The Coming of The Combat Boot: A Winter Must Have

Fashion’s forever changing and repeating itself. And it’s no surprise that combat boots would be this year’s fashion statement! Combat Boots are setting the mark for designers and starting to inspire us (all over again.)  Besides, we have all rocked the camouflage look at some stage in our lives.

And honestly, nothing beats transformation and that’s what this trend brings.  Below you will find a quick tip on how YOU can ROCK Combat boots.

Quick Tip for Rocking COMBAT BOOTS

With combat boots, you can be a “girlie girl” on a casual day or a have a low key “feminine style” on a street day.  Either way you can never go wrong (especially for stylish comfort) when wearing combat boots.


Celebrities Rihanna and Megan Good are looking “fab” in Combat Boots


Amber Rose wearing black tights, biker jacket, and Combat Boots



Colors and Variety 


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  1. The combat boot has remained a fashion staple since the 80’s. I don’t think Dr. Martins have ever left. Now they are done with awesome prints and colors. My current favorite is Valentino’s spin on the combat boot.

  2. Yes, I agree Combat Boots are a staple item! Thanks for stopping by (smile)

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