Women are Buying This Beauty Tool to Get Meghan Markle’s Jawline

One of the most distinctive features of Meghan Markle’s face is her strong jawline. While the princess and royal mom-to-be defies age with her tight, bright skin and chiseled facial features, there have been numerous stories reporting on exactly HOW she keeps her face so sculpted. Her secret? Facial massages.


I wanted to introduce you to a beauty tool paving the way in facial massage technique that can help you sculpt a chiseled jawline matching that of Meghan Markle’s.

In-come the FaceBlaster by renowned fascia guru, Ashley Black. Key highlights about the FaceBlaster include:

  • Handheld tool with 3 tiny, dainty claws to massage problem areas on the face
  • The perfect shape that fits perfectly along your jawline, to help you sculpt a defined profile
  • Better than Botox? This new beauty tool can help increase circulation and work to eliminate wrinkles, inflammation, and other skin impurities
  • All natural, feel-good way to help eliminate sagging skin, jowls, and more

The FaceBlaster™ is a unique design, and Ashley Black’s smallest Blaster tool, with 3 tiny, dainty claws that employ the same benefits of the FasciaBlaster® for smaller, delicate areas. It was specifically designed for the face and temporarily increases local blood circulation to the face, which is amazing for our skin. This tool was so popular that Ashley Black had 100,000 users on the waitlist for this product when it launched. This is a must-have.

Meghan Markle’s Polished Look: Top Knot Bun and Black Givenchy Dress

Meghan Markle was seen yesterday visiting the Association of Commonwealth Universities.   The Duchess of Suxxex wore an all-black ensemble with traditional nude pumps!

Meghan changed her hair for the event by wearing a top knot bun.  It was stated that her dress was from the high-fashion designer Givenchy.





Meghan Markle Classic Maternity Style: Sentaler Designer Coat and Babton Dress

Meghan Markle looked stunning during her second trimester of pregnancy.  The princess was seen departing from Birkenhead Townhall this week with Prince Harry.

Meghan is not only known for her position in the royal family and philanthropic efforts but her personal style does not take a backseat!

While visiting Birkenhead, Merseyside her attire included a red Sentaler coat, purple Babaton dress, and coordinating red pumps.  This look is making a fashion statement with the use of color blocking!

She also revealed the baby’s due date and potential names.

Emerging Style and Fashion Icon: The New Duchess of Sussex

At this point, everyone knows that Meghan Markle is the Duchess of Sussex.  Her wedding gown and accessories spoke volumes to the world. Many people argued that her dress was understated and lacked proper fitting.

From this viewpoint, she wants to be seen as an elegant part of society. Meghan is not represented to become a form of entertainment or visual walking accessory.  She’s here to make an impact and exemplify her own cultural beliefs.

Last week, I decided to recreate the above look from my closet.  She was featured in Gritty Pretty Magazine wearing a similar outfit.  I gravitated towards the photo because not only is Meghan a woman to watch but her personal style is undeniable.

She mixes classic pieces with a touch of minimalistic influences.  I think in the coming years we will enjoy watching her grace into her role of being English royalty and an emerging style icon.

Report: Has #TheRoyalWedding Ushered in a New Trend with Engagement Rings?

Has the Royal Wedding ushered in a new trend in engagement rings?

In 2010 when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother’s gorgeous sapphire sunburst ring, the popularity of sapphire spiked and remains by far the most popular non-diamond center stone among the public. Now with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding just days away, we found ourselves wondering what impact Meghan’s three-stone ring had on the public. We dug through thousands of queries in the analytics on CustomMade.com and compared them to Google Trends and analytics for custom rings since the engagement announcement and found some interesting results.  

Featured Image is from Elle

Looking at the data

We were thinking that based on the data from the engagement with William and Kate that we would see another huge bump in people wanting rings similar to Meghan’s. For example, searches for three-stone settings and cushion cut diamonds spiked in the days after Meghan’s engagement to Prince Harry was announced in late November. So we compared that data with the thousands of requests we received for custom wedding and engagement rings to see if customers were influenced by her ring. In short? A bit but not in the way we expected. After her ring went public, we saw a modest 8% increase in requests for yellow gold rings and a 21% bump in cushion cut center stones. Interest in three-stone rings remains popular but hasn’t increased since the engagement.

A shift in the meaning of value

What we found most striking is how much her ring is a reflection of broader trends in the way people purchase engagement rings and wedding bands. The story and personal detail of her ring are what makes it absolutely perfect for her. For example a center diamond he sourced from Botswana, a longtime refuge for Harry and a place that became special to both of them during a formative trip as a couple. The side stones are from the late Princess Diana’s personal collection to, in his words, “make sure that she’s with us on this crazy journey together.” And the design is one he personally worked with jewelers to create, reflecting her style and her love for yellow gold. The result is a timeless design loaded with personal meaning. And this is a trend we’ve seen develop over the last decade. Customers are much more focused on the meaning behind their design and not as much trying to emulate a specific style. They are also far less likely to feel pressured to buy diamonds or to spend three months’ salary just because it’s the norm. Instead, we are seeing the trend that people are eager to put a part of themselves into the design. A growing number have family gemstones incorporated in their design. As well as gemstones they have mined in their travels or sourced from a particular place in the world that has meaning to them.

