Liberated Specialty Foods: Healthiest Secret in the South

The self-proclaimed “Healthiest Secret in the South”, Liberated Specialty Foods is the first-to-market Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) commercial bakery, selling dozens of food items online and nine distinct items for wholesale, including coconut and cashew bread, Paleo pizza crusts, pizza sauce, ketchup and more. Based in Madison, Alabama, the unique health-crazed company is taking the nation by storm and becoming more and more popular in areas all over. Having grown immensely in the last year, they can be found in major retailers (Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Nugget Markets, Raley’s, the Health Nuts, and more) and are baking up more and more new, delicious foods daily.

Liberated Specialty Food’s motto is they go “Beyond Paleo” by taking the paleo diet and removing the starches (like tapioca, cassava, arrowroot) and other additives (like guar gum). This makes their offerings even more simple and able to be consumed by those on a wide variety of diets outside of Paleo, such as the SCD, Keto, GAPS, Bulletproof, Feingold and more. They are an ideal brand, and the only brand, for many people who need to rethink their eating habits but don’t want to deal with the brutal elimination of favorite foods and the feeling of being left out when surrounded by people eating their most desired guilty pleasure foods. Imagine enjoying a delicious pizza crust with only 3 net carbs? Count us in!

Not only does Liberated Specialty Foods fill you up with delicious, clean foods but the story behind the company fills you up with inspiration and motivation for a better you. Founder Stacey Schlaman was inspired to start the business through her own struggles providing grain-free meals, with simple ingredients, to her own daughter who suffered from a number of autoimmune diseases. After breaking down in tears over the lack of ingredients and the immense time it took to prepare these types of food herself, she vowed to dedicate herself to making these foods available for others so that she could, in some way, help alleviate the heavy burden many of her customers were already carrying.

Liberated Specialty Foods™ goes Beyond Paleo and gluten-free eating to provide foods that can be consumed by those on special diets. In doing so, they use the healthiest ingredients for the highest quality foods. Five unique things to know about their products:

  • Products do not contain most starches and are gluten and grain free.
  • The Paleo branded products contain no dairy products.
  • The SCD™ and GAPS™ products may include the following dairy products: approved cheeses, farmer’s cheese, ghee, and specially made yogurt.
  • Products are sweetened with only honey, fruit and/or vanilla extract.
  • Consists of no unlabeled ingredients, such as “spices” or “natural flavors”

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