Halloween Inspired Nail Art

Halloween’s right around the corner! Individuals working in the fashion industry love Halloween because it gives us the opportunity to use our creativity on multiple levels.  From designing “spooky” costumes to using make up as a face mask, Halloween can bring out the creative “spirit” of any fashionista.

But when we talk about Halloween, how can we forget about Halloween inspired nails!  Nail Artist everywhere are taking manicures to the next level with “frightful” nail designs.  Personally, I am loving the sparkles, characters, and use of color.  Here’s an option, if you don’t want to wear that scary costume why not try a fun Halloween manicure.

Find your nail inspiration from the pictures below.  Photos can also be found on Pinterest (visit the individual blog for more information.)








Source: squidoo.com via Bianca on Pinterest





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Instant Style, Life, and Fashion on Instagram

Instagram, Instagram, Instagram! We are all obsessed with pictures and there’s no better (quick and easy) photo editing software other than Instagram.  Although in the blogging world, it’s not considered “true” photography, in my opinion it’s a great way to showcase your style, life, and fashion.

With that being said, I have also fallen victim to loving the (quick) use of Instagram software.  Honestly, this happened as a surprise because I am busy managing other social networking sites and thought to myself, “there’s no way I could possibly manage another site.”

But contrary to my thoughts, I am posting on Instagram and love the fun that I’m having on there.  So my suggestion is to tap your inner photography skills, use a little creativity, and start posting on Instagram.


Kimmie’s Instagram Account: kpearl2


My Personal Style~ Polished, Feminine (Girlie) and Slightly Preppy

Click on the article from The Well Dressed Life, titled 7 Ways to Look Polished




A few of my favorite nail colors and accessories



Leaving the Silo Point Sky Lounge in Baltimore



Playing around with my Louis Vuitton Scarf



 Sexy Heels from bebe (leaving a Fashion Show)



Anniversary Celebration at The Wynfry Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama


Shoe Art and Design

Halle Berry: New York Times T Style Magazine

Halle Berry has done it again and she’s looking hot, hot, hot! Take a look at photos from her November 2012 cover on the New York Times T  Style Magazine.















Repairing the “Red” on Your Bottoms

I purchased my first pair of Christian Louboutin shoes (also known as red bottoms or Loubous) from Saks Fifth Avenue last winter.  My interest in the Parisian designer had little to due with the trend but merely because of my love for quality and great design.

In addition, I was always taught there’s three things a woman must own for a sophisticated look: a quality handbag, good hosiery, and a pair of well made shoes!


For me, this was an excuse to grab a pair of those sexy, red bottoms while also showcasing my legs (wink.)  But, over time and several different social functions, I noticed the red paint on the bottom of my shoes needed repair.  As a fashion girl, of course I knew there was a solution to the problem!


After all, I am the daughter of a DIY Queen (my mother) and with a pretty steady hand could repair that lovely red sole.

My  first step was to search for the EXACT red paint on the bottom of my shoes and luckily I found a company name Save Your Sole.  To sum it up, this is a company located in the UK that’s dedicated to helping us preserve the bottom of our shoes.  And after purchasing the paint, following directions, and letting it dry….this was the end result.


One step that I almost forgot to mention is that before painting the bottom of my soles, I also put my shoes in the local shop for heel repair.   So there you have it!  Good luck on repairing the “red” on your bottoms.



When NOT to Wear High Heels ~ Guest Writer Nisha

Despite what the podiatrists or chiropractors may say about our feet (and posture) for many of us, high heels are a fashion necessity, imperative to fashion divas’ mental and emotional health. Few accessories can create the same muscle tone, leg length, and general shapeliness that a pair of beautiful heels can achieve. Yet, regardless of all of the visual benefits of heels, some outfits simply do not pair well with our favorite fashion footwear.  Let me explain why….

Heading to the Gym? Leave the Heels at Home

Perhaps no type of shoe is more activity-specific than an athletic shoe, and with good reason! In order to properly support your body and cushion your feet, knees, hips, and spinal column during impact, your athletic shoe needs to fit the particular strain of the activity. Even if you do not invest in a separate pair of shoes for each sport or activity in which you participate, it is obvious that heels are not the best choice for athletics. Even school-age children know that you need gym shoes to participate in gym, so lace up some sneakers when donning active wear and leave your heels in the closet.

Consider Length



Undoubtedly, heels are meant to elevate an outfit, so consider the length of any skirts or pants that you choose to pair with them. Several years back celebrities were spotted sporting shorts with stilettos, but unless you are walking the runway, this look is very difficult to pull off. Perhaps a short, tight-fitting skirt with heels will boost your confidence for a night of clubbing, but always keep the atmosphere of an event in mind when selecting shoes. Shorts and skirts above the knee are casual wear, choose a casual flat or sandal.

Likewise, any trousers or jeans that you plan to pair with a heel should just touch the top of your foot and the bottom of your heel. Choose a high heel that adds length to your leg and compliments the outfit without drawing undue attention to your feet or to mistakenly exposed ankles. As for capris, these short pants are by nature more casual. Stick with a flat or sneaker and avoid a heel altogether.

