Nude Barre in Laurel DeWitt – NYFW Fall and Winter 2016

Nude Barre Complements Laurel Dewitt Collection, In Designers NYFW Fall/Winter ’16 Show

Nude Barre premium intimates finished looks for the Laurel DeWitt show during Fall/ Winter 2016 New York Fashion Week at 1OAK. The only assorted hosiery undoubtedly chosen to launch Laurel DeWitt’s new inspiration for metal appliqué invisible hosiery.


Laurel DeWitt model above was stunning in this metal mesh crop top with over sized pyramid stud detail. Metal appliqué Nude Barre Fishnet Tights, and standing in Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Nude Barre enabled the metal designs to appear “glued to the skin” under a distressed denim pant, with chain detail and metal appliqué.


Nude Barre Crystallized Fishnet Tights offered a subtle sparkle to these Laurel DeWitt skirts below. Striking denim skirt with chain appliqué, chain fringe floor length cape and Tom Ford shoes. Tights well companied under this regal chain sweater with oversized pyramid stud detail. With a fringed denim skirt with chain web overlay, denim & chain detail and Jimmy Choo shoes. Nude Barre added just enough shine to flawlessly complete each look.


Nude Barre premium hosiery is the brainchild of trained Alvin Ailey and former New York Knicks dancer, Erin Carpenter. After firsthand experience of the hardships finding perfectly matched and affordable tights that can withstand hours of movement. Available in opaque or fishnet and seamless thongs, the line offers 10 shades of nude for adults/children to match all skin tones. From the catwalk to the dance floor, Nude Barre was designed for all around performance.

Beyonce and Designer Laurel DeWitt Crown – Hymn For The Weekend

Designer ​Laurel DeWitt, known for one of a kind metal apparel and regal crowns and headdresses, is excited to ​give you the behind the scene details on Beyonce’s crown in the new Coldplay video, “Hymn For The Weekend.​”​ Styled by Zerina Akers, Beyonce dons a hand sculpted Laurel DeWitt crown highlighted with metal flowers, entirely hand-cut, hand-rolled, and hand-painted to create a stunning display of incredibly meticulous metal work.

The crown is specially made of lightweight metals for Beyonce​.​ The crown took nearly a month to conceptualize and create. The handwoven metal structure serves as a the foundation and is reflective of the designers sculptural aesthetic. The focal point, the metal flowers, showcase the Spring/Summer 16 transition into colors and metal floral applications. This serves as Beyonce’s debut in Laurel DeWitt.

Ms. DeWitt, inspired by global regalia, is self-taught in the craft of metal mastery. With fashion at top of mind – wearable, elegant clothing with metal at its core – this upcoming season will not be one to miss.

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