Inauguration Fashion: My Michelle Obama Bangs

When the photo of Michelle Obama wearing bangs surfaced, my heart skipped a beat! I loved seeing her wear bangs because this style is youthful, fun, and very “mode.”  The hair style also demonstrates that she’s not afraid of versatility and change.

Michelle Obama pushes the limits from her hair to her fashion. What an inspirational first lady!


Michelle Obama Inspired Hair Style 

This photo (of me) was taken on August 2012 while visiting the Maryland State Fair with my kids.  At that time, I needed a quick hairstyle that I could flat iron in minutes.  Of course everyone was waiting on me to leave for the fair grounds (smile.)  Who would’ve ever thought (on that day) I would see the first lady with a similar style on her birthday!


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Inauguration Fashion: Michelle Obama’s Blue Thom Brown Coat

In honor of today’s inauguration, we are posting pictures of Michelle Obama to celebrate the second term of President Barack Obama!

As we can tell from the photos below, it’s all about “The Coat” when we address the fashion of our first lady.  She’s looking elegant as ever this morning for the swearing in ceremony, wearing a blue Thom Brown coat!






Photos are from The Huffington Post


It was stated this morning that Michelle Obama is one of the ONLY first ladies to wear a sleeveless dress in the White House. To keep this fashion trend going, she works out religiously to keep those arms fit!  Go Michelle!







Inauguration Fashion: Michelle Obama’s Sophisticated Style

Inauguration 2013 fashionable deets have already started and the first lady will not let us down. Last night, Michelle Obama attended an inauguration reception at The National Building Museum and was seen wearing a lovely black, sequin cocktail dress.  Michael Kors is the designer of the dress, where Michelle was able to make the look her own with a new sophisticated hair cut and a variety of bracelets.

This is only the beginning of what the first lady will have in store for us on Inauguration Day 2013 and Style Life will be blogging, alert and watching! Stay Tuned!

Michelle Obama attending The Building National Museum Reception


Attending The Inaugural Concert on January 19, 2013




Michelle Obama’s New Sophisticated Hair Cut




To read more about Michelle Obama’s Michael Kors Dress, visit the  Mrs. O website

New Year’s Eve Beauty Looks: Celebrity Inspiration

On Monday night, we will celebrate the new year with some fun, festive activities! But whether you’re attending a gala or having a movie marathon at your home, we should strive to look fashionable while sipping our glass of champagne.

If you’re battling with the question, “what should I wear” why not find fashion inspiration from a few celebrities that “get it right” for every occasion.

And as we review our favorite fashion looks of the year, how can we forget Rihanna’s blonde hair, Kim Kardashian’s black mesh dress, or Jessica Biel’s black, Louis Vuitton pump.   In my opinion, the celebrities gave us “great fashion” for the 2012 year!

Click on the link for New Year’s Eve Top 10 Beauty Looks:  Grazia.Daily.Co.Uk and People Style Watch

Beyonce’s Fishtail Plait 



 Ann Hathaway’s Wine Lip Color


Quick Celebrity Gossip for 2013

Beyonce will appear on the cover of Vogue 2013 Spring Issue

Kate Middleton’s baby will be due (approximately) in July 2013

R&B singer Brandy get’s engaged during the holiday season, so there may be a wedding in 2013

FIDE Fashion Week (s) 2012: The Best in Asian Design and Parisian Couture

FIDE Fashion Week (s) is a combination of music and fashion that showcases international design.  It is considered to be the BEST in Asian Design and Parisian Couture while giving viewers a glimpse of men and women’s fashion.

Enjoy photos from the show and click on the link to view more…

FIDE Fashion Week (s) 2012






















[youtube clip_id=””]



Click here to view more of the haute couture photos!

Rihanna’s New Fragrance: NUDE

Rihanna’s third fragrance hit stores today (on Black Friday.)  With the fiery new title, “Nude” Rihanna fans and beauty fanatics can purchase her new scent at Macys for $49.99.





