Product Review: Virginn Pure Mineral Makeup

Last week I received a package in the mail from Tonja, the CEO of Virginn Pure Mineral Makeup.  Of course, I was super excited to test out the products because I love makeup. But most importantly, this line of cosmetics is considered to be a mineral product.

For those that are not savvy about the use of mineral based makeup, the Virginn Pure Mineral Makeup line’s considered to, “give skin a natural glow and feel as if you have nothing on.”  According to sources, mineral makeup is also helpful for women with sensitive skin and need assistance covering blemishes.


Many people are not aware that I suffer from having eczema (all over.)  Having this skin care issue is my driving force behind developing a regiman and wearing the proper makeup for my skin type (to protect my skin from environmental debris.)  That purpose alone is a positive incentive for anyone to test out this brand.

Upon opening the package, I received several makeup brushes, shimmering bronzer, and foundation.  And  I have to agree that this product did indeed live up to it’s testimony! When applying the foundation and bronzer, I only needed to use a small amount of each product.  The makeup brushes felt wonderful and my face looked great throughout the remainder of the evening.


To place an order with Virginn Pure Mineral Makeup, click on the link and see photos (of me) below!

photo (20)

photo (17)

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