Match Your Bodyshape to This Year’s Must Have Beachwear: Guest Post from Vivienne Ollis from Lilylola Beachwear Boutique

On any usual day it can be difficult knowing what suits your body shape but throw in a scorching hot summer and the possibility of a week spent around a pool or on the beach and the uncertainty can rapidly multiply.

Unless your blessed with the body of a supermodel you will be looking at your summer wardrobe, sarongs, bikinis, shorts and even sandals will be analyzed as you ponder if last year’s purchases were actually such a good buy?

So when it comes to shopping for your hard earned holiday and to avoid any mistakes again this year, here a few pointers on dressing different body shapes to ensure you make the most of your figure this summer.

Pear Shaped

If you have a pear shaped body you will be larger around the hips and thighs than you are on top, which can leave you feeling or looking out of balance. A general rule for those with this body shape and those who want to avoid appearing bottom heavy is to ensure that the fabric on your bottom half is understated compared to your top half e.g. the trick is to wear a brightly coloured or patterned top and team this with plain and simple bottoms. The two will contrast making the top half appear louder and bolder and the bottom appear slimmer and smaller. If you are a pear shape it’s worth remembering that when slipping on clothes to go walkabout try a sarong or a wrap as ‘shorts’ style bottoms will exaggerate the width of the hips.

Shorter Legs

Wanting to make your legs appear as long as possible is a great trick we all want to know. Try to avoid wearing shorts which are cut at mid thigh length or capri trousers cut at mid calf as these have a shortening effect on your legs. If you’re on the beach then wearing a high leg bikini will elongate your legs from hip to ankle adding virtual inches. For evenings out wear skirts or dresses which are ankle length, such as maxi dresses and long flowing garments. If these are paired with a waist length top you will exaggerate the length of yourself from waist to floor giving the impression your legs are much longer than they actually are.

Top Heavy

Almost polar opposite to the ‘pear’ shape having a top heavy figure will mean your hips and thighs look much smaller in comparison to your top. This doesn’t necessarily mean big cheated, you may simply have broad shoulders and larger arms making your overall appearance focused to your top half. In this case wearing a plain small top will help balance your figure but be sure this incorporates good support if you do also have larger breasts. Your bottoms can be bigger e.g. a larger knicker or shorts style and it’s safe to go for large bold prints. If you want to cover up then shorts or mini skirts are great as these will balance out your figure.

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Author Bio:  Vivienne Ollis Fashion Blogger specialising in Beachwear for Lilylola Beachwear Boutique