Packing Tips for The Everyday Girl – Infographic

It’s no secret that I’m a Pinterest addict and this week would be no different!  I’m packing for a holiday trip and want to ensure that everything’s organized.  My biggest obstacle is planning my attire for the entire week.  There’s nothing worse than realizing I left something at home and instantly start to locate the nearest Target.

Regardless, there are some girls that get it right (in terms of packing.)  We all know them and recognize them in the airport. They’re the ladies wearing dark sunglasses, a Tory Burch Carry-On, bottled water, and portable cellphone charger.  This elite group of women are effortless, cool but most importantly have not left anything.

To help the rest of us (that are like myself) with packing tips, I want to share the infographics below.

Click on the photos to visit the site that provides more details for proper packing.





DIY Makeup Infographic by SimplyBridal

Take a look at this week’s infographic which is a little guide for DIY Bridal Makeup!  You will see ideas from the smokey eye, scarlet lips, and pink cheeks.

The infographic will also help you achieve an effortless, bridal look.  Special thanks to SimplyBridal for sharing this “must have” chart of ideas.