Trend Alert: Neon Embellishments by Guest Contributor Amy Lavelle

Neons were once the “preserve” of the rave scene and for someone whose teen years were largely spent in the 90s, neons will forever recall Cyberdog silver miniskirts with Hi Vis accents and bright pink fuzzy leg warmers, drug fuelled psychedelic dance parties and TECHNO, TECHNO, TECHNO.

Or, for the nu rave second wavers, Cyberdog window displays, layers of fluoro plastic Topshop bangles and friends’ questionable Facebook pictures of trips to Ibiza drowning under foam with only bright stripes of colour and pumping glo sticks to identify them (and TECHNO, TECHNO, TECHNO!). The chances are for you, neon may be more lurid tutus on hen parties (Claire’s Accessories own, natch) and essential dress code for a trip to Magaluf. Each to their own.

Loud, garish, and brash, let’s face it: neons have a sketchy past and oft a bad rep. Appropriated with ease as they are by the poorly reputable (has a pastel ̶  neon’s insipid sister trend this season ̶  anything ever been peeled off  before a fishbowl-fuelled shagathon?), neons are like the older girls at school who’d wear DMs, whilst inspiring awe in younger girls with their worldly sophistication and tales of illicit snogging.


Of course, if you’re feeling slightly dubious about the effect of lime green on your complexion, or understandably concerned about being mistaken for a lollipop lady, there’s no need to immerse yourself in DayGlo like a radioactive traffic cone to wear this trend.

Simple neon embellishments on otherwise neutral items (a popped collar; a bright hem) will leave you on the right side of Alex Mack, or brighten up an otherwise plain outfit with neon accessories: a bright shoe with your LBD and a splash of coloured clutch will carry you through without inspiring a single comment about returning to your home planet.

Spring is finally here: let’s throw off the shackles of our dove grey winter wardrobes and embrace the brights anew.  And honestly, who wouldn’t want to be one of the cool girls hanging out behind the bike shed over their drippy, prim pastel counterparts?

simone-rocha-neon-trend (1)
Amy Lavelle is a journalist from UK fashion comparison site Style in View. She’s contributed to a number of publications including Spindle magazine. 

Trend Alert: Gift from Mom…My New Embroidered Jeans

I have to admit that I will fall in love with anything that’s embroidered.  Not sure if this has to do with my childhood or the fact that I grew up watching my mother sew and create custom made clothing.  And no, she wasn’t a tailor or semstress but she too had a true love for fabrics, textures, and design.

So with that being said, my love affair with fashion began at a young age (partially because of the obvious reasons) but mostly because of the connection/bond between myself and my mother.  When I was five years old, she taught me how to sketch paper dolls and design clothing.  At the age of seven she bought me my first sewing machine and said, “today you will learn how to sew clothing…for your Barbie dolls.”  On my sixteenth birthday, she arranged for me to learn makeup application (at the cosmetics counter.) My sophomore year in college, I decided to leave my Psychology major for a degree in Fashion Merchandising and she encouraged my decision (even though in the back of her mind she wanted me to become a Child Psychologist.)

Last month, I decided to travel “home” to visit my parents and of course, my mom had something special for me.  As I opened the shopping bag, I see a pair of embroidered jeans. She began to explain where she purchased the jeans and how much she paid for them (which is something we like to do!)  Immediately I became excited because I knew that I could (or at least) try to “pull” off these jeans.

In lieu of the upcoming holiday (Mother’s Day) I wanted to write this post for my mom and show her how I “styled” my embroidered jeans.  Like the quote says, “April Showers brings May Flowers!”



To read more about where to find a pair of embroidered jeans, click on the link here: Lucky Magazine

Beyonce’s H&M (Bikini) Campaign

Here’s our photo of the day!  She’s done it again, take a look at Beyonce’s H&M (Bikini) Campaign.

According to the retailer, “The face of H&M’s summer campaign will be the global superstar Beyoncé. She will be wearing pieces from the H&M summer collection inspired by her style. It was shot on the beaches of the Bahamas and features both a print campaign and a commercial.”

Ladies, this is perfect motivation for summer!  Let’s strive to look great and feel great.  

Visit your local H&M  (click here) to grab a cute and sexy bikini…


1083_04_low (1)





Spring 2013 Fashion Trends: Guest Post by Danielle Ward

As winter begins to wind down new spring styles are slowly starting to emerge in the market. These new styles bring with them exciting trends that are sure to take the fashion world by storm. Here is our preview of Spring 2013 Fashion Trends.

It’s important to stock up now on these upcoming trends, as winter will be over before we know it and April showers will be in our past. Below is a list of upcoming trends according to some of the most elite style experts in the world. Follow these styles and you’re sure to be deemed a fashionista this spring.


