11 Tips To Help Create More Hair Volume

Are you sick of limp locks, flat hair and dying to have more hair volume? If your dream or goal is to increase your hair volume, here are 11 ultimate tips for you. Feel free to give them a try for better results.

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Back brush it

In this case, use a large paddle brush to back brush your hair roots to create a soft hair volume. Combs with fine teeth will create massive tangles.

Pin the uppermost layers of the hair and then back-brush the rest section by section. Hold each section away from your head and brush down at the root in three, fast strokes. A hairspray to each brushed area will see your volume last for a while. Let your hair down upon completion.

Enhance your roots

Make root-boosting products to your friends. They support any manual lifts you make near the roots of your hair to help your style last. Locate products designed only for fine hair and apply them on your scalp. These products should be used on damp hair.

Change your part

It is not surprising that you have a favorite place where you part your hair. Mostly your hair likes to fall on this part naturally. It is here where your hair lies flattest and you like it to stay that way.

Changing your part to the other side will instantly create volume at the top. To achieve most height, apply a deep side part on the other side in dry hair, spraying it lightly to hold.

Blow dry upside down

This is the best shortcut to achieve a voluminous blowout. Just like it sounds, it is flipping the head in an upside down manner. After your haircut, use a flat-iron to finish off the ends of your hair for more voluminous hair look. Your scalp is automatically lifted by the roots to give you that outlook in this technique.

Crimp your roots

Crimping is done at the root of your hair to rough up its texture, making it stand out from your scalp. This method was highly popular in the 80s. Requiring nil expertise, it also takes a few minutes to do it. The top layer of your hair is able to hide crimping from any detection.

Use hot rollers

This method is often forgotten. Unlike flat and curling irons, this requires no special method. It works perfectly on the dry hair where you put hot rollers on your hair and by the time you’re finished with your make-up the job will be done too.

Ensure you choose the direction of your waves. You can choose to roll away for glamorous Hollywood-like waves or towards the face to create a more vintage look. Misting the sections with hairspray before rolling makes the volume last. When the rollers have cooled, take them out to brush and shape your waves for a modern, soft look.

Sleep in a bun

Wash your hair and pull it up into a loose, high bun while damp and then secure it with something soft and elastic. This will dry your hair while lifted off your scalp. When you loosen it you’ll achieve volume and a bonus of soft waves.

Apply volume building shampoo

Sounds like the right tool for the job, right? This shampoo will align with your volume goals. To find a shampoo that is safe and doesn’t strip your hair, ensure your products are translucent or clear as they’re unlikely to be laden with heavy hair conditioning agents.

Use dry shampoo

When you finish blow-drying your hair, apply a layered coat of dry shampoo on your scalp. This layer prevents oils from destroying your volume thus helping it to last longer. Innately, dry shampoo is volume building. To create more texture, spray it throughout the lengths as well.

Add color

Color is not just about color but also the texture it gives your hair. A color ingredient, peroxide, add a body that roughs up your hair cuticle to help those with flat hairs that don’t support volume styles.

Remove conditioner with a cold rinse

Cold water better removes residue than warm water. In essence, it removes all traces of conditioners that might be sabotaging your strands enabling you to achieve volume easily when you go to blow dry your hair.

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