Fox 45 Morning News Segment: Spring Cleaning Products

The whole experience of being on television is new to me but also very exciting. It’s an aspect of my brand that I didn’t pursue (or imagine) but was presented to me through a public relations firm located in New York.

Please see the segment below:

Fox 45 Baltimore – Discussing Spring Cleaning Products

Buying Jewelry Online: Getting the Best Glam for Your Buck


The two year anniversary came up recently between my girlfriend and I so I wanted to give her something special. Until now, I would have bought her the usual assortment of gifts, like flowers and other do-dads that I noticed she had posted on Facebook or slyly mentioned in a conversation.

This time, I decided to buy her a ring online

I’ve bought many things online before but jewelry was one of those items I just never really got around to since there are a lot of little factors I would need to know. I didn’t want to ask her outright her ring size or her favorite stones, otherwise I would have ruined the surprise.

I did eventually find–what I would like to think is–an excellent ring. When I gave it to her, she swooned and the gift was a complete success.


But I’m not here to tell you about my little story but rather to offer a few suggestions if you’re about to do the same as I had done (without ruining the surprise and keeping it within a reasonable budget).

My Suggestions when Buying Jewelry Online

Whether you’re buying it as a gift or just picking it up on your own – shopping for jewelry online is a little different than, say, buying a toy on Amazon. In many ways, it’s a lot like shopping for clothes, in the sense that you need some base information to make sure you’re getting exactly what you expect.

Here’s how I’d recommend going about doing that:

Get the basics

The basics will boil down to taste, event, and physical dimensions.

For example:

• Sizing

• Type of stone(s)

• Colors

• Type of metals

• Occasion

When you’re shopping for yourself, you’re going to know what you like so this one’s a gimme: those wanting to purchase jewelry as a gift might need to fly under the radar and go through their friends to get this information without tipping them off as to your intentions.

What you could do is to ask their friends sly questions about their tastes and preferences and relay that information back to you. You may also want to get a few ideas from sites like Pinterest based on the occasion (such as an engagement, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary).

Do Your Homework

The great thing about buying online is that you don’t get that pressure that you would if you stepped into a jewelry store or other retail location. Someone isn’t coming over to pitch you.

You also get the benefit of doing comparison shopping from home so you’re not running all around town going to different stores, wasting gas, and generally knowing you’re not going to get a price on match with what’s online.

Let’s say you go to to get started. Once you’re there you can begin shopping around and looking at the available options. At this time, I’d recommend looking at the warranty information to make sure you’re covered in case it doesn’t fit or a gem pops out. Reading the testimonials and reviews will also give you good ideas on where to start.

Having this ability to do it all online will get you the best bang for your buck especially when you don’t feel like you need to make a quick decision since a salesperson is hyping the purchase (because they know they’ll get a commission).

Easy as 1, 2, … 3?

To be honest, there isn’t really a need for a third step because if you’ve got the information needed for what type of jewelry to get, along with taking the time to shop around for the best deals (and customer service) you’re more than good to go.

Buying jewelry online may not be something you’ve done before, but I’m sure with my tips (and story) you should have everything you need to get the best glam for your buck.


This post was contributed from Sam Peters


Beyonce wearing Margo Manhattan Jewelry

Margo states, “From my background as a “theater baby” my jewelry designs have always been inspired by theatrical style, to me Beyonce is the ultimate style icon that fuses stardom and style to represent a statement. I love jewelry that speaks silently.”

Exclusive photos of Beyonce wearing Margo Manhattan Jewelry

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 12.07.02 PM

1501895_10153664019880294_1476745934_n (1)

Tiffany & Co. Holiday Favorites and Gift Sharing Ideas

What a perfect time of the year to share gift ideas from Tiffany & Co.


Some of our holiday favorites include bangles from the new Atlas collection, ring and earrings from the Ziegfeld collection and emerald rings to round out the 2013 emerald ‘color of the year’ theme.

And we can not forget the beautiful clutches from the Fall/Winter Tiffany Leather Collection.


