Spring and Summer Trend: Chunk It Up

Winter is associated with anything chunky; whether it’s chunky knits, chunky boots or a nice thick, chunky scarf for cold spells, it’s all…big. When summer comes (not far away) we tend to ditch this in favor of lighter accessories to keep us cool and stick to the “stereotypical” trend that we are all brought up with. It’s not even logical; of course we need to be free and floaty when the sun is beating down on us, but what if some people don’t like the dainty stuff that we are expected to wear? What if we want to hold on to winter but aren’t quite sure how without overheating?

Don’t panic – it all lies in the accessories.

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This is one thing that you can so totally afford to go big and bold with. Cable-knit jumpers always have a lovely plaited design? This can be transferred onto your head. Simply look up a few hair design tutorials on YouTube (Dutch braid is a great one to keep the hair out of your face but still provide a style that is pretty effortless once you get used to it) and rotate them around throughout the coming weeks. If you can’t keep the knits on you, at least you can keep your hair looking chunky. It’s actually quite summery to put your hair into braids anyway, but the bigger the better – don’t go small with them, pull them out and make them look as messy as you like. It’s the way to go.


Even if you know you have to wear as little as socially-acceptably possible to cope with the heat, there are things that you can wear to mix up your style a little. Gothic jewelry is a great example of something that is big and bold and makes a statement, but without drawing too much away from what you’re already wearing. Rather than layering up your clothes, layer up your necklaces; you don’t have to necessarily go for anything made out of metal, either. Knotted necklaces made out of hemp rope are springing back into fashion after their day in the 70s, and the beautiful gemstones that you can get adorning the middle of them really are an attractive centerpiece to what you’re wearing.


There is little that you can do in terms of making your makeup bigger, but you can accentuate different features and use darker shades that you usually would have only brought out in the winter. It seems that plum and cherry lipsticks are consigned to the months of November and December, but don’t let them sit all lonely in your makeup bag for the next couple of seasons – bring them out and let them know that they’re still loved – who says you can’t?

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