6 Reasons Why Gifting Your Boyfriend Makes You Feel Good

Holiday shopping can be stressful. But research has proven that there are benefits to giving. It’s not just beneficial to the recipient, but also for the giver. Engaging in these acts of kindness around the holidays can make us happier.

Think about it.

There’s something special about a fashion savvy woman giving her not-so fashionable boyfriend a piece of clothing during the holiday season. It shows that you care about him and you want him to wear something that you know he’ll look good in.

What would make you feel better? Purchasing him another pair of Doc Martens that he already owns? Or, seeing the surprise on his face when you give him a pair of men’s square toe cowboy boots? He’ll love the time you took into his gift.

Sharing your fashion sense with your boyfriend can be enriching to your relationship. Here are some ways that gift-giving during the holiday season can make us feel better than receiving gifts.

Lets You Live a Meaningful Life 

It’s always better to give than to receive during the holidays. Some believe it’s better to receive than to give, but that’s not always true. Happiest people aren’t those with the most money, but those who gave more than those who don’t. Even if you’re not rich, giving a Christmas gift makes you want to live a more meaningful life with your special someone.

Giving Makes You Feel More Fulfilled 

Giving can make anyone feel more fulfilled. It doesn’t matter if the gift is from a designer or comes with a hefty price tag. The point of the matter is that the gift comes from your heart. This gift is a token of your love and appreciation for your boyfriend. It’s a great way to strengthen your relationship, which brings us to the next reason…

Strengthens Your Relationship 

The whole reason for giving your boyfriend a Christmas is to show him how much he means to you. Giving a gift that’s as thoughtful as menswear he likes shows you appreciate having him in your life. Sure it sounds materialistic to buy him new clothes, but it’s possible to put meaning into the gift you give him.

One way you can do this is through personalization. This can be down by embroidering his initials into a silk tie or a cardigan sweater. Or, tuck a chain link watch into the pockets of his new coat. When you tailor a gift to his preferences, it reveals a lot about you.

Giving Is Good for Your Health

It turns out that giving is good for your health. Many research studies have shown that having a generous spirit leads to a longer life. According to a study at Stony Brook University, giving gifts to others have helped patients with chronic health problems such as HIV and multiple sclerosis. Those patients had a lower chance of dying over a five-year period than those who didn’t.

Giving Is Part of Your DNA

Humans are meant to give to each other. It’s instinctive in our human nature to take care of each other. Your generosity is the reason why you want to give your boyfriend a fashionable gift. If you were a selfish person, you would refuse to give him a thoughtful gift. But it’s not in our nature to think solely about ourselves.

Giving Makes You Happy

It’s simple: giving a gift just makes you feel good inside. According to a 2008 study conducted by the Harvard Business School staff, spending money on someone else rather than themselves makes them happier. These feel-good emotions are part of our biology. When people donate to charities, their mood improves. Scientists also believe these endorphins in the brain create the feeling called “helper’s high.”

Giving Displays Gratitude 

Giving your boyfriend a Christmas gift evokes the gratitude you have for him. You can practice this in your everyday life by showing him how much you appreciate him. Spend a few moments to express your gratitude to your boyfriend through your words or action. This will not only improve your mood but his as well. Cultivating gratitude will strengthen and reinforce your bond towards one another.

Whether you’re buying him a new pair of boots or a new coat, your gift is more than just something that’s fashionable. It can help you build a stronger connection and maintain your relationship. Don’t be surprised if you get a special Christmas gift yourself.

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