Stop by your local Tiffany & Co. or shop online to select “the perfect holiday gift wrapped in a blue box!”

Tiffany Summer A 2011 Page 10









Sterling Silver Woven Ring from | Simply Beautiful Jewelry and Accessories

The Micro Pave Clear CZ Sterling Silver Woven Ring shown below is absolutely gorgeous!  I received it in the mail last week from BERRICLE .com and was pleasantly surprised.

photo (8)

Although I have a beautiful wedding set (compliments of my husband) this ring is perfect for my right hand because it’s elegant while having a woven style and it’s also sterling silver.

I am the type of girl that likes simple elegance, so of course I had to visit the entire website.

photo (7) (1) has an wide array of jewelry from rings, earrings, necklaces, and accessories.  There’s enough of a variety for everyone depending on your individual style.

Personally, I encourage anyone who’s searching for quality, affordable jewelry to check out


Tiffany & Co. New Website: Redesigned Site Showcases The Jewelers Renowned Heritage and Legendary Collections

New York, NY (October 21, 2013)—Tiffany & Co. announces the redesign of, a dynamic portal to the jeweler’s legendary collections, with interactive pathways to explore its celebrated heritage and prominence in the worlds of design, glamour and true love.

The new (#TiffanyNewSite and @TiffanyandCo) is designed as a personal invitation to visit Tiffany & Co. for a quick shopping trip or to explore the site’s many stories on the company’s milestones and masterpieces, as well as the beauty and excellence of Tiffany today. Stunning high-resolution visuals create a vivid environment, where users may customize searches by category, designer, price, materials and gemstones, with enhanced zoom capability and myriad views of jewelry on models and in videos.

The site’s new sections focus on Tiffany & Co. as founder of American luxury and its evolution as one of the world’s preeminent jewelers. Blue Book, the company’s collection of spectacular couture jewels, is showcased as never before. These rarest of creations, the pinnacle of the jeweler’s art, are illuminated with breathtaking imagery, including scenes from the Tiffany Workshop above the Fifth Avenue flagship store, where these extraordinary jewels are brought to life.


As the jeweler synonymous with diamonds and love, Tiffany expands the Engagement section with a wealth of information that leads users to the perfect ring. Services include a gemologist’s video and review of Tiffany’s quality standards that exceed the 4Cs, with clear distinctions as to cut, color, clarity and carat weight. The site also allows users to choose a ring, specify carat size and skin tone and view it on a model’s hand; or download Tiffany’s Engagement Ring Finder app (for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™), where they can select and share rings.

Diamonds are a key topic of Sustainability that highlights Tiffany’s standing as the industry leader in sourcing gemstones and precious metals only from mines who share the company’s core beliefs—protection of the environment, respect for human rights and support for the communities in which it does business.


The World of Tiffany looks at fashion and glamour from specific points of view: Tiffany Style has the inside story on the newest jewelry designs, sharing space with Tiffany designers (the ravishing jewels of Jean Schlumberger, the revolutionary creations of Elsa Peretti) and videos. The Latest goes global, covering celebrity culture, Tiffany diamonds on the red carpet and the excitement of opening Tiffany stores from Hong Kong to Paris.

In addition, the World of Tiffany covers The Tiffany Story, a timeline of the company’s history from its founding in 1837 in New York City, as well as What Makes Love True, with stories of real-life couples who recall—on film and in photographs—the thrill of it all.

This big-picture view of Tiffany & Co. also includes the pleasures of dining and entertaining at home. Through beautifully styled scenarios—a formal dinner, afternoon tea, holiday feast, wedding brunch—users may discover the world of Tiffany china, crystal, sterling silver flatware and accessories that define the art of living well.

Tiffany & Co. operates jewelry stores and manufactures products through its subsidiary corporations. Its principal subsidiary is Tiffany and Company. The Company operates TIFFANY & CO. retail stores and boutiques in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Japan, Europe and the United Arab Emirates and engages in direct selling through Internet, catalogue and business gift operations. For additional information, please visit

TIFFANY & CO., TIFFANY, T&CO. and TIFFANY & CO. SCHLUMBERGER are trademarks of Tiffany and Company.


