Shopping Tips: The Right Gifts for a Newborn Baby

The recent birth of the third in line to the throne has ignited excitement in people all over the world, with Will and Kate having a healthy baby boy to begin their family together. With the new baby being given the moniker George Alexander Louis, baby fever has already reached new heights, with social networks being swamped with the news.

Of course, the Royals aren’t the only people to have had a baby on the 22nd July and whether you’re a lucky parent or you’re close to someone who is, it’s an ideal time to treat the newborn to a couple of gifts to celebrate their arrival.

It’s easy to get carried away with shopping for a new baby; the cutesy items almost jumping off the rails and landing in your trolley, so an element of sense will be required unless you have plenty of money to splash. What does a newborn baby need? Most expectant parents will already be well stocked on many of the essentials and unless you’ve been proactive and asked about what they actually need you will be spoilt for choice once you get to the shops.

Baby blankets are a great gift for newborn. While the current heatwave means chances of needing one are pretty slim, we all know how quickly the weather can turn. George’s range of baby blankets will appeal to most tastes and with luxuriously soft cotton fabrics, baby will feel cosy, warm and most of all, content.

Bibs and Muslin Squares are a lifesaver with new babies, with muslins continuing to be useful way into toddlerhood in some cases. Bibs are a popular addition to any baby gift parcel but chances are, they will all come in use.

Nappy Cakes are a fun take on a typical baby gift that can be given during baby showers or following the baby’s birth. Nappies will always be needed and form the basics of the cake creating the shape while adding other goodies, such as toiletries, booties, bibs or comforters, before wrapping it up in one big, elaborate display.

Clothes will always be welcome but remember that newborns won’t require too many outfits before they grow out of them. If you do choose to buy an outfit or two, buy them in different sizes so that the new baby can grow into them, rather than it sitting in their wardrobe with its label still attached.

Starter Parks are a great way to buy a matching set for the little one, including bodysuit, top, sleepsuit, hat, bib and mittens – perfect if you’re a little overwhelmed and you’re not sure what to buy for them.

Shopping for babies is great fun, with so much to choose from at George at ASDA. Before you head for the checkout with your micro-purchases, pop by the flower aisle and pick up a bunch as well as a lovely box of chocolates – the new mum will certainly appreciate the thought, seeing as though she’s been through so much too!