Fans will also (possibly) have the opportunity to purchase cosmetics and hair care products (from her) in the future.  With a sexy new title and nude inspired photo, I’m sure buyers will rush to purchase this fragrance.




Rihanna’s Fragrance Ads = HOT!









MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2012 Collection and Ways to Make Your Eye Color Pop by Danielle Ward

Enjoy photos from the MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2012 Collection

The eyes are one of the first things that people will notice when they look at your face, so it is important to play them up. They can tell a lot about you and can be as mysterious or as alluring as you make them. Whether you have blue, brown, green or hazel eyes, your eye color doesn’t have to be dull. Play up your eyes and make them pop with these techniques.

Eye shadow

The use of eye shadow is one of the easiest ways to create dramatic and attention getting eyes. There are hundreds of shades to choose from so the best way to determine which colors will look the best with your skin tone and eye color is by using a color wheel. Although most people assume their eyes are basically one color, they are actually a mixture of various colors and a color wheel will help you find the most optimum colors for your eyes. For example, if you have brown eyes with green tones, you will be able to wear colors that compliment both browns and greens. To use a color wheel, simply find the colors of your eyes and follow the complimenting colors or for a dramatic look, use the contrasting colors.





Eyeliner is a fun way to make your eyes stand out, because you can experiment with different colors and different application techniques. If you want to give your eyes a subtle, sophisticated look use brown eyeliner or for more dramatic, attention grabbing eyes choose a heavy black. To use eyeliner for creating a subtle and sophisticated look, apply a thin line along the lower rim of your eyes and a fine line just above the upper eyelashes. To create a dramatic effect, make a slightly thicker line just above the upper eyelashes and a thinner line just below the bottom eyelashes. To get the smokey eyed look, use black eyeliner above the upper eyelashes, smudge it slightly and apply eye shadow in a mixture or grays or browns and blend with a large eye shadow brush. If you have deep set eyes and want them to appear larger, on the inside of the bottom rim of your eye, apply white liner and a thin line of soft black or brown just under the bottom eyelashes. Colored eyeliner can be used when you want to create a fun, dramatic effect.


Mascara is the perfect finishing touch to making your eyes appear polished, bright and alluring. Mascara comes in a variety of choices; however, any type you choose will thicken the lashes and help to frame your eyes. Brown mascara will give your eyelashes a more natural color, while black mascara will frame the eyes better and help you make a statement with your eyes. To apply mascara and avoid clumping, hold the wand or the brush just below the upper eyelashes, look upward and slowly blink to allow the color glide onto the eyelashes. If you prefer more than one coat, let the first coat dry before applying a second coat. For all day results, use waterproof mascara to prevent smudging and running.





Using an eyelash curler before applying mascara will make your eyelashes appear fuller and frame your eyes making them look bigger and brighter. If you are new to using eye makeup and have no idea which brand of makeup will work the best for you, use an online service like coupons to save money while you are experimenting with colors and brands. Keep in mind when you are applying eye makeup that the goal is to make the color of your eyes pop and look natural, so avoid applying thick layers of color and blend well using a large eye shadow brush.







This article is written by contributing {guest} writer

Danielle Ward 

Danielle Ward is a personal shopping assistant for busy executives and high profile clients. He enjoys hunting down bargains and sharing him insights on shopping sites.






MAC Cosmetics will launch Grey Friday, a lipstick and nail polish duo (black-grey with a silver shimmer) the day after Thanksgiving aka “Black Friday.”

Lunch, Brunch and Life In Between

Below are quick snippets of my life over the past few weeks!  Always busy, always fashionable!


Strolling through The Mall of Columbia and stopped by Lush Cosmetics Store; they have some really cool products



 Heading to a Sorority Luncheon…AKA the Only Way

Mixing two foundations to get the correct shade 



 Watching Youtube, learning how to Contour my make up (or at least trying)



 Having a Grande Mimosa at Eggspecation in Columbia



The Chesapeake Omelet



Chatting and having lunch with fellow blogger Teena from Fashion for Breakfast