Style Tribes | The Fashion of Subcultures

Before it hits the runways, and long before it makes it to your local retail racks, fashion grows in unusual places – in social subcultures, among artists, musicians, and other creative and marginalized communities around the world – communities dominated by youth who rely on resourcefulness, passion, joy and political and social outrage to express their identity.


Style Tribes: The Fashion of Subcultures explores the looks and ideologies of these movements over the past century, from the Harlem renaissance to riot grrrls and Harajuku – all gorgeously illustrated with archival and contemporary images.
Book Review:
Style Tribes (The Fashion of Subcultures) has an amazing book cover!  It’s the perfect combination between art, fashion, and cultural awareness.


We often see the hashtag #streetstyle but do we really understand the history or meaning of the term?  This book explains the beginning of fashion (as a movement) while going beyond the showcase of beautiful design pieces.  It captures the authentic style of “real people” with a historical flair; starting with the Flapper era and ending with Kogal.


Historic Costume was one of my favorite fashion courses and this book is now part of my couture library.  The content and photos are inspirational; perfect for any aspiring fashion influencer or professional.  To order click here:  Style Tribes – The Fashion of Subcultures

Fashion Awards MD: Ashley Pecolia Spring 2014 Collection and Nominee

Combining trends off the runway with modern modesty wear and accessories, Ashley P Designs offers a variety of styles and silhouettes that cover the body including arms, legs, and cleavage. Every piece from the collection encapsulates the latest styles in fashion in high-end materials and textiles all at an affordable price point. The label caters to every individual looking to be stylish in a modest manner.

Ashley P Designer

Founder, Ashley Pecolia, changed her lifestyle to modesty in November of 2010 so she wanted her line to reflect the exciting and unique features of her new lifestyle. Ashley P Designs’ spring ’14 Collection features a color palette that ranges from emerald to golden yellow, embellishments and detailed prints of the upcoming season.

The brand aims to create for the modern woman, who has to juggle many responsibilities yet do so with a fashion forward, feminine go-getter attitude.

Ashley Pecolia has shown at NY Fashion Week, has received awards including the 2013 Fashion Awards MD nomination in the Emerging Clothing Designer category.



Ashley P Collection


Who: Ashley P Designs
What: EMERGE Nominee awards presentation and fashion show
Why: Ashley P Designs has been nominated for EMERGE
When: March 16, 2014 at 4PM
Where: Lord Baltimore Hotel. At 20 W. Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD, 21201

To learn more about the Fashion Awards MD, please visit


Envishoes Fashion Forward Designer Shoes and Accessories

Who is the ENVIshoes customer? ENVIshoes likes to think of them as a lover of art, fashion and music. They are the blog readers, the trendsetters and risk-takers. They certainly don’t follow the trends, they set them!

The ENVIshoes shopper inspires the company to search for brands and ultimately offer distinctive finishing touches to any outfit. Envishoes strives daily to uphold their mantra ‘Bad Chicks. Bad Dudes. Bad Shoes.’

Here is a link to the website:
















Envishoes Look Book

LUXE Fashion: Gobi Mongolian Cashmere

Cashmere is an elegant fabric that’s perfect for the cold weather.  But when we talk about Cashmere, forget about your grandmother’s (beige) sweater because the trend of wearing Cashmere has definitely evolved!

You can find several designs with the use of Cashmere (that will feed your fashion craving.)  Dresses, capes, and even coats, Cashmere has changed from it’s ordinary uses.

With that being said, Mongolian Cashmere designers are finally making their name in the fashion industry.  Take a look at the Fall/Winter Collection from Gobi Cashmere.


Gobi by Saverio Palatella – FALL WINTER Cashmere Collection 2012/2013