Katie Gallagher FW16 Collection – Veiled

Yesterday, Katie Gallagher presented “Veiled” her FW16 collection through a series of appointments during the day in the penthouse at The Roxy Hotel. Later that evening, a film of the new collection was screened downstairs in The Django, a new jazz venue at the hotel.

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About Katie Gallagher Veiled FW16
Secretive, unknown, mysterious. Black, the darkest color yet the color with no color at all, represents both full absorption and complete absence of light, evil and elegance, beginning and end, a completed cycle. Inspired by this hue that has no hue, Katie Gallagher’s FW 2016 collection, Veiled, is her second all-black collection.

Gallagher’s monochromatic collection relies heavily on textures and subtle details, featuring elements of gothic architecture, stained glass, and Harry Clarke illustrations. Recalling her initial and first all-black collection, Veil (SS 2010), Gallagher’s latest collection includes reworked pieces from SS 2010, completing her line’s cycle.

Through Veiled, Gallagher combines bold leather jackets and military-inspired trousers with delicate lace, cashmere rompers, and long slitted silk skirts. Stained glass-inspired lace textiles and hairpieces recall cathedral elements, graveyards, and old Catholic rituals. Gallagher pairs twisted seams and twill tape with velvet ribbons and zippers, defining her FW 2016 collection.

Veiled is Gallagher’s 14th collection showing during New York Fashion Week. In her past collections, she has been celebrated for her attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, and creativity. Gallagher pulls inspiration from her childhood, music and art, and her life in New York City.

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