Conair Hairbrushes Product Review – Affordable Styling Tool

Owning the right set of hair brushes can be the same as purchasing a gorgeous lipstick.  It’s essential to your beauty routine and a must-have product.

I decided to give my hair some attention and invest in the proper set of brushes. The summer requires a lot of hair manipulation and can lead to loss at the root.

To help out in this area, Conair shipped a set of brushes.  I’m huge fan of the hot air brush that was featured on this site a year ago and was excited to receive the package.  In terms of hair maintenance, the brush is by no means a substitute for professional blowouts but I have received compliments after using this product.

My technique is to apply serum, section the hair, start on a low-heat; working until the hair is straight.

Product Review:

Let’s talk about the new set of brushes!  I received the Quick Blow-Dry Metal Vent Brush, Carbon Smooth Fast Drying Anti Static Brush, and Ultra Detangler Large Nylon Round Brush.  Again, each brush has an individual use, which is very important to remember.

The Quick Blow-Dry Metal Vent Brush allows airflow from your dryer to the hair; Smooth Fast Drying Anti Static Brush prevents static after blow-drying, and Ultra Detangler Nylon Round brush easily glides through wet hair.  You’re probably asking, “Which brush did I use?”  And the answer is all of them!

The ultimate purpose of using a hairbrush is not just for styling but it’s critical to the health of your hair. I suggest researching the right hair tools and visit your local Ulta to purchase a set of Conair Brushes.  The company has a variety of brushes for all hair types.

After using the set of brushes, I have received several compliments on my hair and it’s not because I’m a great stylist (smile) but due to using the right tools!