Terra’s Kitchen – Baltimore Meal-Kit Delivery Service

I’m excited to announce the launch of Baltimore-based Terra’s Kitchen, an innovative meal-kit delivery service that’s making it easy and quick to cook up tasty dishes at home leaving more time for memory making in the kitchen and beyond!


Terra’s Kitchen, available for the first time ever in the Baltimore area starting March 1st, promises farm-to-front door delivery of fresh, seasonal ingredients that are pre-portioned and prepped for skillet-ready, chef-designed recipes. Each meal can be made in 30 minutes or less, giving families more time for the things that matter.

Baltimore Meal-Kit Delivery Service

With the now 1 billion dollar meal-kit marketplace offering many options, I wanted to call out a few things that sets Terra’s Kitchen apart from its competitors:

Eco-Friendly Delivery Vessel: The unique vessel features proprietary, climate-controlling technology to keep high-quality ingredients cool and fresh for delivery. The eco-friendly Vessel is reusable and creates 0% waste, as Terra’s Kitchen will schedule a pickup date and time with its customers to retrieve it and reuse.

Clean & Chef-Designed Recipes: Libbie Summers, Head of Culinary Direction at Terra’s Kitchen and esteemed cookbook author, expertly combines high-quality ingredients for healthy meals, with options for omnivore, gluten-free, paleo and vegetarian preferences. With a rotating seasonal menu, each meal comes with a step-by-step recipe card to ensure that dinner is easy-to-make (think Honey Mustard Chicken Breast with Grilled Vegetable Kabobs, Tomato Scallion Rice With Cheesy Grilled Squash or Grilled NY Strip Steak With Tomatoes, Eggplant & Basil Chimichurri in under 30 minutes!).

Recreating The Family Dinner Experience: In an era where busy American families struggle to find the time for quality meals at-home, Terra’s Kitchen’s offers consumers an easy tool for quick meals, that don’t sacrifice nutrition or taste, and can go from the skillet to the table in under 30 minutes. All ingredients come pre-portioned and prepped – all you do is cook!

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