Pay Attention to Height



Unless you are Lady Gaga, higher heels does not always mean a better look. When pairing footwear with an outfit, you should always consider your height and build. For example, if you are on the petite side, you may lean towards higher heels to make up a bit of the height difference, but a 3 or 4-inch heel could actually make you appear shorter and stockier. Higher heels force your calf muscles to work harder, contracting the muscles and bringing attention to the widest part of your calf instead of drawing eyes to the overall length of your leg. For the best overall look, try on heels with an outfit, or at least with pants or skirts with the same cut and fit as you will wear with a pair of heels.

Heels, like all accessories, are meant to accentuate your positives and boost your confidence, not draw all attention to the heels themselves.

This article was written by contributing guest writer:


 Nisha represents a site called BigCatwalk.com. She enjoys writing about fashion and large ladies shoes.

Black Fashion Week 2012 in PARIS

Paris is now considered one of the FIRST innovators in launching Black Fashion Week! This was a dynamic show of diversity, fashion, and creativity.

According to Huffington Post article, designer Adama Ndiaye stated “It’s a mix of everything. Over fifteen designers from Egypt, Martinique, Senegal, the United States… That’s what I like about fashion.”

In my opinion, that statement says it all.  Enjoy photos from the show and emerge in the fashion!









Enjoy additional pictures and write up:



Nordstrom Iconic Beauty Runway Event

Join Westfield Annapolis on Saturday, October 13th to celebrate Iconic Beauty! This is the beauty event you and your friends won’t want to miss! See fall’s newest makeup, skincare and fragrance trends during a high-energy runway show, while you sit back and have breakfast treats. Afterwards, enjoy a free makeup or skincare consultation with an industry expert. PLUS, receive a gift for attending the show, while supplies last.  Tickets are $15 and redeemable towards your purchase of $15 or more at Nordstrom on the day of the event. To purchase a ticket visit or call your favorite Nordstrom Cosmetics counter today- (410)-573-1121.

Offer valid on event date for Nordstrom Annapolis Cosmetics department on purchases over $15 only.

PLUS, Happy Hour! Stay and play awhile! Starting at 3 p.m., receive a special gift with your purchase of $50 or more, while supplies last.

Pin on the Fun: Brooches are Back by “Celebrity Stylist” Anya Sarre

Luxurious accents and dazzling accessories are what fall fashion is all about this year! From the fashion show runways to the shelves on Main Street, clothes are getting the deluxe treatment with bold rhinestone trims and gorgeous bejeweled detailing. All the shimmering goodness is something everyone can get excited about!

One of the hottest trends this season lets you get in on the glittery action too. Adding a jewel encrusted brooch or two to your outfit can be a wonderful way to get your daily dose of sparkle.



At one time brooches did have a reputation for being old. There is a distinct retro feel about these pretty decorative pins and they were a favorite accessory of our grandmothers’ generation; however, brooches have made a big comeback and they are feminine, flirty, and fabulous. From chunky jeweled pins to delicate filigree ornaments, nothing spruces up an outfit quite like a shiny bauble. This Fall is the perfect chance to break out your vintage brooches and try wearing them in fun, creative ways.



Kate looks elegant wearing a brooch

Brooches are in essence jewelry for your clothes. Wear some girly pins to add some ladylike charm to otherwise boyish pieces. Blazers and button down shirts are staple fashion items for the autumn months. Dress them up with brooches full of gems and pearls to create a very fashionable contrast of masculine and feminine energy.

Start with a neutral colored blazer; black or cream are always great choices. Layer your blazer over a plain t-shirt and a pair of jewel-toned slacks or jeans. Pin a gemstone brooch onto the blazer lapel and complete the entire outfit with a black headband and some cute ankle boots or other comfortable shoes.



Use your best brooches to add some personalized flavor to your fall wardrobe. When the weather starts getting colder, we start bundling up in our coats, scarves, hats, and sweaters. This gives us the perfect opportunity for some brooch magic. Simply pin one on anywhere you want a bit of sparkle or decoration.

Brooches are absolutely fabulous because you can mix and match them with your favorite clothes, creating an infinite number of unique and stylish outfits. Brooches are such an interesting addition to your style, they are almost always guaranteed to be a conversation starter. Fasten a gemstone brooch to your favorite hat to give it some Fall fashion glam or use it as a clasp for your scarf.  You’ll keep the chills away and look amazing.




This article was written by contributing {guest} writer Anya Sarre


 Anya Sarre is one of Hollywood’s most influential trendsetters. A nationally recognized celebrity stylist, Sarre is known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory.  Named “Best Television Fashion Stylist” for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and countless other media outlets, Sarre is the goto fashion expert for Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.


Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 RTW

Alexander McQueen is the epitome of Haute Couture!  The creativity, fabric, colors and design of an Alexander McQueen garment exhibits all things that are considered “fashion.”

Enjoy photos from the Spring 2013 Collection and here’s a hint:  headpieces, jewels, and bold colors…OH MY!












The Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 Runway Show


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