Carolyn Murphy – Sound Bath for Buick Envision

Health and wellbeing are top of mind for more and more Americans today, and for Buick as well. The first ever Buick Envision five passenger compact luxury SUV feature’s signature Quiet Tuning, advanced driver assist technologies, and soft-touch materials, designed to contribute to a more relaxing, calm and happy driving experience.

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Today, Buick is proud to release a new piece of video content inspired by the Buick Envision featuring Carolyn Murphy entitled Buick Envision Quiet Tuning.”

Buick’s signature Quiet Tuning is a process designed to reduce, block and absorb noise to develop a quiet, inviting, and distraction-free cabin. Elements including acoustic laminated glass, triple door seals and active noise cancellation make the Buick Envision one of the quietest SUVs on the market.

Influenced by a sense of wellbeing, calm and comfort, the Buick video explores the vehicle’s connection to the world outside the car. The Buick Envision Quiet Tuning video explores the importance of sound in influencing a sense of wellbeing and focus for the driver and passengers. The video also gives a taster of a special downloadable sound bath created specifically for Buick Envision. Sound specialists Jarrod Mayer and Melody Balczon designed a sound bath with Carolyn Murphy to help alleviate stressful driving situations that can be part of a daily commute.

Download the Buick Envision Quiet Tuning Sound Bath Track. This custom track can be downloaded for use on your next drive. The track supports calming and enhances focus of the mind.

“This sound bath was curated with the intention of creating a calm and focused mind to alleviate the stresses of noisy commutes that cause tension in the body,” said Jarrod Mayer. “Sound waves are absorbed by the body and have the power to aversely or positively affect the mind and body, making sound baths and the Buick Envision’s exceptionally quiet cabin so impactful.”

“I’m on the road a lot and am very sensitive to noise. Stressful sounds from roadwork to horns and the general hustle and bustle of city life take a toll on your well-being,” explained Murphy. “I’ve enjoyed working with the Buick Envision. We all spend so much time in our cars so anything that can help bring comfort to that is a joy.”

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