Trend Alert: Gift from Mom…My New Embroidered Jeans

I have to admit that I will fall in love with anything that’s embroidered.  Not sure if this has to do with my childhood or the fact that I grew up watching my mother sew and create custom made clothing.  And no, she wasn’t a tailor or semstress but she too had a true love for fabrics, textures, and design.

So with that being said, my love affair with fashion began at a young age (partially because of the obvious reasons) but mostly because of the connection/bond between myself and my mother.  When I was five years old, she taught me how to sketch paper dolls and design clothing.  At the age of seven she bought me my first sewing machine and said, “today you will learn how to sew clothing…for your Barbie dolls.”  On my sixteenth birthday, she arranged for me to learn makeup application (at the cosmetics counter.) My sophomore year in college, I decided to leave my Psychology major for a degree in Fashion Merchandising and she encouraged my decision (even though in the back of her mind she wanted me to become a Child Psychologist.)

Last month, I decided to travel “home” to visit my parents and of course, my mom had something special for me.  As I opened the shopping bag, I see a pair of embroidered jeans. She began to explain where she purchased the jeans and how much she paid for them (which is something we like to do!)  Immediately I became excited because I knew that I could (or at least) try to “pull” off these jeans.

In lieu of the upcoming holiday (Mother’s Day) I wanted to write this post for my mom and show her how I “styled” my embroidered jeans.  Like the quote says, “April Showers brings May Flowers!”



To read more about where to find a pair of embroidered jeans, click on the link here: Lucky Magazine