Selena Gomez looks great wearing an a line skirt and cropped top


Upcoming Trends Spring 2013

Contrast: It’s a simple, old-fashioned trick and it’s back this spring. A black and white top, or black top with white pants, or a dress with contrasting colors is the way to go this spring. Try mixing and matching bold, solid colored pieces to create a stunning look. The great thing about an outfit full of contrast is that it makes a bold statement without being too overwhelming and can simultaneously be very slimming.

Louis Vuitton Checkerboard Print

 Sheer layers: Many of this year’s New York Fashion Week models graced the runway sporting outfits with sheer layers. Also known as a “veiled look,” designers like Haider Ackermann and Roberto Cavalli dressed their models in sheer pattern dresses, blouses, and skirts. Whether the sheer layer showed just skin underneath or was layered over a more solid piece of clothing this element definitely adds depth to any outfit.

Roberto Cavalli Spring Collection demonstrates sheer design

 Ruffles: Some of the most acclaimed designers in the world, like Balenciaga and Gucci, introduced their spring fashion lines with bountiful ruffle designs. Long dresses with ruffled shoulders are coming back this spring so be ready to make a statement with these types of pieces. The peplum top also appears to be here to stay for at least another season. In addition to this, be on the lookout for ruffled skirts, as they will also be making a dramatic entrance in the coming months. 


Gucci Spring 2013

Business chic: This look embodies female empowerment. Think business savvy with a twist of trendy. These suit-like styles aren’t your grandmother’s business outfit and rather put a modern, sleek twist on business wear. Whether you’re going on an interview or just meeting friends for drinks loose fitting blazers with colorful dress pants are a must this season. Designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, and Stella McCartney (just to name a few) are embracing this look for the spring in full force so be ready to see it just about everywhere.


Mila Kunis wearing a Classic Black Suit

 Asian inspiration: This spring Asian culture will serve as an inspiration for some of the newest fashions. This eastern-inspired look is comprised of different elements ranging from fabric, to shape, to overall design. Think kimono inspired chic with a twist of glammed up karate uniform. These looks are definitely different and bring with them a fun, unique twist to 2013’s spring fashion trends.

Danielle Ward is a personal shopping assistant who loves hunting down a good bargain. Danielle enjoys sharing his tips on shopping and fashion blogs. Visit for more fashion news.

Alex Malay Boutique

Alex Malay Boutique is making quite the mark among leading trendsetters, and socialites. The boutique offers an array of vintage, classic, and trendy apparel for the fashionista on a budget. Founded by Rochell Perro, the purpose of the online store is to provide everyday women with high end fashion pieces that won’t break the bank.

Hip-Hop and Pop sensations Nicki Minaj was recently seen in a grey and white bodycon dress, which not only wowed her audiences but left them wanting to see more of this side of the fashion icon. Alex Malay Boutique featured a similar dress this week for a fraction of the cost and nearly sold out within days! “ I want women to feel comfortable and beautiful and the best way to do that is through fashion” says Rochell of Alex Malay Boutique. Since it’s launch last year the boutique has become the go to spot for unique and affordable, fashion forward pieces.

For more information or to shop Alex Malay Boutique visit


UPDATE: Michelle Obama on Cover of Vogue Magazine April 2013 Issue

Ladies, it has been confirmed by The Washington Post that our First Lady will appear on the cover of Vogue Magazine  (again) for their April 2013 Issue.

According to The Huffington Post, the first lady will be wearing a Michael Kors skirt and sweater in this issue.

You know here, at Style Life Fashion, we absolutely love the style and grace of our Michelle Obama.  I guess my Vogue Magazine collection will be growing, thus my purchase from last month (Beyonce Cover.)

Click here to read The Huffington Post article: Michelle Obama Vogue Cover


April 2013 Issue



Michelle Obama March 2009 Cover



We have this cover as well, check it out on Instagram!

Mark Schwartz: High Heeled Art Collection Interview

Style Life Fashion had the opportunity to speak with Artist turned Fashion Designer, Mark Schwartz.   During his interview, Mark discussed how his career started in the fashion industry, his greatest accomplishment as a designer, and the future for the High Heeled Art Collection.   Because Mark is originally an artist by trade, he also describes how art and fashion closely relates.

1.  How did your career begin and what inspired you to start a fashion collection?

I started out as an assistant designer to Roger Vivier.  Vivier introduced me to Andy Warhol. Warhol took a liking to my shoe designs and paintings and he pushed me to do what I am doing today.


2.  When you think of art as it relates to fashion, what does this mean to you?

Art to Fashion , they are the same thing. Art is in every aspect of our being , in buildings, in the way we speak, in every aspect of design . It means to me that you can be inspired by a movement or a glance and go back and make a great statement in a painting.


3.  What are some of your greatest accomplishments as a designer?

Some of my greatest accomplishments as a designer is working and designing for Oprah, Katie Couric, Sharon Stone and so many others .


