Be Social! Using Facebook To Get More Blog Traffic

So, you’ve started a blog. Whether you’re looking to make a career out of it like me, or you just want to try your hand at a new creative outlet, you’re going to want to know that people are reading some of your work. These days, there are many great ways you can leverage Facebook to drive traffic to your blog. Here are just a few…

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Make Your Images Big and Clear

It’s been shown time and time again that Facebook posts with images get far more engagement than posts without them. Make sure that all of the images you post are large, prominent and clear, and you’re sure to have much more success in terms of likes, shares, and ultimately traffic! As you try out different images, keep looking at your insights, the metrics from your blog, and any other monitoring resources you can get your hands on, in order to gauge how your target market are responding. Soon enough, you’ll start to notice patterns, and will be able to pin down a certain kind of image which grabs your audience’s attention perfectly. You should keep the same high standards in mind when it comes to your profile picture, cover photo, and so on. It may be worth downloading a Facebook cover photo maker and getting acquainted with its features.

Keep Updates Short and Sweet

On your blog, there’s no limit to how long you can make articles. As long as the bulk of it is interesting and useful to your audience, go ahead and turn a 500-word post into a 2000-word feature! However, when you’re trying to use Facebook to drive your customers to these articles, I recommend sticking to short, sweet (or funny or witty) posts which are easily digestible to anyone who happens to be scanning your page. Updates like this are the best way to generate engagement on Facebook, and instigate more click-throughs. Ideally, you should be keeping your updates down to one sentence, and under 150 characters. These days, your average consumer is using Facebook in little windows throughout the day, rather than setting a couple of hours aside for it in the evenings. This means that short, snappy updates that are easy to take in are the best tools for stimulating engagement.

Ask the Audience

Questions naturally make you think of response, don’t you agree? Your audience will want to let their opinions be known, so opening up the floor to them with posts headed by a question is a hugely effective way to encourage engagement. From your customers’ personal opinion on something, to simple trivia to fill-the-blank style posts, I’m sure there are all kinds of questions you could ask to capture your target market’s attention and ultimately drive traffic to your blog. Like all of your posts, I recommend keeping these questions short and sweet. Make sure they’re phrased in a way that’s going to generate instant interest from your ideal customer. Using the word “you” is always an easy way to do this! It’s also important not to give too much away, and make your audience curious enough to click.

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