Wardrobe Care and Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus – Lifestyle Tip

Most people never make it to the dry cleaner as often as they need resulting in a pile of laundry in the closet or laundry room that is waiting to be dropped off for cleaning. Instead of reducing the availability of your wardrobe simple because of the inconvenience of a trip to the cleaner, you can now refresh dry clean only clothes with a spritz, tug, smooth and hang dry.

Celebrity Closet

With a quick spray of Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus on your clothes, you can tug out any visible wrinkles, smooth the fabric, allow your garment to dry and be wrinkle, static and odor free in less than five minutes. Silicones in Downy Wrinkle Release Plus grip the fabric fibers in garments making it possible for them to slide against each other rather than being frozen in a crease. And instead of running to the dry cleaner after every few wears, you can refresh clothes and get more life out of them before your next trip to the dry cleaner.