4.  In terms of fashion, what are some of your favorite boutiques and websites?

As far as stores go, I grew up in New York City. I love Barney’s and Bergdorf’s.


5.  In your opinion, what do you believe makes a quality article of clothing?

A quality article of clothing is something that  looks like the time was put into it. The workmanship is so important .


6.  What do you like best about designing clothes?

I love the cut of clothing and how it transforms onto a womans body from sketch to finished product.


7.  How would you define the style that your line exemplifies?

My style is fun with a twist.


8.  What’s in the future for the High Heeled Art Collection?

High Heeled Art collection will  continue with original paintings , more clothing, bags, plates and other accessories.











About the Designer:

Mark Schwartz, an internationally-collected watercolor artist who creates dramatic and colorful paintings of high-heeled shoes, is now launching a fashion collection of women’s top and handbags featuring images of his art. His High-Heeled Art collection will make it’s debut at the Pool Trade Show in Las Vegas which takes place on August 20-22, 2012.

Schwartz began his career working as the assistant to top shoe designer Roger Vivier, and he subsequently designed shoes for Christian LaCroix, Gucci, Bergdorf Goodman and other high-end brands.  Many celebrity clients, including Oprah Winfrey and poker star Beth Shak have commissioned custom designs from him.

In the early years, Vivier asked his friend Andy Warhol to mentor MarkSchwartz and help him develop his style. They worked together for almost three years. Schwartz cites Warhol as a major influence on his art, and the person who encourage him to paint shoes as the theme of his body of work.

Mark Schwartz has a flowing, whimsical style that captures the feminine movement and grace of a stunning pair of stilettos, in a colorful sweep of abstract geometric shapes. His designs have elevated this everyday accessory into an iconic art form. Collectors all over the world own his original paintings, proudly hanging them in homes and offices.

Now these works of art are available on women’s long and short-sleeved T’s, handbags and totes for fashionistas  and art lovers everywhere to own and enjoy. The High Heeled Art line includes about a dozen designs each of the fashion tops and bags. Mark Schwartz will be appearing personally at the Pool Trade Show to present this exciting collection.

Future releases are planned, including merchandise for the home and dinnerware, as High Heeled Art expands it’s brand and provides beautiful, artistic images designed for fashionable living.



[youtube clip_id=””]

Style Life Fashion: Dean Banowetz Interview

Style Life Fashion had the opportunity to speak with Celebrity Hairstylist, Dean Banowetz. This was a great opportunity because Dean shared tips on revamping your hairstyle; how to use quick and easy tools while demonstrating three looks that we can use at home. Click on the link below to join Dean as he educates us on summer style tips.

dean banowetz About Dean Banowetz:

From a farm in Iowa to the bright lights of Hollywood, Dean Banowetz, also known as “The Hollywood Hair Guy”, has made his name as a key player in the world of celebrity hairstyling. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, a detailed eye and an individual approach to styling, Dean has carved a niche for himself as one of Hollywood’s go-to hair stylists.

After attending Cosmetology School in Iowa and later spending time training under Susan Lipson at the “On Set Motion Picture Hair Academy,” this Hollywood hair mogul landed the prestigious role as EXTRA host, Leeza Gibbons’, personal hair stylist. Following his debut on the scene, Dean’s outstanding work took him to the set of American Idol, to style host Ryan Seacrest’s hair, as well as the show’s talent. Today, Dean devotes his time to his career as a full time Hollywood Hair Stylist getting his A-list clients including Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Ellen DeGeneres, Leeza Gibbons and Ryan Seacrest red-carpet ready. Dean’s devoted clientele count on him to get their tresses in tip-top style for high-profile events such as The Academy Awards, The Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Grammys and much more.

In addition to developing a loyal celebrity following, Dean has also spent time sharing his expertise on top-rated television shows including the Oprah Show, Tyra, Soap Talk, The Wayne Brady Show, Fox News, NBC’s Today Show, Dateline, EXTRA, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Access Hollywood and most recently Shear Genius. His beautiful work has been featured in fashion and beauty publications worldwide including Vanity Fair, Details, People Magazine, Us Weekly, Newsweek, TV Guide, Shape, Italian Vogue, Glamour and Redbook.

7 Cute, Sexy Shorts for Summer

Stay cool and look hot with a pair of cute, sexy shorts!

















Eva looks glamorous with oversized sunglasses, blazer, and shorts {of course!}

Let’s get to the “short” of it!












Bloomingdales – Mello Yellow











Nordstrom – Denim Floral

















H&M – The Animal Kingdom











Nordstrom – Day to Night Sequin










Target – Denim Cutoffs










Bloomingdales – Elegant Lace

Trend watch: Chunky Bold Necklaces

We are falling in love with chunky, bold necklaces this season! Learn more about the latest trend below:










I love with this necklace and pumps! Seafoam Green, new summer shade.

[youtube clip_id=””]

Additional Necklaces