Should You Design An Engagement Ring From Scratch?

One of the first things to think about when you’ve decided to propose is, do you want to purchase a store-bought ring or have the freedom to design your own? Many jewelers offer both options but it can be hard to decide whether the convenience, quality warranty and being able to see the finished product is better. As on the other hand, you could have the chance to choose a ring that suits your bride to be’s personality, matches your budget and has been flawlessly manufactured. Remember, an engagement ring is a paramount piece of jewelry as it symbolizes the promise the two of you are making to each other and needs to be worthy of that commitment.

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It’ll Be Truly Unique

The last thing you want is your excited fiancé to show off her ring only to be told ‘yeah that style’s nice’ or worse see someone wearing pretty much the same ring as her. Even though there are lots of different designs, it’s entirely possible that sooner or later she may run into someone who has been proposed with the same ring style from the same store. If your future wife has very individual style and tastes  it may be better to pick out your own ring. That way the diamonds, setting and even band color will be different as you’ll be able to incorporate more details. Another way to set her ring apart from the crowd is weave in personal elements, such as engraving, colored stones and a ring box with her name or birth date on.

You’ll Be Able To Control Your Budget

Engagement rings come in a range of price points so by purchasing all the elements of the ring separately you’ll be able to prioritize what’s important to you. If you want a larger diamond you may be able to choose a slightly less precious metal for the band; a smaller setting may give you more room on the band if you’re selecting a pave style. A diamond that is only slightly more colored than another one may vary hugely when it comes to price. Look for loose diamonds for sale that are categorized as I to J as these are good quality, medium priced gems as well as those that weigh between one and two karats for large singular diamonds, such as solitaires, and 0.50 and one karat for three stone styles.

Greater Sentimental Value

Designing a ring is a process that involves quite a few people including yourself, the salesperson, shop designer, gem dealer and the craftsmen that creates setting and band. It isn’t a cheap nor a quick option and so it requires an awful lot of thought and preparation, multiple phone calls or meetings and a lot of trust in your chosen jeweler.

Your fiancé will appreciate the amount of love, time and effort that went into her ring and will be genuinely touched by all your hard work. Remember, engagement rings are designed to be worn for a lifetime alongside wedding or even eternity rings. So if you’ve created one custom piece then you may have to create another for the jewellery to look right together.  David Alan is a master jeweler who works with you to take your vision and create one-of-a-kind custom pieces that you and your partner will love.

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