Wearing your story

The world’s attention was captured by Meghan Markle’s ring, but it’s the stories connected to it that had a lasting impact, more than the exact details of her ring or her diamond. Engagement ring shoppers are now showing more interest in their love for meaningful purchases and experiences, much more than in symbols of status and luxury. More and more shoppers are looking for the meaningful experience of designing a ring with tons of personal detail. So Harry’s choice to design an engagement ring for Meghan is right in line with this trend toward custom, personal design.


  • Meghan’s ring caused a spike of interest in three stone rings and cushion cuts, 8% increase in yellow gold rings, 21% increase in cushion cut center stones.
  • Overall trends in style have remained relatively unchanged. White gold and rose gold continue to be more popular, round brilliant cut center stones also remain very popular, and customers love three stone rings as much as always.
  • Custom designed rings with personal details continue to grow in popularity. Harry sourced Meghan’s cushion cut diamond from Botswana, a place loaded with meaning for the couple, and used his mother’s diamonds to make the ring really personal. Our customers continue to reflect this trend, using heirloom diamonds, mining their own gems, including design details that reflect the couple, their story, and their families.

For Questions Please Contact Will@SnowrunnerProductions.com

#MeghanMarkle Royal Beauty Predictions Virtually with YouCam Makeup

Love is in the air this week as Prince Harry is set to wed Meghan Markle on Saturday, May 19th in what can only be described as a modern-day fairy tale to melt your heart.
One look at the smiles of the soon to be bride & groom and it’s hard not to feel all the feels. In an attempt to live to vicariously through the American actress-turned-Princess in the days leading up to her happily ever after, Senior Beauty Editor, Lindsay Colameo has curated a collection of Royal beauty predictions that you can experience virtually in YouCam Makeup.
Channel your inner princess and test the looks as we count down to the royal ‘I dos’.

Buying An Engagement Ring On A Budget: Heirloom Jewelry

There used to be an unwritten rule that a man should spend 2 months’ salary on an engagement ring. There’s no such guideline anymore. It’s more important to buy a ring that you can realistically afford than it is to follow any arbitrary guideline such as that. But engagement rings are expensive, right? How can you buy an expensive piece of jewelry on a budget? By being strategic. Here, we’ll offer some tips to help you purchase that most important piece of jewelry on a budget.

Featured Meghan Markle Engagement Ring Photo from ElleUK

Choose the right setting

Even if your wallet won’t let you buy the biggest diamond in the store, you can get the illusion of a larger stone by choosing the right setting. For example, if you choose a setting that features a ring of smaller diamonds around the centre stone, for example, it will give the illusion of a larger stone, but with a lower price tag.

Go for pavé diamonds

Pave diamonds can make any ring look more expensive. They offer the look of crushed ice, consisting of many small diamonds grouped together. This produces a dazzling, high-end look at a lower price point.

Be aware of size

The price of a diamond goes up exponentially at certain size points. For every carat and half-carat size increase, there is typically a jump in the price, too. One way to sae a few dollars is to do what experts call “buying shy.” Using this technique, look for a diamond that is a little shy of the one-carat or half-carat mark (1.7 carats, for example, as opposed to an even 2) can save you a significant amount of money and you won’t even notice the differential in size.

Opt for gold

Platinum has become a trendy wedding band choice because it has many great attributes, but those advantages also come with a higher price tag. Opting for the more classic gold option will save you a few dollars. If you still want the look of platinum without the high price, choose white gold. White gold isn’t as durable as platinum, but it is strong, resistant to rust and tarnish, and very beautiful!

Pay attention to the cut

Certain cuts of diamonds will cost more than others. Knowing which are the most budget-friendly will go a long way toward saving you some money. An emerald cut, for example, will look bigger than the carat weight suggests.

Buy a set

This can be a challenge if you are trying to surprise your soon-to-be fiancé with a ring, but if you can, buy the engagement ring and the matching wedding band together. By making the purchase in a set like that, you’ll likely get a better deal than if you buy the engagement right now and the wedding band later. Of course, this may not always be possible, but if you can (such as if you are picking out your rings together) this can be a way to save some money.

At the end of the day, choosing the right engagement ring doesn’t have to mean going for broke. There are lots of beautiful and meaningful options at every price point, so there’s no need to spend more than you need to get a special ring for your special someone. Using these tricks, you can find the perfect ring for your partner without spending more than you can afford. Spend as much as you comfortably can, and not a penny more. Your soon-to-be fiancé wouldn’t want you to start out your new life together deeply in debt just so you can buy a bigger, flashier ring.

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