Homage Sportswear Light-Weight Hoodie: Fun Date Night Outfit

Date night is the understated fun girl’s activity.  Whether your married or out here living your best life, the millennial woman loves to have an on-tap date night outfit.

The looks the range from owning a skin-tight bodycon dress or pair of rhinestone skinny jeans.  It really depends on the activity.  Ladies, despite what anyone tells you, this is the time to put away the sweatpants unless the date is gym-related.  That’s another blog post!

On this particular evening, we stepped out briefly which was a last-minute decision.  I wanted something to wear that was sporty, comfortable, and trendy!

Homage Sportswear Store shipped the light-weight hoodie featured below.  You’re probably asking, “Why should anyone wear a hoodie in the summer?” Well, for several reasons:

  1. They keep the upper body warm during cooler inside environments.
  2. The jersey fiber feels soft on the skin.
  3.  Wearing a relaxed fit is forgiving for the mid-section after a few appetizers.

I selected the Chicago Cubs hoodie because of my family; they’re huge fans of the team.  My great-uncle is a member of the Hall of Fame.  It’s the one thing that keeps us connected; attending Cubs baseball games.

In the photo, I styled my hoodie with denim shorts and leopard heels.  My shoes are a throwback from a few months ago and have never worn them!

This look was fun, trendy, and different from my normal date night outfit.

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