The State of The Modern Office Chic Style

The modern office is a fascinating place for fashion to protrude its head. On the one hand, we have companies like Google that want all employees to wear whatever they want to as the philosophy of having comfortable workers is their choice. And on the other, there are people that believe this is something they would only support within reason. Employees are a reflection of the company they work for, therefore owners want to remain professional and perhaps not have their workers dress too casually. Perhaps this is why the chic style has always found its way into office culture as it frees people up, but still keeps bosses who have to maintain order, happy and clear. It allows both parties to save face, yet we don’t see or read much about the modern office chic styles in magazines. It almost sounds like an oxymoron but it’s anything but.

Chic doesn’t mean fitting random pieces of clothing together in order to look special in a certain way. That would be eclectic and a mixture of other styles. You can be smart and experimental at the same time, which is why office chic seems to break a traditional mold.

Formal yet the opposite

Wearing a jumper in an office setting is not new, but even this must be seen as breaking traditions. Men in the 1950s would frown at someone in their company wearing a jumper to work. Although it may be practical and warm in the winter, it was still seen as being too casual. Thankfully, however, jumpers have changed from being the thick heavy pure wool styles, up to the slim fit cotton and synthetic designs. If you want to wear a jumper as part of your professional outfit, then you’ll be dabbling in darker tones, which makes perfect sense. Blue, black, grey, and earthy tones like brown and burgundy are just some of the colors you’ll want to aim for. However the design and style of the jumper are more important as here, is where you tread the line between casual and chic.

Rather than a v-neck or round-neck style, focus on either a turtleneck or roll-neck long sleeve top. Roll-neck is profoundly a modern metropolitan invention for the office. Perhaps turtleneck is too close to the winter wear styles, as it’s mainly featured in thicker tops. A roll-neck, however, can be worn in a loose top and look brilliantly chic in a plain black. In all honesty, women tend to pull this off better with a leather slim fit skirt, but it’s a unisex item that men should also feel comfortable wearing in the work environment. However, it would go better with trousers rather than jeans if this is something you would like to try.

Low profile lenses

Whenever we think of a ‘chic’ style we immediately think of it meaning small and sophisticated. In this sense, we think of France, seeing as it is the capital of female fashion. Walk around Paris for a couple hours and look at all the office-class workers. They will be will be in love with the power of black, and unlike other nations, make such a bold color look suave. Much like their attitude to what fashion should be, the items they wear are to be admired for what they add individually to an outfit. If you cannot see a piece of your clothing, standing alone and reaping praise, then you shouldn’t be wearing it, it’s that simple to them. Business workers walking around the City of Lights will have the most modern styles in lenses also. If there’s one nation to make glasses incredibly chic and fit into the office naturally, France is it.

Take a look at the best place to buy eyeglasses online and you’ll find the best chic glasses in different styles. If you want to have the best product for your sensitive eyes, yet still be sleek enough to be chic and feminine, then Frames Direct is for you according to the detailed review. You want the frames to be low profile, adhering to the chic style of being purposefully modern. This means that rectangular styles will be what you want, and avoiding ovals will be something to definitely consider. If you would rather like some kind of shape, but remain respectful of sharp pointy lines, then Zenni Optical glasses will suit your desires. The winged and upward inflection of the frames, in ping and orange leopard spot design, is playful and remains chic at the same time.

Tapered for stature

For professional women, chic office fashion could not get any better in some regards. The trouble for women has always been to look professional yet remain feminine. Let’s face it, for a long time the only professional office clothes were designed for men. However now women are bosses and hold senior positions in companies, the chic office style has become their own. A tapered trouser is great for highlighting your natural shape, but remain tasteful enough to not boast. The chic styles are such that they start right at the start of your calves and end just above your hips, close to the belly button. The taper will go in toward the knees but slowly edge back out slightly more than needed over the thighs. This is done strategically so the stature of the woman is not impeded and straight lines are not broken up. Psychologically, this kind of chic office design maintains the height of the woman, which is good for her stature and avoiding looking short. Since it is a chic style you’re aiming for, you could deem it a mix between chinos and professional pants. It’s not quite formal but it’s not quite casual either, which is exactly the kind of middle ground you want to occupy.

Thankfully for women all around the world, they don’t need to emulate what a man wears professionally in the office anymore. The tapered trousers women can choose are excellent. Straight lines are important to show authority and height, but the way the trousers edge in is complimentary of a feminine body shape. Low and professional, glasses worn in the office should be sleek and somewhat soft in order to not be taken too seriously. Women have one clear advantage over men in terms of jumpers in the office environment as in a dark tone, a roll-neck jumper is superb and perhaps the most iconic chic style item.

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