Five Things You Didn’t Know About Engagement Rings

If you are wondering what the true meaning of an engagement ring is and how to choose the right piece for the occasion, based on your traditions, heritage, and budget, you might want to research the topic. Engagement rings are one of the most popular items bought, and some of them purchased by celebrities can cost millions. In case you’re wondering what the most popular designs and customization options are, check out the list below.

They Date Back to Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, engagement rings were worn on the left hand, on the fourth (ring) finger. The reason for the choice of a finger is that Egyptians believed that there is a vein in the ring finger that leads straight to the heart. The circle was a symbol of eternity, so it symbolized a promise to stay together forever. Later on, in the Roman times, men used the ring to claim their legal right to the woman and their property.

The Most Popular Engagement Ring Portfolio

Today, the most popular engagement ring selection is the one made by Tiffany & Co. The Tiffany setting was introduced by Charles Tiffany in 1886 and is still the most famous one. It includes a six-prong mount and a single diamond. It is elegant and sophisticated and allows the choice of different size and purity diamonds to be inserted. No matter what the main precious metal is, the diamond has to be single. Around 80 percent of American women get a diamond engagement ring from their partners.

Round-Cut Style Is the Most Popular

While jewelry designers have experimented with different shapes in the past, the round-cut is still the most popular one. When it comes to celebrities able to afford unique styles, oval and square diamonds are also prevalent. Check out the latest Celebrity Engagement Trends to find out what makes famous people’s heartbeat when searching for the right ring for their partners.

The Most Likely Times to Shop for Engagement Rings

People generally start shopping for engagement rings in December. The average man spends around three months looking for the perfect design and model. Proposals are most likely to happen during the festive period, however, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving are also popular dates.

The Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Paris Hilton, the famous heiress of the hotel chain received an engagement ring worth $4.7 million by her ex-partner, Paris. The 24-carat emerald cut diamond had a canary yellow color. Liz Taylor’s engagement ring from Richard Burton cost $8.8 million. You’ll be surprised to know that Princess Diana’s engagement ring was only 137,200. This ring is being worn by Kate Middleton, her daughter-in-law.

Whether you are shopping for an engagement ring or just would like to know more about the history and the different styles available, the above guide will help you navigate your way around the jewelry shops of the high street and choose the model and cut that will impress your future partner and match your budget at the same time.

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