Tabitha Bethune and La Playbill Collection

Tabitha Bethune, longtime actress and award-winning playwright, is releasing her new evening wear collection, La Playbill. With the desire to reignite interest in elegant formal wear, Tabitha Bethune of The Wild Life Reserve, decided to create beautiful, timeless clothing under the LA PLAYBILL brand. Looks from the collection will be previewed at the Bal des Artistes event presented by the Creative Alliance of New Orleans.


Tabitha is a lover of the arts, and for this reason, LA PLAYBILL is a tribute to the arts. A LA PLAYBILL gown is the perfect marriage of timeless beauty and comfort. LA PLAYBILL’s signature is 18 Karat gold stitching at the hem of the gown to accentuate its level of excellence. Therefore, a LA PLAYBILL gown is to be handed down to the next generation. Because Tabitha is a New Orleans native and NOCCA alum, her fabric choices tell a story with an exquisite voice. A LA PLAYBILL gown celebrates all the important moments in a woman’s life while allowing her to feel confident, beautiful, and splendid. LA PLAYBILL gowns don’t just make statements but tell stories.

About Tabitha Bethune:

Tabitha Bethune, designed LA PLAYBILL to pay homage to the arts and her undying love for the theater. Making use of rich, smoldering fabrics, Bethune constructed remarkable gowns each inspired by some of the world’s favorite plays, artists and movies from both the present and past. In addition to the 18 karat gold stitching found in every hem of LA PLAYBILL gowns, Bethune’s signature line contains dramatic cuts and tailoring.

The daughter of a seamstress, Tabitha Bethune was introduced to sewing at an early age. Beginning when she was five, Bethune regularly assisted her mother by threading needles and cutting patterns for her as she sewed clothing for her seven children. Bethune soon recognized her passion for designing garments, which flourished in her adult years.

In 2006 Tabitha married Micaiah Bethune, designer and owner of the locally renowned men’s clothing line, The Wild Life Reserve. Collectively under the umbrella of The Wild Life Reserve LA PLAYBILL’s mission seeks to preserve elements of raw fashion that have been eliminated by mass production void of personal style. Bethune’s LA PLAYBILL comes to fruition as a result of today’s relaxed fashion culture that has been stripped of black-tie standards and has lost sight of the respect once paid to the stage by simply dressing up.

Tabitha Bethune would like to thank her two wonderful children Jasmine and Olivia Bethune as well as her husband Micaiah Bethune .

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