RG Cosmetics Collagen Collection Hair System – Product Review

There are several items on the shelf that are expected to give customers beautiful hair.  All of the hair care products are infused with essential nutrients that will stimulate the scalp to create healthy roots.  One of the latest beauty vitamins is called Collagen.  This is a protein used to enhance the skin but recently used in hair care products as well.

I had the opportunity to review RG Cosmetics, Collagen Collection Hair System. The system included a Shampoo, Mask, and Hair Midst.  This was no ordinary product line!

It’s suggested to (first) use the mask , shampoo the scalp, and apply the midst to lock in the vitamins. After using the system I could immediately recognize results due to the softness of my hair strands.  I am expecting to have healthier hair due to using this product consistently.  Stay connected to my social media because I will share photos of my hair care progress very soon!

Yes, this product line can be used on all hair-types; whether straight or textured the Collagen Collection will transform your hair!