellness enthusiasts who firmly believe in the natural healing of essential oils. The company crafts products of the utmost quality and offers them at affordable prices to ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of better health. The company is so confident its products exceed expectations it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Lifestyle Update: Work From Home Starter Kit #Coronavirus

Owning a face mask has become a staple in everyone’s home.  Honestly, if you think about it how many times have we needed a face mask?

When we’re walking through the airport.  During the cold and flu season.  After giving birth to a newborn baby.  There have been several instances in our lives when we needed to protect ourselves or someone else.

This surgical mask has now sparked a surge of inspiration amongst the creative community!

Artists and designers are using their skills and designing “fancy” face masks.

Featured Photo from MSN.com

Something that started as a medical necessity is now multi-purpose; one for protection and the other for style.

With that being said, many of us are working from home to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus.

This sudden change has made us alter our schedule and clothing selections.  Many are logging into meetings while juggling the demands of home.

Luckily, we can join meetings while lounging in our slippers!

Work From Home Starter Kit



Essential Oils
Face Mask

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