Jemily Designs: The Idrissa Collection

The Idrissa Collection is inspired by the romance of the castles from Spain to Senegal.

The legend behind Tourmalines is that the stone passed a rainbow on its way up from the center of the Earth. So they are called “gemstone of the rainbow”

The word tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese word turamali which means “stone attracting ash”.

Brazilian Tourmalines are also called Verdelite.This name comprises the Latin ‘viridis’ (green) and the Greek suffix ‘lith’ (stone). The vibrant green actually comes from trace amounts of other materials. These stones are”Chromium-Tourmaline” a rare emerald-coloured tourmaline which has traces of Vanadium and Chromium. Though once only found in Brazil where the mines are now depleted, these deep green stones called Brazilian Tourmalines now come from other parts of the world, notably Africa.

Idrissa Green Tourmaline by JEMILY jpeg

Tourmalines amaze scientists with their “pyro-electricity” properties. Pyro is Greek for “fire”. When heated Tourmalines become electrically charged. When cooled Tourmalines have a positive charge at one end of the stone and a negative charge at the other.

The deep rich transparent seafoam color that illuminates these rare stones, the mined in Brazil Green Tourmalines from designer Catherine Marion’s private collection featured in her JEMILY DESIGNS . Resembling emeralds, one of the most precious of stones, these precious Brazilian Tourmalines are highly coveted indeed.

JEMILY Green Tourmaline Idrissa earrings and necklace

JEMILY CUFFS Diamond and 18 kt Gold photo by David Lewis Taylor

Event Alert: Adornia {Fine Jewelry} Pop-Up Sail

Running the gammit from gourmet food to designer duds, pop-up sales trucks have been hitting the road hard for several years. This time around, ADORNIA will take the pop-up shop idea to the water for the first pop-up catamaran! ADORNIA will be hosting two “pop-up sails” this August on board their luxury catamaran SS ADORNIA docking at Montauk’s finest seaside spots, the Montauk Yacht Club and Navy Beach.  There will be two separate jewelry parties:

Saturday, August 3rd and Saturday, August 17th
Both Commencing
at 12:30 PM at the Montauk Yacht Club.
At 3:00 PM the SS ADORNIA will depart Montauk arriving at Navy Beach’s shores at 3:30 and will dock there till 6:00 PM. 

ADORNIA cofounders Becca Aronson and Moran Amir, aka Bex and Mo, will be on board to greet visitors to the pop-up sail and dole out the latest jewelry styling tips. They welcome Montauk’s weekenders to join them in viewing their latest summer vacation-inspired collection, The Palms. The SS ADORNIA will be the premiere Saturday party in August on Long Island’s shores. Nautical-clad models will don pieces from The Palms collection as champagne fills the flutes of visitors and music enlivens the spirit on the boat.


ADORNIA is the modern girl’s jeweler—old world quality, luxury contemporary style. The online company fuses cutting edge design with real jewelry material and quality at an accessible luxury price point. Co-founded by Becca Aronson (Bex) former accessories editor for LUCKY Magazine and Moran Amir (Mo) formally of fashion houses Catherine Malandrino and Diesel. ADORNIA fills a void online for sophisticated women to shop for quality, unique fine jewelry. The premiere destination to shop for fashion fine jewelry, ADORNIA also provides jewelry guidance to its discerning female customers through its celebrated blog United States of ADORNIA and how-to styling video series Live from ADORNIA Studios! ADORNIA launched in November 2013 and has been featured in Forbes, Elle, Glamour, Lucky and Who What Wear, just to name a few. 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Towson Town Center Guru {Rebecca}

Are you currently searching “high and low” for great Mother’s Day gifts? Thanks to the Towson Town Center Guru, Rebecca has provided us with tips when shopping for that special lady.


Whether it’s a pair of designer purse, stylish pair of sunglasses or a delicate necklace from Tiffany & Co. she gives us classic gift ideas for this upcoming holiday.  To learn more about shopping tips, visit