Celebrity Manicures at The Sag Awards 2013

Celebrities looked stunning at The Sag Awards 2013 but what about their manicures?  As a “normal” fashionista, it’s always interesting to see what beauty tricks celebrities are wearing because they work with the best hairstylist, manicurist, and make up artist.  Ultimately, celebs start and set the trends!

And it looks like (from the photos below) we aren’t the only ones that love nail designs and eclectic colors.  Take a look at celebrity manicures from The Sag Awards 2013.






For more photos of nail art worn by Kelly Osbourne, Ann Hathaway, and Kaley Cuoco visit Our Vanity.com

Inauguration Fashion: Michelle Obama Wears Jason Wu

Jason Wu has done it again by designing a ravishing, red gown for Michelle Obama!  The fabric used for this gown is velvet and chiffon, where the first lady’s dress has a halter top, fitted waist, and flowing skirt.

To pull this look together, she’s also wearing a pair of red pumps from the shoe designer Jimmy Choo.  It is safe to say that Jason Wu has the right touch when dressing the first lady and it’s shown by his design tonight!

The First Lady’s 2013 Inauguration Gown






The First Lady’s 2009 Inauguration Gown



Inauguration Fashion: My Michelle Obama Bangs

When the photo of Michelle Obama wearing bangs surfaced, my heart skipped a beat! I loved seeing her wear bangs because this style is youthful, fun, and very “mode.”  The hair style also demonstrates that she’s not afraid of versatility and change.

Michelle Obama pushes the limits from her hair to her fashion. What an inspirational first lady!


Michelle Obama Inspired Hair Style 

This photo (of me) was taken on August 2012 while visiting the Maryland State Fair with my kids.  At that time, I needed a quick hairstyle that I could flat iron in minutes.  Of course everyone was waiting on me to leave for the fair grounds (smile.)  Who would’ve ever thought (on that day) I would see the first lady with a similar style on her birthday!


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Inauguration Fashion: Michelle Obama’s Blue Thom Brown Coat

In honor of today’s inauguration, we are posting pictures of Michelle Obama to celebrate the second term of President Barack Obama!

As we can tell from the photos below, it’s all about “The Coat” when we address the fashion of our first lady.  She’s looking elegant as ever this morning for the swearing in ceremony, wearing a blue Thom Brown coat!






Photos are from The Huffington Post


It was stated this morning that Michelle Obama is one of the ONLY first ladies to wear a sleeveless dress in the White House. To keep this fashion trend going, she works out religiously to keep those arms fit!  Go Michelle!







Inauguration Fashion: Michelle Obama’s Sophisticated Style

Inauguration 2013 fashionable deets have already started and the first lady will not let us down. Last night, Michelle Obama attended an inauguration reception at The National Building Museum and was seen wearing a lovely black, sequin cocktail dress.  Michael Kors is the designer of the dress, where Michelle was able to make the look her own with a new sophisticated hair cut and a variety of bracelets.

This is only the beginning of what the first lady will have in store for us on Inauguration Day 2013 and Style Life Fashion.com will be blogging, alert and watching! Stay Tuned!

Michelle Obama attending The Building National Museum Reception


Attending The Inaugural Concert on January 19, 2013




Michelle Obama’s New Sophisticated Hair Cut




To read more about Michelle Obama’s Michael Kors Dress, visit the  Mrs. O website

Sisterhood of Natural Hair: Adjustable Headbands and Haircare Products Interview

Sisterhood of Natural Hair

Meet the Designer: Sarah Mukibi

1.  What inspired you to become a (hair) accessory designer and natural hair product distributor?

I started creating headbands because when I went into stores to find headbands for my hair some were so loose that I would have to double wrap them which would end up pulling my hair.

Now I sell headbands that are very unique and adjustable that range between $5 and $7.

I have been selling them vending at different natural hair events and they are also online for purchase.

2.   In your opinion, what makes your headbands unique from any other brand?

What makes my headbands different is that they are unique, adjustable and innovate. You can not find them anywhere in stores and I designed them specifically for African American women with natural hair.

3.   What are some of your greatest accomplishments as a (hair) designer?

One of my greatest accomplishment is actually incorporating Sisterhood of Natural Hair as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). Second great accomplishment was paticipating in my first natural hair event as a vendor, I was so scared but it turned out to be a great experience. Thirdly, is selling my headbands online, which is doing pretty good so far.

4.   What’s your favorite headband from the collection?

Do I have to choose I love them all (giggles) but if I really have to choose it would be my plain black one just because I can wear it with any outfit. I also love the leopard skin bows because they are fun and bold.

 5.  Honestly, how many hair care products do you own?

Honestly, I don’t own to many hair care products. I would say about 15 – 20. 

6.   Do you have any advice for anyone that’s interested in becoming a (hair) accessory designer or creating their own hair care product line?

The advice that I would give others concerning starting their own business is to just do it. It can be a bit scary but once you have come up with a plan start taking the steps towards making your dreams a reality.

Time waits for no one and there will never be a “right time” to start a business but if you believe in your product/services take a chance and if you fail it’s okay – reevaluate your plan and try again.

7.   What’s in the future for Adjustable Headbands and Natural Hair Products?

In the future I hope to get my headbands into retail stores. Soon I will also be starting a makeup line that will be all natural and bring back the make up that highlights the African American women. I also hope to start a natural hair care line that will consist of moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners and oils etc.



To find out more about the company and where to order products click on the link: SNH HEADBANDS


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NYE 2012 Recap: New York, Washington DC, and Baltimore

NYE is a time to celebrate “new” beginnings with family and friends! This is also a significant holiday because we create resolutions that will inspire us for the upcoming year.

Although 2012 was dynamic year, I think it’s universal to say that we’re (all) striving towards individual change, personal growth, and a closer spiritual connection for the 2013 year.

Check out our New Year’s Eve {2012} Recap from Style Life Fashion.com


From New York, Washington DC, and Baltimore the socialites were out having a good time.  Cheers (raise your champagne flute) to the New Year!


Tyrice Johnson from The Belvedere Agency in New York


Celebrating in the New York: New year, new trend! Among the number of new trends this new year in the Big Apple, many New Yorkers and celebs, opted to attend small intimate house parties rather than foot the bill for a lavish night out. Low-key parties were attended by socialites and trendsetters throughout the city. Despite the smaller venues attended this New Year’s Eve, fashion was in full swing! Tuxedo jackets adorned or paired with heavy jewelry was a consistent trend.



Barbara Choice from Choice Management, LLC in Washington DC


Celebrating in Washington DC: I celebrated New Year’s Eve in DC at Alero’s Restaurant and Bar Nine. I purchased my dress and coat from H&M and wore Zara Shoes. My New Year’s Resolution is continue to work on me in becoming a better person!


Nafessah Carter English Teacher in Baltimore, Maryland (on the far left)


Celebrating in Baltimore: We partied at Select Lounge in Baltimore, Maryland. One of my New Years resolutions is to get closer to God.



Kimmie West from Style Life Fashion.com in Baltimore, Maryland

Celebrating in Baltimore: We celebrated at the Pisces Lounge, at the Hyatt Place Baltimore (where we also made a reservation for the evening.) I wore a black lace dress purchased from H&M along with black, leather knee boots (from Guess.) I also carried a black fur coat, just in case we stepped outside for the fireworks. The ADIDAS snapback cap was a gift to my hubby, who thought “this” would make a “fly” picture! {wink}




The fireworks show at the Baltimore Harbor